Algarve Fun’s local travel experts have put together some of their best tips and advice for ensuing you get the most from every visit to the Algarve! Top attractions to see, places to discover, events not to miss, and ways to entertain the whole family.


Family Trips to the Algarve

Choosing the Best Activities

Sights & Activities Not to Miss

Sports in the Algarve

Weddings in the Algarve

Winter Travel Tips

Getting Around

Money Saving Tips

Family Trips to the Algarve


Praia Da Rocha

The Algarve in 7 Days for Families

Where to go, what to do and how to make the best of your family holiday in the Algarve. The Algarve has so much to see and do, we have selected the very best of what the Algarve has to offer for you to be able to fully enjoy every minute of your visit.



Family Restaurant

9 Family Friendly Restaurants in the Algarve

Find the best restaurants to keep the kids happy while you enjoy some great food!


Lagos center, people walking beautiful trees

Best Towns & Resorts in the Algarve for Families

With so many great places to stay in the Algarve its hard to know where to start. Our guide will help you find the town which is perfect for you and your family as we review all of the best places from East to West in the Algarve.


Hand Prints of kids multicolor

Top 26 Activities to Do with Kids in the Algarve

Discover the best activities, attractions & sports to keep your kids entertained all holiday and find out why the Algarve is a perfect holiday destination for the whole family.

Choosing the Best Activities


A Bird

Best Birdwatching Places in the Algarve

The Algarve has very rich scenery and thus attracts a lot of very different species.


Woman putting oil

The Algarve’s Best Spas

Unique private spas experiences.


Piece of wood Spring

Algarve’s Spring Attractions

A beautiful time to visit the Algarve.


Aquashow Thunder Cruise 

Which is the Best Water Park in the Algarve?

We compared the three most popular water parks in the Algarve and will help you work out whether you should visit Aquashow, Slide & Splash or Aqualand. Find out which is best for adrenaline, young children and families, or for relaxing and enjoying the sun.


Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Panoramic View 21

How to Choose the Best Boat Trip? 

With so many boats available in the Algarve it’s hard to choose. Read our guide to find the best marina, boat type, and trip type for your family & friends.


Two dolphins jumping.

Whales and Dolphins in the Algarve

Being one of the main attractions in the Algarve come and learn more about these species, dolphin safaris and boat trips included.

 Sights & Activities Not to Miss


Marina of Vilamoura

Best Marinas You Can Visit in the Algarve

Discover the best marinas and harbours with tops for where to eat, what to do and more.


Farol Beach

Lighthouses in the Algarve.

Visiting a lighthouse is a great solo or group activity that you can do in the Algarve.


Loulé Castle

Castles and Palaces You Can Visit in the Algarve

The Algarve, full of history.


Exposition in Olhão Museum

Top Museums You Can Visit in the Algarve

The best way to understand local cultures.


Couple In A Beach

7 Days in the Algarve for Couples

An active type of holiday or a romantic escape?


3 colorful easter eggs

Easter in the Algarve

Discover the best of the easter time.


Boutique Hotel Vivenda Miranda

Algarve’s Top Luxury Hotels

Take a look at some of the best resorts the Algarve has to offer.



Top Fine-Dining Restaurants in Algarve

From time-honoured classics to exciting newcomers check out the Algarve’s Top Fine-Dining Restaurants.


Cataplana sea food 2 champagne glasses and peppers

Unmissable Traditional Portuguese Food

The Algarve’s must-try eats.


Vila Monte Farm nature trees benches pillows

Best hotels and resorts for a relaxing holiday in the Algarve

The Algarve’s most peaceful retreats.


Vigario Fall

Algarve’s Natural Springs

From east to west of the Algarve there are many of these hidden beauty spots.



The Algarve best places for shopping

Find out where to buy the best bargains while in the Algarve.


Ria Formosa

Seven Wonders: Plan your visit to Ria Formosa Natural Park

 Stretching for 60km along the Algarve coast, Ria Formosa is a haven for wildlife, including flamingos and chameleons.


Igreja de Santa Maria in Lagos

Sightseeing in the Algarve

In the Algarve there is plenty to discover so read our 2 minute guide on where to go, and what not to miss. From amazing golden sandy beaches, to dramatic cliffs and rock formations, from fisherman’s villages to busy cities you have it all!


Ancient Buiding

36 Historical Attractions in the Algarve

Discover Great Castles, Churches, Museums and much more!


Silves Market

Top 15 markets in the Algarve

A visit to a market in the Algarve is a great way to spend the day, soak up the culture and pick up a bargain at the same time! Find out where the best ones are, what times they open and what to expect.


Purple Grapes vineyard

The Algarve Wine Route

Find out where you can taste the best award winning Algarve wines and at the same time discover the countryside and culture of this beautiful region. With so many great wineries in the Algarve we will help you plan your perfect trip.



Backpacking Essentials

Discover our tips for hiking and walking in the Algarve.


Travelling Solo

Top Tips for Solo Travellers in the Algarve

Top Sights to Visit and Activities to Try for Solo Travellers.


Benagil cave

The Best Caves in the Algarve

With over 150km of coastline in the Algarve it can be hard to choose which caves you should visit, so read our guide to find out more. Including the famous caves of Benagil, Algar Seco, Ponta da Piedade and more.


What is Benagil Cave like and is it worth a visit?

The Algar de Benagil cave is certainly the most famous cave in the Algarve but does it it live up to the hype? We ventured inside to find out more and get a first hand report of what it’s really like.


Ponta Da Piedade Stairs

Top Tips for Visiting Ponta da Piedade Caves in Lagos

Find out more about Lagos’ beautiful Ponta da Piedade caves and rock formations. Discover why they’re famous, what to expect and the best ways to explore them.


Algar Seco Boneca Eyes Carvoeiro

Top Tips for Visiting Algar Seco Caves

Find out more about Carveoiro’s beautiful Algar Seco caves and rock formations. Discover why they’re famous, what to expect and the best ways to explore them.


Praia da Dona Ana

Top 25 Beaches in the Algarve

The Algarve is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Find out all you need to know about them and discover our tips. maps for finding them, and all the information you need for a great day out.


3 Quads Off Road in Messines

Top 10 things to Do in the Algarve

Algarve Fun are the Algarve experts with over 200 great attractions and activities to try. We’ve reviewed our top 10 things to do in the Algarve so you don’t miss out on the best.


Cabeça De Cerro Da Cabeça

Viewpoint and nature walk at Cerro da Cabeça

Find out the countryside and enjoy it at the most.


Rota Petiscom

Rota do Petisco – The Algarve`s Tapas Festival

Have you heard of the Rota do Petisco? Want to know exactly what it is or how it works? Read our article to find out more!


Paderne white houses contrasting with nature green.

20 Rural Villages and towns in the Algarve

The Algarve is full of little charming towns and villages, these hidden gems are truly amazing, with stunning natural beauty and an architecture that reminds us of how the country used to be half-century ago.


Festival Med Loule 2

Festivals in the Algarve

The Algarve is famous for its huge of festivals celebrating the best of the Algarve’s arts, gastronomy, music, history and entertainment. Find out which festivals are the best and all the dates, times and information you need to take part in the fun.

Sports in the Algarve


Person Riding On Parachute

Top Adrenaline Sports in the Algarve 

For the adrenaline junkie.

Cockpit view of a car

Algarve’s Best Road Trips

Hit the Road.


Wave photograph near water.

Top Tips for Surfing in the Algarve

Discover why the Algarve is a surfer’s paradise and find where the best surf beaches are for beginners, intermediates or experts right across the Algarve from east to west.


Vilamoura Kayak

Top Places to Discover by Kayak or SUP in the Algarve

The Algarve’s coastline is famous for its cliffs, caves and rock formations and the best way to discover them is with a kayak or SUP tour. We’ve reviewed the best spots along the coast for great tours with amazing scenery that you won’t want to miss.


Marietas Island Snorkeling

Snorkeling in the Algarve

The Algarve is an excellent place for snorkelling with calm seas and a huge number of beaches. We review the best beaches and places for snorkelling for sea life and amazing scenery from the Algarve’s famous cliffs and rock formations.


Reef 1746841 340

Scuba Diving in the Algarve

The Algarve’s long coastline of almost 200km offers many options for scuba divers of all levels of experience and we review some of the best spots to discover the Algarve’s sealife, underwater scenery and maritime history.


Sea with plenty of fish

When & Where to go Fishing in the Algarve

The Algarve’s extensive coast is the perfect place to go fishing. There are more than 200 fish species in the Algarve sea, including 300kg marlins! Discover when and where you can find them with our top tips guide.



Top Places for Horse Riding Treks in the Algarve

The Algarve is a great place for horse riding and we review some of the best places to go for a trek on the coast and also in the rural interior with its extensive countryside and mountains.


Gramacho Golf Course, small river and palm trees

The Best Golf Courses for Beginners in the Algarve

The Algarve is renowned as one of the world’s best golf destinations and with such great courses it can be hard to choose the best. We asked 3 local PGA Professionals in the Algarve to recommend the best course for beginners and those with less experience.


West Coast Walking Tour 1

The Best Walking Routes in the Algarve

Discover where to go for beautiful coastal, mountain and rural scenery. In the Algarve you can find fantastic routes whether you want a gentle afternoon stroll or a challenging multi-day hike. Find out more about our top choices here.


Sagres Lighthouse

Destinations for Couples 

Algarve is widely appreciated as one of Europe’s most romantic destinations.


Sunset Cycling

The Algarve’s Top Cycle Routes

Suitable for those who want a more active type of holiday.

Weddings in the Algarve



Top Hotels for a Honeymoon in the Algarve

The Algarve’s most romantic honeymoon retreats


Bride And Groom

The Algarve’s Best Towns & Resorts for Weddings

One of Europe’s top contenders when it comes to wedding destinations.

 Winter Travel Tips


Rain Clouds

Top 24 Things to do when it rains in the Algarve

The Algarve is known for its 300 days of sunshine every year but what do you do on the other 65? Discover our top tips for keeping the whole family entertained whatever the weather with some of the Algarve’s best activities and attractions.



Top Tips for New Year`s Eve in the Algarve- 2019/2020

The Algarve is one of the best destinations in Portugal to celebrate New Year’s Eve. With many towns hosting events, parties and festivals there is plenty to choose from. We review some of the best to help you plan your perfect New Years Eve celebration.


Vila Vita Parc Christmas Market Feature

Christmas in the Algarve

Christmas traditions are seen everywhere with lights on main streets, nativities, Christmas music in the air! Find Out more about Christmas Markets here!


Gambling tableTop Things To Do in Winter in the Algarve

During the quieter months of the the winter in the Algarve there is still plenty of choice for things to do and we review our top attractions and activities for whatever the weather.


Cabanas de Tavira at sundown with some boats

Why the Algarve is a Great Choice for a Winter Break.

Are you planning on heading away  for a winter break? Then this is the right article for you as we’ll help you discover why you should definitely head for the Algarve.


People enjoying wine in a restaurantWhich Bars & Restaurants are Open in Winter?

During the winter season it can be hard to find the perfect place to eat or drink, so let us help!

Getting Around


Portugal Flag

Essential Portuguese phrases for your holiday in the Algarve

How’s your Portuguese?


Line up of trains - left is an Alfa Pendular train waiting to return to Porto, in the centre an Intercity train which will precede it to Lisbon and on the right the visiting special train.

Algarve Bus & Train Guide- Top tips, Routes, Prices & Fares

With public transport offering great value it is a great way to discover the Algarve. Find out all you need to know here!

Passport With Visa Stamps

Tips to Obtain Your Travel Visa to Visit the Algarve

If you’re visiting Portugal from outside the EU find out more about the visa requirements for entry

traffic road in a dusty morning

Car Hire and Driving Tips for Portugal

Hiring a car sometimes can be stressful; our tips will help you to have happy motoring!

 Money Saving Tips


Praia da Dona Ana

Travel to the Algarve for Less!

As prices for flights to the Algarve continue to soar, explore some different options to travel to the cheaply and visit the Algarve for less!


Monchique O Petrol

Great Value Restaurants in the Algarve

Find here our Top 10 Great Value restaurants in the Algarve with the tasty and confort foodies! Variety and flavours are set on the table!


Home Front

The Algarve’s Best Free Attractions

The best things in life are free.


Travel graphic

Money Saving Hacks for Travelling

Top tips for making your holiday and travel budget go further (so that you can too!)

PT flag for language switcher