On the most western area in the Algarve, between Lagos and Sagres, there are the most beautiful beaches in Portugal and Europe, perfect surfing waves and an overall quietness that makes this a true paradise. This article gathers together the 25 best activities to do with kids in the western Algarve.

Spend a day at the beach

Between Lagos and Sagres are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world including the famous Meia Praia which stretches over 4km in length. These beaches full of caves and cliffs have charmed tourists since they were introduced to the world. The refreshing transparency of its calm waters makes this the paradise that many seek during a lifetime. Our advice: go with the rest of your family to one of these beaches and allow yourself to relax while your kids play in the sand.

2 children playing in the Beach
Children always have fun in the beach.

Catamaran Boat Trip

Going by boat along the western coast of the Algarve is always a good activity to do with children. The day spent outdoors includes stops for diving and snorkelling (and there is even a water trampoline on this Catamaran Boat  trip).

Catamaran Discover on the sea near Lagos full of clients
Catamaran sailing near Lagos.

Dolphin Watching

Take your kids on a boat trip to see dolphins. The popularity these friendly and cheerful animals have among children is due to their astute intelligence and the indomitable force that emanate. Dolphin tours are carried out on high speed boats so that tourists can be sure of finding the animals whatever they are swimming in your trip. The western coast has some of the biggest populations of dolphins in the Algarve.

Dolphin surfing on the waves from the Lagos RIB
Dolphin surfing on the waves from the Lagos RIB

Kayaking through caves and cliffs

A particularly fun activity to do in the area of ​​Lagos and Sagres, because of the surreal beauty of its caves and cliffs, is to take part in a kayak excursion. These tours usually include a guide and stops for swimming and snorkelling. The kayak tour also has the advantage of offering the necessary flexibility so that people can approach as much the rocks or beaches as much as they want, something that is not possible by boat.

Green kayak with two leaving a cave near Ferragudo
People Kayaking in the Caves.

Cave Boat Trip

Enjoy an outdoor day spent with your family exploring the caves and cliffs of the area of ​​Lagos and Sagres especially the famous Ponta da Piedade caves. These caves boat excursions are among the most requested activities by tourists who choose to vacation in this idyllic corner of the Algarve.

Inside Lagos Ponta De Piedade Caves
Inside Lagos Ponta De Piedade Caves

Sailing Tour

Want to feel like a true discoverer of the fifteenth century? Then the steady winds of the western Algarve will allow you to embark on a sailing trip through the magnificent western coast of Algarve. During the tour there will be stops for swimming and snorkelling. Cross the blue seas of the Atlantic and feel the wind on your face.

Sailing Boat from Lagos exploring the coast
West Coast Sailing

Luxurious Private Hot Air Balloon Flight

The Algarve and Alentejo are the ideal regions for hot air balloon flights because of their 300 days of sunshine per year and absence of clouds in the sky, offering breath-taking views from the air. Enjoy the private hot air balloon rides and design the route you’ve always dreamed of, accompanied by your family and friends.

Hot Air Balloon Experience Lagos
Hot Air Balloon Experience

Lagos Zoo

Lagos Zoo has played a very important role in the preservation and re-insertion into the nature of the Iberian lynx. In addition to the Iberian lynx several animal species and reptiles can be found in the zoo. Take your youngest to meet the animals at Lagos Zoo and enjoy a family-friendly morning or afternoon.

Monkey island at Zoo de Lagos
Zoo de Lagos- Monkeys Village

Climbing trees on high ropes

Visit the Lagos Adventure Park and try high ropes and walking through the platforms suspended in the treetops while at the same time overcoming the various obstacles that exist along the way. It’s harder than it looks, but is lots of fun for all ages.

Child in High Ropes.
Child in High Ropes.

Discoveries Wax Museum

This exciting museum tells the epic tale of the Portuguese Discoveries over sixteen different depictions. Enjoy learning about this era which is one of the fundamental periods of world history.

Portuguese Discover in Wax Museum in Lagos
Portuguese Discovery Wax Museum

Surfari: Surf + Jeep Safari

The surfari combines in one single trip the wonders of taking a safari through the coastal Algarve with the pleasure of catching some waves in the best spots in the region. This trip is designed for those who like to spend a day outdoors filled with excitement and good vibes.

kid doing Surf
kid doing Surf

Slave Market Museum

In 1444 a slave market was erected in the centre of Lagos. This market quickly became one of the most-known slave markets in Europe, with slaves brought in from Africa by the Portuguese arriving here. The market has been preserved to this day so that Europe will not forget one of its darkest periods.

Slave market in Lagos
Slave Market. Photo by Região Sul.

Forte Ponta da Bandeira

Facing the south-eastern part of the city walls, this 12th-century fortress defended the entrance to the harbour of Lagos and the rest of the city. Forte Ponta da Bandeira is surrounded by a moat and to cross it there is a drawbridge that allows you to enter the fort where you can find a chapel decorated with tiles.

Lagos Fortress
Forte Ponta da Bandeira em Lagos. Photo by trekearth

Castelo de Lagos

While the initial date of its construction is unknown, it is known however that it underwent several renovations throughout the centuries because of the constant need to improve its defence mechanisms due to the proximity of Lagos with Sagres, where the famous naval school of the Infante Dom Henrique was located. In 1755 much of the castle was destroyed because of the earthquake.

Lagos Castle
Lagos Castle. Photo by Lagosmar.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

The stunning beauty of Lagos and the rest of the western Algarve invite you for a pleasant stand up paddle tour. The relaxation of this activity coupled with the beauty of the region will provide you with an unforgettable family day.

Kids learning Stand up Paddle
Kids learning Stand up Paddle. Photo by Seaclubshop.


Sagres is unanimously recognised as being the best place in the whole Algarve to practice surfing. Because it is located on the edge of the Algarve, the sea on the west coast joins the southern sea to form excellent waves for surfing. Whether you have never experienced this sport or you are an experienced surfer, we guarantee that you will find waves that suit your needs in Sagres.

Children 550836 960 720
Children with the body-board boards.

Crazy golf

Take your family to Pro Putting Garden for a crazy golf circuit. Have fun trying to complete the mind-blowing 18-hole circuit.

Pro Putting Garden Golf
Pro Putting Garden Golf

Visiting Lagos Marina

Lagos Marina is one of the most beautiful marinas in Portugal and should definitely be visited by families with small children because of its abundance of restaurants and ice-cream parlours. During the summer, the marina also features dance, music and theatre shows.

Lagos marina
Lagos Marina

Ride the mini train in Lagos

Lagos mini train offers a unique and original view of the city of Lagos and some of its beaches such as Dona Ana beach and Praia do Camilo. We highly recommend that you try the tour of the Lagos mini train.

Mini Train Lagos
Mini Train Lagos

Centro de Ciência Viva de Lagos

The fun and interactive Centro de Ciência Viva de Lagos aims to teach children (and adults) about the mysteries of our planet and the universe. The exhibits at this science centre are very educational and we can guarantee that your children will absolutely love the experience.

children playing on lighthouse
Centro Ciência Viva. Photo by UALG.

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