Vilamoura is a luxury resort located in the western part of the Algarve. Originally built around a small harbour which is now home to the biggest marina in Portugal, capable of berthing more than 1000 vessels, Vilamoura’s mostly privately owned territory has made sure that the town was designed in quite an opulent style.

Being one of the most popular and largest single tourist complexes in Europe, Vilamoura is home to six different Golf Courses, including the famous Old Course, a Lawn Bowling Club with two grass greens, a Tennis Centre, a Sports Club, a Shooting Club, 5 and 4 star hotels, tourist apartments, self-catering villas, night clubs, an international casino with glamorous shows and which also hosts the PokerStars Solverde Poker Season, an excellent Riding School and plenty of other leisure facilities.

There is also the historic site of Cerro da Vila, where the remnants of an ancient Roman village have been discovered.  After the Romans, the village was later occupied by Visigoths and Moorish forces until Christians reconquered the region of the Algarve.

Where to stay?

Marina de Vilamoura – Vilamoura’s Marina is probably the most popular place to stay in Vilamoura, being surrounded by many different hotels and touristic apartments. If you stay at the Marina, not only will you be closer to the vibrant nightlife of the town, with many restaurants, cafes and clubs nearby, as the proximity to the beach will grant you fantastic views over the ocean.

Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Panoramic View 21
Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Panoramic

Old Village – The Old Village is another popular destination for those looking for accommodation in the area of Vilamoura. With plenty of apartments and some villas, this real estate compound offers 24 hour surveillance, and is located within 2 minutes of Vilamoura’s centre and 5 minutes away from the beaches.

Suburbs – In the suburbs of Vilamoura you are more likely to find large villas, ideal for big groups looking to spend a relaxing vacation not far from Vilamoura’s most popular attractions.

Quarteira – Another option for people wanting to spend vacations in Vilamoura, but wanting to be away from the more expensive prices of Vilamoura’s resort, is the town of Quarteira, located right next door.

Quarteira beach. Photo by Inatel.

What are the beaches like in Vilamoura?

Praia de Vilamoura – Vilamoura’s main beach, located in front of the town of Vilamoura, presents visitors with its golden sand and deep blue waters. In 2007, the beach went under constructions to renovate its main accesses and to build a new footpath. Nowadays, the beach also offers toilets, facilities suitable for wheelchair users, a tiralô (a free of charge tricycle for disabled bathers), first aid post, car park, sunshades, sun-beds with mattresses, hot and cold showers, paddleboats and kayaks.

Vilamoura 5510p
Praia de Vilamoura

Praia da Falésia – Probably the most famous beach in the Algarve, Praia da Falésia’s extensive coastline, thin warm sand, calm and safe sea and ravishing cliffs which shelter the beach from North winds, create for one of the most pleasant beaches for you to spend a full day relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of the south of Portugal. During summer, this beach is also well known for the sunset parties that the bar NoSolo organizes.

falesia beach
Praia da Falésia. Photo by Algarve tourism.

Which beaches near Vilamoura have a Blue Flag?

All beaches in Vilamoura have a Blue Flag and lifeguards and, as you can see from the map below, there are other beaches located close to Vilamoura with a Blue Flag.

Blue Flag means that the beach has been assessed based on environmental standards, water quality and beach cleanliness, and also on important facilities including toilets and lifeguards.

In the Algarve, lifeguards usually work from July 1st to September 30.

Mapa Praia Vilamoura

What is there to do in Vilamoura?

Vilamoura offers plenty of distractions and activities. At this luxury resort you can spend a day at the beach or sunbathing by the pool at the hotel. Vilamoura is also an excellent place for golf, tennis, parasailing, stand up paddle (SUP), mountain biking, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Aquashow Park – Aquashow is a water park located in the area of Quarteira, just a few minutes away from Vilamoura. This giant water park has one of the biggest water rollercoasters in the world, where you get to travel at more than 70km/h, and plenty of other slides and attractions. Visiting Aquashow will surely provide you and the rest of your family with a lot of fun.

One of the highest slides in Europe at Aquashow
Aquashow Water Park.

Boat Excursion – A fun activity to do in Vilamoura is to take a boat trip around the caves and beaches of Algarve’s coastline. You can also rent your own private yacht with five star service, go on a party boat complete with DJ, or simply go fishing with your best mates on a private charter.

The Condor de Vilamoura sailing during the beach BBQ cruise
Condor de Vilamoura.

Casino de Vilamoura – Filled with more than 500 slot machines and gaming rooms with tables including Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, the casino awaits those ready to beat the odds. In walking distance to Praia de Vilamoura, the Casino treats its guests to live performances or cabaret shows. Be advised though that there is a dress code involving a tie and jacket for men and that visitors will be asked to present their passport or ID card.

Vilamoura Casino.

Cerro da Vila – Cerro da Vila was one of areas chosen by the Romans to live due to its proximity to the sea and to being one of the places the Phoenicians and Carthaginians used to stop to trade their products. The ruins were first discovered in 1963 and are nowadays open to the public.

Portugal Masters – If you are a golf fan, then this is definitely an activity for you. Every year, around September, the best golfers competing in the European Tour head to Vilamoura to compete in the Portugal Masters. Come to the Portugal Masters to learn how to play golf with some of the best players in the world.

Buggy Safari – How about driving a buggy through the off-beaten tracks of the Algarve? These adrenaline rides will lead you to the most recondite and amazing places of the region and are guaranteed to be a lot of fun for you and your friends.

2 Buggies on dirt road near Almancil
Off Road Buggy Adventure

What is the best time of the year to visit Vilamoura?

Summer – Summer represents high-season for tourism in Vilamoura. From June to September, temperatures are at their peak, creating for some amazing days at the beach, which attracts thousands of visitors. Although it can get a bit crowded, this is one of the best times of the year to visit the town of Vilamoura. The whole area resonates with excitement and most restaurants, cafes and clubs stay open during the night and host live music shows.

Winter – Even though tourism in the Algarve has gained a new impulse during winter months, this is still the calmest season of the year, meaning this can be a good time for you to visit Vilamoura and to enjoy the best Algarve has to offer away from the hordes of summer tourists. The weather, with temperatures around 12ºC, allows for some nice walks by the sea, watching the sun set over the Atlantic.

Autumn/Spring – During autumn and spring, the weather is warmer (with temperatures even matching those of summer in some days), kids are still at school and most people have to work, allowing Vilamoura to be enjoyed by a handful of lucky visitors.

Vilamoura marina terraces of bars and restaurants
Vilamoura Marina Bars & Restaurants

What is the weather like in Vilamoura?

Vilamoura has a warm and temperate climate.

The average annual temperature is 17.2ºC. The hottest month of the year is August with an average temperature of 23.4ºC and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 11.8ºC.

July is the driest month of the year with the amount of precipitation being close to 1 mm and January is the month with the most amount of rain with an average of 87 mm of precipitation.

The following graph shows the monthly average temperatures and the monthly rainfall average for 2017:

Grafico Vilamoura

What are the best places to eat in Vilamoura?

Oliveira Dourada – This cosy restaurant exhibits a menu with a wide variety of dishes from all over the world. This is also a family friendly place, where staff will make sure that your kids are comfortable and entertained.

Chilly Lounge – This charming friendly restaurant has excellent Asian food and a lovely staff. If you are a fan of spicy dishes, then we certainly recommend the pepper dishes from Chilly Lounge. With a central location, this restaurant strikes a fair balance between quality and price.

La Creperie Marina de Vilamoura – At Marina de Vilamoura there is a wonderful Creperie where the difficulty will be to choose from the tasty different crepes there. The service is great and the prices are quite moderate, especially considering that it is located in the heart of the luxury resort of Vilamoura. There are also delicious salads for you to try, in case you don’t fancy a crepe.

Creperie1 604811726
La Creperie

Willie’s Restaurant – Awarded with one Michelin star in 2006, this is one of the best restaurants in the Algarve.

What are the best places to go out at night in Vilamoura?

Families – Marina de Vilamoura’s many bars and cafes with live music or karaoke is a great place to go out at night with kids. There are as well ice-cream parlours which make for a pleasant and tasty evening.

Couples – The best romantic nightlife in Vilamoura can be found in the following bars: Atlantic Piano Bar, Julius Restaurant Wine Bar, Purobeach Vilamoura or the Old Navy.

Groups of Friends – Marina de Vilamoura is a great place to out at night with friends. There you will be able to find lots of pubs with live music and sports bars. Some of the trendy spots include the Irish Pub, Rui’s Carvery and Bar with live performances and karaoke, Jazz Club, 19th Hole and Figo’s Bar owned by the famous Portuguese football superstar Luís Figo. Groups looking for the wickedness of splashing lights and loud music should try out some of the nearby clubs which host massive parties that are not for the faint-hearted.

Purobeach Night Shot
Purobeach Night Shot. Photo by

How far is Vilamoura from…?

Faro’s Airport – 25 km (approx. 25 min drive)

Albufeira – 17 km (approx. 25 min drive)

Lagos – 70 km (approx. 50 min drive)

Portimão – 50 km (approx. 50 min drive)

Sagres – 100 km (approx. 1hr10 drive)

Tavira – 50 km (approx. 40 hour drive)

Lisbon – 270 km (approx. 2hr30 drive)

Seville – 215 km (approx. 2hr15 drive)

Spanish Border – 75 km (approx. 50 min drive)

All distances have been rounded up.

Where are the bus and train stations?

Vilamoura does not have a bus station, but there is one in Quarteira at Av. Francisco Sá Carneiro, 8125 Quarteira.

Vilamoura doesn’t have a train station either, with the closest train stations being located in Boliqueime or Loulé.

How much does a taxi from Faro Airport to Vilamoura cost?

The price of a 4-person taxi from Faro Airport to Vilamoura is usually around 25/30€ each way (50/60€ return).

If it is a private taxi or a van the price will tend to be higher, however, depending on the number of people it carries it might end up being cheaper per person.

Please note that if the trip takes place during the night, the price will be higher because a special night rate is charged.


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