Tavira Beach

Tavira is a small town on the coast of the Algarve, between Faro and Vila Real de Santo António.

In this typical city centre, the castle offers panoramic views of the whole city and houses sit along the River Gilão, that arrives at sea through the pond inlets of Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, in the city centre.

Tavira has a lot of historical interest but most people arrive here dreaming of visiting the surrounding beaches, which are warmer than those windward, and have white sand and no rocks.

It’s a paradise!

Boat In Tavira

Algarve Fun gives you a list of the best beaches in Tavira.

Bring your swimming suit and spend a day at the beach with us!

Praia do Barril

Known for the many boat anchors that embellish the beach at its entrance creating an interesting view and also for its train.

Yes, a train! You can get to the beach two ways: you can walk the beautiful 1.5km path in the Ria Formosa and its lagoon or you can take the train that takes the exact same route, very slowly.

This train is such a joy to children and families loaded with sun umbrellas, towels and cooler boxes!

Barril beach in the middle of Tavira island. When you arrive at the parking in the middle of the holiday village in Pedras Del Rei, you need to cross a pedestrian bridge over the ria’s canal and only then can you walk the path, or take the red and black train.

Train To Praia Do Barril

On your way there it is very nice to see the busy fishing boats and the escaping crabs when the tide lowers. Closer to the beach there is vegetation, pine trees and a scent of curry that comes from a plant called curry plant.

The facilities in this beach arose from a small village that lived there to work on the tuna fishing frames, a sort of network of tunnels set underwater used to catch tuna.

Nowadays there are still some of these objects of the old trade there and the houses are now cafes and restaurants.

Parking – Next to the train ticket office
Access – By train or walking. Very easy.
Lifeguards – The beach has lifeguard surveillance between 1st June and 30th September.
Tips – During Spring it’s beautiful and doesn’t have as many visitors as in the summer months.
Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes.
Are there showers and toilets? – Yes.
In the zone – Santa Luzia village is 7 minutes way by car or 20 minutes walking (recommended) where you can taste the best dishes of octopus in the Algarve.
Good for – Great for nature lovers and kids.
Location – 37.093113, -7.675184

Pedestrian Bridge

Praia do Homem Nu

After arriving at Barril Beach, if you walk 2km by the sea, heading West, you will come to find an almost deserted beach.

This beach is distinguished as an official naturalism area. Here, those who practise this lifestyle can roam around completely naked.

If you choose this area please keep in mind that it does not have lifeguard surveillance or any supporting facilities or catering.

Parking – Next to the train ticket office in Holiday Village Pedras del Rei
Access – It’s easy, but includes walking 2 km by the sea.
Lifeguards – No
Tips – Take drinks, food and parasol with you.
Are there sunbeds for hire? – No
Are there showers and toilets? – No
In the zone – In Barril beach you can have a nice lunch of fresh fish or seafood.
Good for – Naturalism and relax
Location – 37.072163, -7.690866

Praia da Terra Estreita

Praia Da Terra Estreita

To the west of Barril, Tavira Island becomes straighter until it is covered in vegetation and is about 250 metres wide, with golden sand, called Terra Estreita (Narrow Land) or Praia de Santa Luzia.

To get here you’ll need a ferry boat that you can board at the octopus fishing village, called Santa Luzia. The beach is long and has a lot fewer visitors than the neighbouring beaches of Barril and Tavira island, giving you peace and quiet.

While on the beach you can admire the colourful flowers contrasting with the blue of the sea, making up a beautiful background.

The beach has a restaurant, toilets and recreational activities.

Parking – There are parking places in Santa Luzia’s village on the main street.
Access – By boat
Lifeguards – The beach has lifeguard surveillance between 1st June and 30th September.
Tips – In the Summer months the boat can be very busy, go at early times
Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes.
Are there showers and toilets? – Showers no, toilets yes
In the zone – Santa Luzia is a small village where the food is amazing
Good for – Kids and fun
Location – 37.098809, -7.639702

Ilha de Tavira

Tavira Island

To get to the amazing Tavira Island, you need to get a boat from the in the middle of the ria or from Quatro Àguas.

The 2km path to Quatro Àguas is along river Gilão on one side, with its fishing boats in constant movement and the square salt pans on the other, frequented by black winged stilts, a type of miniature stork that looks for food in that area.

The beach you will find on Tavira Island is the most populated by houses, restaurants, cafes and even a campsite with a lot of shade and great facilities. Try a super juicy grilled fish!

At the beach, you can also find water sports, and you can purchase tours of the Ria Formosa at the kiosks.

It is not rare to see chameleons on this beach as they are protected here, so watch out! And don’t forget you mustn’t touch them.

The Ria’s side of the islands is the most popular for families as the water is very calm and waveless.

On the coastal side, there are waves and you can surf.

Parking – In Tavira city or in Quatro Aguas. All paid parking.
Access – By boat from Tavira or from Quatro Aguas
Lifeguards – There is lifeguard surveillance between 1st June and 30th September.
Tips – If you have plenty of time, choose to take the boat in Tavira, the boat tour is amazing.
Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes
Are there showers and toilets? – Yes
In the zone – Plenty of nice restaurants in the beach
Good for – Fun and relax.
Location – 37.078841, -7.676378

Ilha de Cabanas

This beach is in front of Cabanas village which is a 10 minute drive from Tavira. Residents even call it Cabanas de Tavira (Cabanas of Tavira) because it belongs to the same county.

The history of Cabanas goes back to 1734 when the fishermen came along to build the frames to catch tuna and they also built huts to store their materials.

Nowadays, residents are still devoted to fishing, enriching the local gastronomy with food products such as tuna and razor clams. Although Cabanas is very closely devoted to this activity, it is also sustained by tourism, being the county’s village with the most visitors throughout the year, attracted to this rustic feel.

Cabanas beach is an extensive 7km beach, which you can reach in just 4 minutes from the side avenue.

In this beach you can find places where you can experience amazing peace and quiet by walking just a few minutes.

There are restaurants, toilets, recreational activities.

Parking – In the village of Cabanas.
Access – Very easy, 4 minutes by boat.
Lifeguards – There is lifeguard surveillance between 1st June and 30th September.
Tips – Plan to stay all day and have a picnic lunch at the beach
Are there sunbeds for hire? – No.
Are there showers and toilets? – Showers no, toilets Yes.
In the zone – The whole surrounding area of this island is amazing. You can go for a walk and get to know the village at the end of the day.
Good for – Nature lovers and families with kids
Location – 37.134751, -7.590247

In any of these beaches please use the wooden or cement boardwalks to cross the dunes as to not damage the vegetation, as their roots help keep the dunes in place.