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Surfari – Jeep Safari & Surfing Tour

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Surfari (6 hrs)
Ticket — 71,00€

Available on Wednesdays

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The Algarve is essentially made by two things: sea and land.
What if you can combine a tour though the land and enjoy the waves, all in the same package?
The Surfari is exactly that! A jeep safari tour, combined with surf on the beach!

Is this trip, you will enjoy the dirt roads in an exciting tour trough the countryside, and you will also go catch some waves, and enjoy the beautiful sea and weather of the Algarve.

The Surfari – Jeep Safari and Surfing Tour (6Hrs duration) is an amazing trip that will make you enjoy both the countryside and the sea of the Algarve! Here, you will feel and get to know first hand the smells and air of the countryside, all while inside a jeep that will go though the dirt tracks and give you an experience not available though the regular roads. You will also enjoy the sea with a surfing board, and catch the waves in the surfing part of the tour. A very complete package!

Enjoy both the land and the sea, here in the Algarve!

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