Seville is a bustling city with a vibrant and exciting café culture.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your interests are, there is certain to be something to do in Seville at night that you will more than enjoy.

We have put together a list of some of our favourite things to do in Seville at night to suit all budgets, ages and interests.

1. La Noria de Sevilla

Bring out your romantic side and create the perfect setting for a moment with a loved one on the La Noira de Sevilla ferris wheel.

The La Noira de Seville ferris wheel is a great thing to do at night in Seville because while you travel in one of the pods you are able to look out across the city at the fantastic cultural and historical landmarks, lit up across the night sky.

A trip on this big wheel doesn’t have to be romantic but if you are aiming for something special then you can book a flight on the VIP cabin, complete with transparent floor, and you can even arrange for a bottle of Champagne to be enjoyed as you take in the sights of the city from up above.

Be sure to take your camera to capture some of the impressive vistas at the La Noira de Sevilla big wheel located down by the river near to the Seville Aquarium.

Noria In Seville
Noria In Seville. Photo by Haynoticia.

2. Sleep with the sharks

Do something unusual at night in Seville and get together with a group of friends or family for a night sleeping with the sharks at the Seville Aquarium.

When you think of nightlife in Seville you may think about music, tapas and dancing but there are other things to do at night and sleeping with the sharks is a great alternative for things to do at night in Seville with children and teens.

Pre-book this unique experience and head down to the glass tunnel beneath the shark tank in the aquarium to watch the sharks as they swim through the night, while you learn more about these amazing creatures of the deep.

Shark in Seville Aquarium
Sleep With Sharks

3. Flamenco show

Flamenco is an iconic part of Spanish culture and if you are spending the night in Seville then you can take the opportunity to watch some live Flamenco in the heart of the city.

There are lots of different options for Flamenco fans in Seville, depending on exactly what you are looking for.  You can choose to go to an intimate show in a small venue where you may have one dancer accompanied by a musician or you can go all out and book yourself in to one of the bigger shows that take place in the city and can include food and drinks for the evening.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that a night of Flamenco is certainly one of the top things to do in Seville at night.

El Palacio Andaluz Sevilla
Flamenco Show in Seville. Photo by Fuertehotels.


4. Food and drink

Spain is known for having fantastic food and one of the best places to sample the huge choice of tapas available in the country is at night in Seville.

It may be hard to get into the swing of things in Seville at first because during the heat of the day there is siesta time which means that people actually only start to come out and enjoy the city from after 10pm so be prepared for a late meal!

When you are looking for a tapas restaurant it is always a good idea to try and find one where there are lots of locals eating – as this is a good indication of price and quality and try not to be put off by the enormous size of the menus.

Tapas dishes are small and are designed for sharing so pick off a few that you like the sound of and then you can always order more of your favourites.

After enjoying tapas in the city you can then sit out long into the night at one of the many bars and cafes around the city.  Lots can be found near to the riverside and the atmosphere is very relaxed and inclusive, making everyone feel welcome.

Best Tapas Seville
Tapas in Seville. Photo by Slowlyanywhere.

5. Nightclubs

If you like to party then you are in the right place in Seville because there is a vibrant nightlife that goes on through the night and into the very early hours of the morning in this city!

The biggest nightclubs in the city are dotted along the river front areas, with some even being open air to make the most of the balmy evenings.

Most of the nightclubs don’t even open their doors until around 2am with the majority of people heading over after 4am to dance until dawn and clubs generally closing at around 6am.

All ages go to nightclubs in Seville so don’t worry but be aware that some clubs have a very loose dress code and it is a good idea to find out about it before you queue up at the door!

Sevilla At Night
Sevilla At Night. Photo by
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