​One of the top things to do in Seville has to be a visit to the Real Alcazar Seville.  A visit to this royal palace is like taking a trip through time in one building and is amazing way to learn more about the varied and interesting history of this fantastic city.

The Real Alcazar Seville is easy to find in Seville and is located near to the famous Jewish Quarter of the city.  It can be lovely to walk to this attraction because the streets are filled with quaint buildings and amazing architecture at every turn that you miss out on if you are travelling on the main roads by car.

Alcazar Palace in Seville
Alcazar Palace in Seville


There are not many place in Seville or probably in the world that have managed to withstand the test of time as successfully as the Real Alcazar and testament to this is that the fortress was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 1987, letting the rest of the world know just how unique this palace really is and making it one of the top things to do in Seville.

Not only is the Real Alcazar Seville a top visitor attraction in the city, it has also proven to be very popular with film and television producers, looking for the perfect backdrop for historical dramas.  In the past the Real Alcazar Seville has been a backdrop for the film Lawrence of Arabia while more recently it has been featured in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

Real Alcazar Gardens In Seville
Real Alcazar Gardens In Seville. Photo by Marinareservation.

On a visit to the Real Alcazar Seville be aware that you need to make time to be able to view both the interior and the exterior of the building.  Inside the Real Alcazar Seville you will find exceptional examples of Renaissance, Baroque and XIX century styles, while out in the gardens you can explore the maze of orange trees and enjoy the fresh air and cool areas of this magical area of this attraction.

A building as old as the Real Alcazar Seville has a long and varied history.  The palace is the oldest European palace that is still in use and was originally built as a Moorish fortress but as the years have passed there have been many changes and alterations made to it leaving the Real Alcazar Seville with a distinctive blend of many styles and reflecting its passage through history.

Alcazar Salon De Embajadores Seville
Real Alcazar Salon De Embajadores. Photo by Worldwanderista.

If you are a fan of architecture and history then you will be in your element at the Real Alcazar Seville because you will be able to see examples of Renaissance, Gothic, Moorish and Mudejar (the mix of Christian and Moorish techniques) architecture.

When you first arrive at the Real Alcazar Seville you go in to the building through the Lion’s Gate.  The Real Alcazar Seville is a large building but this gate is easy to find thanks to the tiles around the gate with the lion on it – so you shouldn’t get lost!

After entering the Real Alcazar Seville you then pass through the various courtyards of the palace and pick up a map at this point – this is a really good idea if you are not familiar with the palace as it can help you to navigate the different areas and to pinpoint things that may be of special interest to you.

One thing not to be missed when visiting the Real Alcazar Seville is the Patio de las Doncellas.  This area used to be the focal point of social life in Seville and is very beautiful and leads off to a number of different halls that area all well worth exploring further.  Another spectacular area of the Real Alcazar Seville is the hall of Salones de Carlos V with its wonderful tapestries.

Real Alcázar Palace


While it is great fun to have a look around the palace it is also a good idea to take the time to read about all of the different areas as you pass by, this way you will get a much deeper understanding of what it is you are looking at exactly and it makes many of the areas even more special when you know the history behind them.

The inside of the Real Alcazar Seville is undoubtedly inspiring but the gardens of the palace are equally impressive so make sure to leave plenty of time to have a look here.

The gardens are each separated into different sections with various terraces, pond, statues and little stairways and are really beautiful.  Try to time your tours around the gardens to not being during the hottest part of the day and perhaps consider starting in the garden in the morning when the Real Alcazar Seville opens and then seeking the cool of the palace when the temperatures rise.

Puerta Del Leon, Seville
Puerta Del Leon, Seville. Photo by Voyagevirtuel.

The Real Alcazar Seville is open almost every day of the year and only closes from January 1 until January 6 as well as on Good Friday and Christmas Day.  Opening times vary from winter to summer so it is a good idea to check first what time the Real Alcazar Seville opens while you are in the city.

Real Alcazar Seville is one of the top things to do in Seville so make sure to leave a minimum of three hours to be able to have a good look around or spend the entire day there to get the very best from this historic attraction.

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