Vilamoura is famous for its nightlife. Find out where to go and what to do in this article.

Vilamoura has beautiful beaches and activities for a relaxing holiday by the sea. Imagine a terrace on a marina, you can see the fish swimming, you have a cold drink in your hand, there’s a scent of sunscreen and people are lively.

That is Vilamoura.

This city is one of the places on the Algarve where you can find nightlife that suits all tastes and ages, throughout the whole year. However, during the summer, its liveliness multiplies as do the people who arrive to visit this resort that is filled with sophistication and delicious gastronomy.

To find out more, we went looking for the best Vilamoura has to offer and here is what we discovered.

End your day with an unforgettable sunset

The Algarve has a geographical position that allows you to watch the moment when the sky is draped in warm colours, all is calm and the sun descends into the horizon.

What if you could do it all at sea, on a relaxing boat trip by the coast?

You can do it, as a group or on a private boat, leaving from Vilamoura’s Marina to enjoy with your family and friends.

Party at sea

If you like something livelier, you can reserve your seat at a DJ party aboard a boat where you can dance and drink while listening to music and enjoying the last hours of the day.

It will be a great time for your vacation that you will not forget!

Sunset in Vilamoura
Sunset in Vilamoura

Irresistible restaurants

Around Vilamoura’s Marina, the gastronomy has a lot to offer. Book a different restaurant every night, it will be worth it!

Try the Tasquinha do Manel if you enjoy a truly typical place, by the Clube Naval (Naval Club), in a quieter area. There you’ll see wooden fish and nets on the walls, long tables that the clients happily share and food that you won’t forget anytime soon. Seafood and fresh fish, washed down with great Portuguese wine is exactly what you’ll find in this nice restaurant.

If your dream is to dine with your feet in the sand, you might see your dream come true at Rocha Baixinha beach.

You will find dishes such as mackerel fried in corn flakes, Marrocan tagine, and traditional Algarvian dishes such as fresh fish, razor clam rice and fish pasta.

On the marina itself, you’ll find a bit of everything: oyster bars, a live kitchen restaurant, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, or tidbits throughout the bars and small restaurants on the pedestrian walk.

Salmon Dish
Salmon Dish

Fun bars

There are a lot of bars in Vilamoura, and most of them offer food and live shows especially during the high season.

From Irish bars to the famous footballer Figo’s bar, they are worth a tour to see the true Algarvian nightlife.

Try the Vintage Gin and Cocktail Bar, which as the name suggests specializes in gins and cocktails but with a modern feel, set on the Marina.

Or the Hole in One also located on the Marina, with excellent cocktails and live music. Indulge in a strawberry daiquiri while having fun with karaoke. This bar does not go unnoticed by those who pass on the street.

You will not be bored with so much to offer!

Party 2250007 1280

Go to a VIP Party

In Vilamoura, during the summer, you have the opportunity to go to a VIP party where you will find some celebrities.

The dress code is sophisticated, and the atmosphere is luxurious.

The most famous places are nightclub Bliss and Puro Beach. Both announce their party dates well in advance. Get ready for the pictures and sometimes the presence of the television cameras.

A walk by the Marina

You can enjoy the nautical environment, choose an ice cream in one of the many ice cream parlours in the marina or let yourself go with the flow of the many people that arrive at the marina in the evening.

On your way you will find shops selling souvenirs, clothes, bikinis, flip flops, handcrafted items and street artists that entertain the children.

Strohute 2448533 1280

Dance till sunrise

Lively music, colorful cocktails, elegant and tanned people dancing make up the scenario that you will find in Vilamoura’s discos.

The most famous one is outside the Marina but at a small distance of a 10 minute taxi ride and is called Lick. It has interior and exterior areas where you can feel the warm summer breeze until 7am.

If you prefer walking, our suggestion is Blackjack, a mere 5 minute walk  from Vilamoura’s centre. It is situated inside Vilamoura’s Casino and is opened every night during the summer.

NosoloAgua Moments is located on the Marina itself and is another place famous for its parties and music. During the day it operates as a bar with waterfront views and at night it turns into a sophisticated nightlife bar.

Don’t miss the brilliantly lit garden that has a bar in its centre!

Dj 743802 1280

Try your luck at the Casino

The Casino is by the marina and is open from 5pm till 3am for those who enjoy to gamble or enjoy the ambiance by the slot machines. It’s guaranteed fun while you enjoy yourself spending a few coins and enjoy a cold drink.

Other than gambling, visitors can book dinner and a show. .

Make sure to dress appropriately and take your passport, you’ll need it.

Good luck!

Casino 3491252 1280

Cabaret Show in Vilamoura Casino

The Vilamoura Casino offers various dance and music shows which you can enjoy while having dinner such as hip-hop dances, classical dances, tap dancing, circus arts or fabulous music concerts.

Many national and international artists are invited to perform in the Casino.

The sumptuousness of the place will amaze you, and you will never forget where you are alone, in a group of friends or with your partner. It’s important to book tickets for the Vilamoura dinner and show in advance as tickets are not always available on the door

Casino Show

Visiting the neighbouring fishing town of Quarteira

You can walk the short distance to Quarteira while enjoying the evening and it will take you 20 minutes or take a taxi and be there in 5 minutes.

Although it is right next to Vilamoura’s Resort, the environment you will experience here is completely different.

Here you will find colorful restaurant terraces throughout the boardwalk by the beach, intertwined with artisan stalls and street artists.

During the high season there’s a stage in the centre of a street accessible only to pedestrians where they play concerts or show typical Portuguese dancing.

There is also a night market where you can buy your souvenirs for less.

In Quarteira the liveliness is more of a typical Portuguese town and some may say its less sophisticated than Vilamoura one but it’s so charming that you will love your visit.

Golfing at night

During the day temperatures can be quite high, so what do you think about golfing with your friends after sunset?

Vilamoura has over 10 golf clubs to choose from, designed by famous architects and located in the best place: between the mountains and the sea.

Golf 997221 1280

Go to the cinema

Going to the movies is an excellent choice for a night of your vacation.

With family or friends watching a movie with popcorn is an activity you can do near Vilamoura. You can choose from several nearby cinemas that have several movies to choose from at different times.

Movies in Portugal are not translated so they’re normally shown in English, except for some children’s daytime movies. You will be able to see the film in its original version, with Portuguese subtitles.

A short taxi ride away is Mar Shopping (Loulé), a shopping centre with several movie theatres, Algarve Shopping (Albufeira) or Forum Algarve in Faro. There is a variety of shops and restaurants in all if you want to hang out there.


Play mini-golf

 Vilamoura has a space dedicated to families that cannot be miss: the Family Golf Park, with two 18-hole courses and decoration inspired by the history of the Roman Empire, many plant species and monuments replicas.

It is an enjoyable space with an open Family Café and several fresh and healthy menu options.

In July and August it is open until midnight.

Have you ever thought about taking to the track for a kart race?

 In Almancil, a town very close to Vilamoura you will find a Karting track. Its only about 10mins by car so its great way to spend a fun evening.

Visitors can drive larger or smaller karts according to their experience. Children up to 12 years old can experience junior karting or a two-seater kart in the company of an adult.

Karting is open all year until 6 pm or 7 pm on the weekend. But in July and August, it closes only at midnight.


Rest & Relax

Holidays are that time of the year when you can relax without a schedule, routines, work or rushing to get the kids to school on time.

Therefore our suggestion is that you also rest. Relax. In Vilamoura you can do it at the beach overlooking the sea or on a terrace enjoying a cold drink.

Did you bring a book? If not, know that in Vilamoura a lot of kiosks have international newspapers and books in several languages.

Books by the beach