A visit to a European city is not only filled with great activities and attractions for adults, it can also be a fantastic place to take children and there are lots of things to do with kids in Seville.

With so much choice in Seville for children we have chosen some of our favourite things to do with kids in Seville and have tried to include something to appeal to different ages of the children you are with, their interests and you budget.

 1. Isla Magica

No list of top things to do in Seville with kids would be complete without including the Isla Magica amusement park – a fantastic day out for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages.

The Isla Magica amusement park is located right in the heart of the city which means that you don’t have to spend lots of money getting to it if you are already in the city.

The park is only open during peak times of the year and the opening times vary a lot so it is a good idea to check first what time the park opens as during the peak of summer you can stay there long after dark to make the most of all of the rides on offer.

A trip to Isla Magica is perhaps more suited to older children and teens because while there are lots of things for younger children to enjoy, including live shows and activities, it is of course the big rides that are the big attraction here and height restrictions do apply.

As soon as you step into Isla Magica it feels like you are a million miles away from the rest of the city and it is a fantastic day out for all the family and definitely one of the top tings to do with kids in Seville.

I Magica
Isla Magica Ride in Seville.

2. Acuario de Sevilla

Located down by the river near to the la Noira de Sevilla Ferris wheel, the Seville Aquarium is the perfect place to spend the day at any time of the year in the city.

This recently opened aquarium is home to 35 enormous tanks with more than 400 different species of marine life living happily in the well cared for and welcoming aquarium.

The Seville aquarium manages to balance out the entertainment side of the attraction, keeping kids amused for hours as they gasp at the sharks or feel the wildlife in the “toca toca” tanks, while also giving enough information and environmental messages for older children who may want to learn more or have a special interest in marine biology.

The Seville aquarium is open all year and on a very hot summers day it is lovely to take a break from the heat in the cool of the space, while on a wet day, you can keep warm and dry while entertaining the kids!

If you are part of a group then you can make a trip to Seville Aquarium even more memorable by arranging a private sleep with the sharks experience which involves bedding down in the glass tunnel below the shark tank for the night to be able to observe these amazing creatures as they glide through the waters.

Whale at Seville Aquarium
Seville Aquarium


3. Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park

Some of the best things to do in Seville with kids don’t cost much at all and a trip to the Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park is one that children of all ages will enjoy – especially if you do some marketing first to them!

While the architecture at the Plaza de Espana is enough for most adults to feel inspired, it can be more difficult to rouse interest in kids so if you want to spend time here without the moaning it would be a great idea to encourage a viewing Star Wars, where the Plaza is featured in full view and the kids will instantly recognise it as the set of this great movie.

seville cathedral with bosts on the river and small bridge
Plaza de Espana. Photo by Tripsavvy.

If the adults are keen to browse around the plaza at a leisurely pace but the kids are more interested in running about then you can set them off to go and look for the benches around the plaza with the names of all the autonomous communities of Spain on them – if you are organised then make a list first for them to check them off.
After the plaza then head into the Maria Luisa park for the kids to blow off more steam and to play amongst the pigeons, in the various different playpark areas or to explore this park that really looks far more like a jungle at most of the times of the year.

kids and piegeons on Maria Luisa Parque Seville
Maria Luisa Parque in Seville. Photo by Andalucia.

4. Agua Magica 

Seville is a long way from the beach but when you are looking to cool down on a hot day in the city perhaps the best place to go, and certainly one of the best things to do with kids in Seville, is to head to Agua Magica – the waterpark element of the Isla Magica amusement park.

The team at the park have literally brought the beach to Seville at Agua Magica and this is always one of the favourites for children of all ages as well as being a wonderful place to cool off in the summer heat.

Agua Magica is a recent addition to the rest of the Isla Magica waterpark and has been designed to offer more variety for all ages of children.  So older kids and teens will enjoy the fast, adrenalin filled slides while younger children and those looking to relax for the day can sit back in the beach area and in the shallow waters and play safely.

The slides of the Agua Magica water park in Isla Magica


Combine a trip to Agua Magica with Isla Magica for a day out that the kids (and the adults) are unlikely to forget!

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