Entertainment Loulé White Night Festival
Loulé White Night Festival. Photo by Sul Infomação

White Night Festival

Loulé White Night is an event which attracts thousands of visitors to the streets of Loulé for a one off summer party to close the season and the diversity of entertainment and attractions makes this one of the premier events in the Algarve.

Loulé White Night first began in 2007 and quickly grew to being a firm favourite on the Algarve events calendar. It is a huge event spanning the main streets in the historical centre of Loulé with theme of the evening being, you guessed it, white!

Organisers have promised that Loulé White Night will be back in 2015 in its full glory after having to be cancelled in 2014 due to financial reasons and because the event is such a draw for the city and a boost for local traders it is highly likely to take place once again. If you are unsure about if the event will be taking place and want to check the details before you go then give one of our friendly team a call to find out more.

It is hard to pinpoint or pigeon hole the Loulé White Night event because it is made up of so many different elements but this does mean that you are likely to find something to appeal to every member of the family when you visit!

The first thing to remember is to dress in as much white as possible for a trip to Loulé White Night. This may sound obvious but people do tend to forget and dressing up not only helps you to get into the spirit of the event, is also helps you from standing out like a sore thumb if you have chosen to wear your magenta top instead.

Although Loulé White Night takes place during the evening it really has been designed to appeal to all ages. The decorations along the street, special lighting and illuminations are enough in themselves to create a wow factor that everyone will enjoy, while special art installations with interactive elements appeal to adults and children on different levels.

White Night 2017


Elements of Loulé White Night take place both outside on the streets of the city and inside various buildings dotted about the cobbled streets. There are no cars driving about which makes it fun to explore what could be down each road and to find hidden exhibitions and demonstrations without the fear of being run over.

Street art plays a big part in the evening with acrobats, fire eaters, stilt walkers and clowns all following the white theme and performing their acts to the public.

And don’t forget to look up during the evening as there are always features taking place above ground level which in the past have included singers in bird cages, people hanging from bungees and aerial acrobatic shows.

The majority of the local businesses in the area all get involved in the night and extend their opening hours, decorate the shop fronts and usually have special offers on white items while bars serve up white and clear cocktails for you to enjoy as you walk about.

Take a seat on one of the white sofas placed along the streets, watch the live music shows on main stages or on side streets and discover exciting art and street performers on this amazing night where everything and everyone has turned white.

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