Lagos is famous for its ravishing beaches of warm colours and rocky formations, but there is so much more to it than just its coastal wonders. With this article we have sought to compile a list of the top 40 things to see and do in Lagos. 

Cave Boat Trip to Ponta da Piedade

A fun day for the entire family or a group of friends consists in doing a boat trip through the famous Ponta da Piedade caves . Spend a stress free and outdoor day exploring the multitude of beaches, caves and cliffs of the western Algarve.

Ponta da Piedade rocks
Beautiful Ponta da Piedade Rocks and Caves.


Lagos is ideal for windsurfing because it is a windy area. We particularly recommend Praia da Luz, perfect for practicing windsurfing because of the “Nortada“, a maritime wind coming from the northwest. 

Windsurf Lagos (1)
Windsurf Lagos. Photo by Jornal do Algarve.

Spend a day at the beach

Many of the Algarve’s most stunning beaches are concentrated in Lagos. Transparent waters, magnificent cliffs and rocks eroded by wind form true paradises on the western tip of the Algarve. Spend a day at the beach and do not forget to eat the traditional Bola de Berlim.

Praia da Dona Ana
Dona Ana Beach. Photo by Algarve Tourism.

Algarve Jeep Safari

Get to know the Algarve’s countryside and explore the stunning villages of the mountains of Monchique and Caldeirão with this tour. The jeep safari will take you through dunes and forests in search of the best landscapes and the most divine gastronomic flavours of the region.

Group in a jeep, on a dirt road with a beach in the back.
Jeep Safari

Algarve Landscapes, Pottery and Winery Tour

This very original tour combines the visit to a typical wine-house with the visit to an old pottery and to the stunning beach of Beangil, a small fishing village. The Algarve Landscapes, Pottery and Winery Tour also passes by Carvoeiro, where you will get the chance to see the magnificent rock formations of Algar Seco, and Ferragudo. All this, while you sit comfortably and relaxed in a Land Rover.

Jeep Safari on dirty road near Monchique
Jeep Safari on a dirty road.

Catamaran Boat Trip

Ever wanted to sail aboard a catamaran, but never got the chance? If so, this is the ride for you. Join the catamaran expedition and enjoy a wonderful day spent sailing along the Algarve coast, exploring the caves and diving in the translucent waters of southern Portugal.

Catamaran Discover exploring the Lagos Coast

Dolphin Watching

The boat excursions to see dolphins will leave you full of excitement and good mood. Seeing the joy with which these sea creatures jump and swim freely across the Atlantic will surely make you smile.

Two dolphins jumping.

Lagos Coast and Countryside Quad Biking

Dare to drive the Yamaha Grizzly 300 through the brushwood and dirt roads of the Algarve. These powerful (and easy-to-drive) Quad Biking  will offer you a dream trip. To drive them all you need is a valid driving license. 

3 Quads Off Road in Messines
Countryside Quads.

Luxurious Private Hot Air Balloon Flight

Discover the regions of the Algarve and Alentejo through a hot air balloon ride. From the skies you will be able to see the prairies of the Alentejo and the warm blue coast of the Algarve. All trips are accompanied by a professional who also serves as a guide and can point out the points of greatest interest. This is the perfect trip for the whole family or for a romantic outing for two.

Hot Air Balloon Experience Lagos
Hot Air Balloon Experience

Zoo de Lagos

Spend a fun and different family day exploring the exotic animals of Lagos Zoo. This is where the Iberian Lynx can be found, one of the rarest species of animals because of its shyness and the fact that it is in danger of extinction. 

Linx with plants behind.
Iberian Lynx.

Kayaking through the caves 

Explore the mysterious caves of the Algarve by participating in kayak expeditions. Led by a guide, which will take you to the most beautiful places on the Algarve coast, kayak tours are among the most popular activities to do in the region because of its good vibes. 

2 people in a kayak near Lagos

Climbing trees on high ropes

This is something quite amusing because of the way people bend their bodies to overcome the obstacles and to complete the route of platforms built on the tops of trees. Do not worry because the different levels that exist in High Ropes allow people with any type of physical fitness to experience this sport. 

Women in High Ropes Bridge in Albufeira
High Ropes

Hovercraft Experience

Hovercrafts are amphibian vehicles that can move on various surfaces such as ice, water, snow or roads. In Lagos there are three types of circuits so you can test these fantastic vehicles. 

Hover 2
Hovercraft Experience.


One of the best paintball venues in the entire Algarve uses trees in a natural forest in Lagos as obstacles. Challenge your friends and have fun trying to defeat them in a fight that will ultimately decide who the best military strategist is.

2 boys doing Paintball in Albufeira
Paintball Battle.

Sailing Tour

At the age of Discoveries, all sailors could do was wait for nature to be merciful and send them a favourable wind to so that they could reach their destination faster. These romantic times of adventure and uncertainty can now be re-lived thanks to the sailing trips that are organized in Lagos.

Lagos Sailing Boat

Yacht and Boat Charter

Rent your own yacht and set sail from Lagos Marina to fulfil your dream trip, accompanied by friends and family. Renting a private boat can also be a great way to organize a special business meeting or a birthday party.

Sailing Lagos Private Charter
Lagos Private Charter

Discoveries Wax Museum

The Discoveries Was Museum aims to preserve the memory of one of the most exciting historical periods. The Portuguese Discoveries were a pivotal point in world history as without them it is very unlikely that the Spaniards, Englishmen or Frenchmen would have ventured into the seven seas. Get to know more about the historical background that has boosted Portuguese overseas expansion such as the Battle of Aljubarrota or the Treaty of Windsor, as well as its key moments such as the Discovery of the Maritime Path to India or the Discovery of Brazil, by visiting this museum.

Portuguese Discover in Wax Museum in Lagos
Portuguese Discovery Wax Museum

Sunset Jeep Tour

The extraordinary sunsets of the Algarve have been haunting visitors for several years. For this reason tours are organized through the most breath-taking viewpoints of the region where you can watch the most spectacular sunsets. At the end of the Sunset Jeep tour, you will be offered wine or champagne to toast the amazing day you had.

Jeep at Sunset
Sunset Jeep Tour

Surfari – Jeep Safari & Surfing Tour

The surfari tour will give you the chance to take a safari through the Algarve, passing by the dunes and forests of the region, while also stopping at the best beaches in the Algarve for you to go surfing. Discover the natural beauty of the Algarve with this fantastic tour.

Surfari. Photo by Algarve Tourism.

Visiting the Slave Market Museum

In 1444 a famous slave market was built in Lagos. Slaves from the Portuguese colonies in Africa were brought to the market and then scattered throughout Europe. The Slave Market Museum details how this process occurred, including expositions about the’ attempts to integrate the slaves into European society through, for example, baptisms of faith.

Slave market in Lagos
Slave Market in Lagos. Photo by Região Sul.

Forte Ponta da Bandeira

Near the 18th century a fortress was built to protect Lagos from attacks by privateers and pirates. Lagos was of crucial important in supporting the Portuguese overseas expansion because of its proximity to Sagres, where the naval school of Sagres was located, and because of its safe harbour, which is why there was always a special concern with its defence.

Lagos Fortress
 Lagos Fortress

Castelo de Lagos

No one knows exactly when this castle was built, but it is known however that it underwent several renovations over the years until in 1755 it was severely affected by the famous earthquake that devastated most Portuguese coastal cities. This castle, also called Castle of the Governors, contributed to make Lagos the most fortified city of the Algarve.

Lagos Castle
Lagos Castle. Photo by Lagosmar.

Igreja Paroquial de Santa Maria de Lagos

Igreja Paroquial de Santa Maria de Lagos is one of the oldest buildings in the city, having been enlarged in the 16th and 17th centuries. Nowadays masses are still celebrated in the church.

Igreja de Santa Maria in Lagos
Santa Maria de Lagos Church. Photo by Portugal travel.

Igreja de Santo António

This dazzling church all decorated in gold has made the delights of visitors for many years. The imposing Portuguese shield on the roof is also noteworthy.

Igreja de São Francisco in Lagos
São Francisco Church. Photo by CM Lagos.

Igreja de São Sebastião

This church, with its golden columns, was built during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and has three naves and side chapels decorated in gold. It is in this church that there is the beautiful Chapel of Bones with a Johannine style.

Igreja De São Sebastião Lagos Inside
São Sebastião Church. Photo by Freguesia de São Gonçalo de Lagos.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle is one of the most relaxing activities on this list. Rowing leisurely by the ocean will give you a sense of calm freedom that can hardly be found elsewhere.

2 pessoas a fazer Stand Up Paddles chegam à costa
Stand Up Paddle experience.


For kitesurfing it is necessary to have some wind, which is why Lagos, one of the windiest cities in the Algarve, is a great place to practice this sport. Lagos is also used by people who want to learn kitesurfing because of the shallow water lagoon that exists between Lagos and Alvor, providing you with a safe place to practice this sport.

Kitesurfing Lagos
Kitesurf Lagos. Photo by Sul Informação.


Just 10 minutes away from Lagos is Sagres, the best area of ​​the Algarve for surfing. There you can find great waves for experienced surfers, but also small strong waves that help those who experience the sport for the first time to stand on the board.

Man surfing a big wave, from left to right.
Lagos Surfing.


The wonderful golf courses of Lagos with views over the sea or lagoons will make you fall in love with the Algarve. In addition to the spectacular views, the unspoilt conditions of the course and the interesting obstacles will provide you with a fun day outdoors..

Gramacho Golf Course, small river and palm trees
Golf Course

Crazy Golf

At Pro Putting Garden there is a truly mind-blowing crazy-golf circuit that will delight the whole family. See if you can beat the local record for the fewest strokes to end the circuit.

Pro Putting Garden Golf
Pro Putting Garden Golf. Photo by Pro Putting Garden.

Visiting the Lagos Marina

In Lagos Marina there are several restaurants, cafes and ice-cream shops that liven up the city. During the summer it is possible to listen to concerts or watch dance and theatre shows at the marina.

Lagos - Algarve Fun
Lagos view from the Marina.

Riding the mini train in Lagos

Lagos’ charming tourist train runs through the centre of the city and stops at beaches such as Camilo Beach or Dona Ana Beach. The beautiful route ends at the Lagos Marina.

Mini Train Lagos
Mini Train Lagos. Photo by Portugal Visitor.

Centro de Ciência Viva de Lagos

Lagos is home to one of the Algarve’s three centres of Ciência Viva. In this place dedicated to science, we can find the answers to some of the most pertinent questions about the mysteries of the universe, watch and conduct chemical experiments and get to know better what exists in the depths of the oceans.

children playing on lighthouse
Centro de Ciência Viva. Photo by UALG.

Museu Municipal Dr. José Formosinho

The Museu Municipal Dr. José Formosinho is located in the historic centre of Lagos. With a vast collection of archaeological, ethnographical and artistic objects this is a very interesting museum that allows you to get a broad perspective of the history and tradition of Portugal and, more concretely, the Algarve. The church Igreja de Santo António is also part of the museum tour.

Museu Municipal Dr. José Formosinho
Dr. José Formosinho Municipal Museum. Photo by Museus do Algarve.

Downhill Off Road Mountain Biking 

The mountains and woods of Monchique are ideal for a downhill mountain biking adventure. Please note that this tour is technically difficult and is advisable for people with some experience of cycling or mountain biking. 

Algarve Downhill Offroad Biking Monchique Single Track (1)
Downhill Offroad Biking Monchique.

Downhill Cycling Adventure 

This tour is quite similar to the previous one, but the route chosen is less demanding, being accessible to people without experience of mountain biking or cycling.

Group On Downhill Road Foia (1)
Group on Downhill Cycling Adventure.

Snorkelling trip 

Discover the rich marine biodiversity that habits the waters of the Algarve when snorkelling. Boats will drive you to places where natural reefs form so you can fully enjoy the experience. The equipment will be provided to you. 

Women Snorkeling in a cave near Albufeira

Algarve Flavours and Tradition Tour 

Visit the Algarve’s countryside with this tour and try the most delicious sweets dishes that can be found in the villages of the mountains, and get to know the traditional crafts and local architecture. 

Largo De Sao Sebastiao Sao Bras De Alportel
São Brás de Alportel. Photo by Região Sul.

Monchique Mountain Segway Tour 

Experience first-hand the traditions, culture and heritage around the area of Monchique on a Segway tour. The mountains of Monchique are home to fresh forests, a diverse wildlife and springs of water so pure that people travel up the hills to collect it. Visit the handicraft shops and local historic landmarks before heading to the highest pint in the Algarve with truly stunning views, all aboard a fun and environmentally friendly vehicle. 

Monchique by Segway

Passion for the Serra de Monchique 

The beautiful Serra de Monchique hides secrets and villages ideal for being discovered on a walking tour. The walk covers a total distance of 11km and will give you the opportunity to see the village of Monchique where there is a beautiful church from the 12th century.

Group of 4 walking in Monchique
Monchique Walking Experience

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