Vilamoura is known for being a popular resort with lots of great things to do. Located at the centre of the Algarve coast Vilamoura benefits from a benevolent climate with more than 300 sunny days per year. Lying by the sea, Vilamoura has two truly wonderful beaches that will surely dazzle you. Right next to Vilamoura sits Quarteira, where you can find two more gorgeous beaches.


Vilamoura Beach (Praia de Vilamoura) 

Located just in front of Vilamoura, this beach presents an incredibly blue sea and wide golden sands. The beach is also known for the purity of its sands and the quality of the water having been awarded the blue flag. The gentle waves that are felt during most of the year makes it a great beach for families with small children. 


Vilamoura beach and pools
Vilamoura Beach


How to get there? – Vilamoura is about a half-hour drive from Faro Airport, easily reached through the roads N125 or the A22 motorway. However, the best way to get to Vilamoura Beach is to walk from the marina. This is also a convenient way to avoid the problem of lack of parking during summer. 

Parking – There is a small parking lot next to the beach, so it is best that you arrive at the beach early in the day in order to find a parking space. 

Access – There are two accesses to the beach with a wooden walkway  

Lifeguards – Yes, during summer 

Tips – Because it is located very close to Vilamoura, the beach is usually crowded during summer. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive early at the beach to find the best spot. 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes 

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes  

Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Panoramic View 21
Vilamoura Marina


In the area –  Vilamoura has a plethora of bars and restaurants. Many of the bars and restaurants can be found in Vilamoura Marina which is just a few minutes walking distance from the beach. The Marina of Vilamoura is a great place to stroll around during the afternoon after a day at the beach. In addition to the shops, several bars and restaurants offer live music or karaoke. Also close to Vilamoura Beach is the Vilamoura Casino, with more than 500 betting machines, game rooms and tables for games such as Blackjack, Roulette or Poker and also offers casino shows. 

Good for – relaxing!


Falesia Beach (Praia da Falésia) 

Praia da Falésia, with its huge sandy beach, is the best known beach in the Algarve. Named because of the imposing cliffs that protect the beach from wild northern winds, the beach has a unique beauty. Extending along Vilamoura and the area of Quarteira, it is common for the beach to be busy during the summer months. Its popularity comes from being one of the safest beaches in the Algarve, with a weak swell and a tide which allows you to paddle out quite far before the water gets deeper.


Praia Da Falésia
Falésia Beach

How to get there? – Getting to Falésia Beach by car is certainly best option. Because of its gigantic size, Praia da Falésia has several entrances, which can be reached from Quarteira, Vilamoura or Olhos D’Água.  

Parking – There is car parking available near the accesses to the beach, but be aware that because of its huge popularity it may still be difficult to find a parking space. 

Access – There are several accesses to the beach, plus a number of wooden pathways. 

Lifeguards – Yes, during summer 

Tips – This is a very popular beach for young adults. If you are looking to spend a beach day with nothing but the sound of waves keeping you company, this may not be the best beach for you. 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes 

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes

In the area – There are several bars and restaurants in the area. The best known bar is the NoSoloÁgua Vilamoura because of the sunsets that it usually organizes on Thursdays during the months of July and August. These fun parties attract crowds looking to enjoy the ending of a summer afternoon while listening to the most popular hit songs. 

Good for – spending a day among friends


Nosolo Vilamoura
NoSoloÁgua Vilamoura, photo by Evasões


Quarteira Beach (Praia de Quarteira) 

Praia de Quarteira is a true paradise on Earth. The sand is white and thin and the blue of the sea makes us lose ourselves in a labyrinth of deep serenity. The beach begins where the city of Quarteira ends and the city buildings surround the premises of the beach. Spend a day at Quarteira Beach to enjoy a quiet day where time slows down and all you have to do is to enjoy the present moment.  


Quarteira beach

How to get there? – To get to the beach we recommend that you take the N125 or the A22. We also advise you to try parking your car somewhere in the town and walk the rest of the way on foot, given the proximity between the beach and Quarteira.  

Parking – There is a car park.  

Access – There are several accesses built along the beach. Praia de Quarteira also has a footbridge that connects Quarteira to Vilamoura. The footbridge, built along the sand, offers a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is very pleasant to stroll along the footbridge with family or friends early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  

Lifeguards – Yes, during summer.  

Tips – Take a good book with you and enjoy a morning spent in a sunbed hearing the waves bursting and reading  

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes.  

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes.  

In the area – Given the proximity to the city, the area of ​​Praia de Quarteira has numerous bars, restaurants and shops. Many of the restaurants are typical Portuguese restaurants with delicious food at incredibly cheap prices.  

Good for – Relaxing in peace and quietness away from the crowds of tourists 


Almargem Beach (Praia do Almargem)  

Almargem Beach is known because of its vast golden sand and the lagoon that precedes the sea and where children can have fun catching small fish or shrimps. Normally deserted during winter, Praia do Almargem is a breath of fresh air when the Algarve is at its busiest. 

Praia Almargem Quarteira
Almargem beach, photo by Travel In Portugal

How to get there? – About 3 kilometers away from the city of Quarteira and situated near Fonte Santa, the best way to get to Almargem Beach is by car. If you are driving from other areas of the Algarve, we suggest that you take the N125 or the A22.  

Parking – Yes.  

Access – There are several walkways that cover a large stretch of the beach.  

Lifeguards – Yes, during summer.  

Tips – Take a ball or rackets with you to the beach and enjoy playing with your friends  

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes  

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes  


In the area – At Almargem Beach there is a restaurant called BJ’s Oceanside. This is a restaurant specialized in serving freshly caught fish. Aside from BJ’s Oceanside, there is not much around Almargem Beach. However, as I mentioned above, about 3 kilometers away is the city of Quarteira, where you will find several restaurants, bars and shops.  

Good for –  A day spent among family and friends

Bj's Oceanside
BJ’s Oceanside, photo by TripAdvisor


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