If you only have 24 hours in Seville what are the top things you should be doing in one day?  If you have a look at the guide books and at travel advice you can easily find yourself slightly overwhelmed by the sheer choice on offer to do in Seville so we have narrowed it down to one perfect day in Seville!

You could of course pack in far more to your one day in Seville but if you truly want to enjoy your time in the city then take it easy – like the locals do – and savour all that this incredible city has to offer.

1. Seville Cathedral

You don’t have to be religious, you don’t even have to be particularly interested in art or culture and you certainly don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy Seville Cathedral.

Seville Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and also takes the title of being the third largest Cathedral on earth – which makes it pretty impressive to begin with.

The cathedral is a great place to start in Seville if you want to get an idea about the size and geography of the city because if you make the climb up to the top you will be rewarded with incredible views across the city and beyond.

You could explore the Cathedral for hours of you like or just take a quick look around depending on how much it interests you – but it is a must see in Seville in one day.

Cathedral Seville
Seville Cathedral. Photo by Mylitleadventure.

2. Horse and carriage

You can find the famous horse and carriages of Seville near to the cathedral and hire one for yourself to take you around the city for a quick tour with some real horse power!

The horse and carriages can be seen travelling along the quaint little streets, past major attractions in Seville and even around the odd round about and are a great way to see a lot of the city in one go.

Up to four people can go in each carriage and the tours typically take about 40 minutes and cost about €40.  You pay your driver directly for the trip and just walk up if you want to get on – it is all pretty informal.

Carriage in Plaza de Espana

Don’t expect a guided tour on this though as the drivers rarely give any information further than shouting the name of the building you are passing – take a guide book with you instead to have a clue what is going on.

3. Plaza de España

If you have been on a horse and carriage then you will have already passed the Plaza de Espana on your trip but this place is well worth the 15 minute walk from the old part of Seville to take a closer look at.

This impressive building and plaza was original built for an exposition in 1928 and is now less impressively home to some government offices but it still maintains a magical quality to it.

There are some amazing examples of tiling and architecture here and it even has its own moat with boats you can take a trip in for the full experience of the plaza!

Be sure to take your camera because this really is a place you have to see to believe and it is truly beautiful – especially at sunset time.

Seville Algarve Fun
Plaza de Espana.

4. Siesta

Siesta is not just taking a short nap in Seville it is an integral part of everyday life – and anyone who has been to Seville in the summer months will know it is more than necessary for anyone looking to escape the heat of the day.

Head back to your hotel and bed down for a couple of hours – especially if you want the energy later in the evening to be able to keep up with the locals as they party until dawn!

5. Tapas & Caña

If you want to look like you know what you are doing in Seville and live like the locals do then during the evening head out for Tapas & Caña!

Everyone starts to come out for the night at around 10pm and instead of sitting at a table the local residents will stand at the bar in a tapas place and order and eat right there while enjoying a small glass of beer known as una caña.

If you are unsure what to pick from the vast tapas menu then make sure you at least include some jamon bellota – cured, acorn fed ham which is very thinly sliced.  It is not a cheap option but it is delicious and if you try one food while in Seville, then make it this.

Tapas & Caña
Tapas & Cana. Photo by LaVanguardia.

6. Finish with drinks and dancing

Seville has a bustling café culture with people sitting outside on the streets enjoying a beer and chatting with friends until the early hours.  It is not uncommon to see children playing outside until at least midnight and staying up late is simply part of the culture – thanks to the Siesta!

If you still have the energy then you can dance until 6am in one of the various nightclubs along the riverside to finish of a very full 24 hours in Seville.

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