Lagos is one of the most beautiful cities in the Algarve. Peaceful, cheerful and with a constant fresh breeze that smells of the sea. Lagos has the ability to charm us with its imperturbable tranquillity. But it is its rocky coastline and magical caves that catch our eye. The Algarve coast in the Lagos area is an authentic prodigy of nature and its beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. In this guide you can find out more about the best beaches in the area. 

Map of Beaches


Dona Ana Beach (Praia Dona Ana) 

The beautiful rock formations of Dona Ana Beach form an incredibly privileged setting as there are no words to describe the colossal beauty of the landscape. The beach owes its name to the nun Ana, who lived in the nunnery of Lagos. During World War I, soldiers invaded the convent and murdered all the nuns, except D. Ana, who fled through a tunnel that linked the convent to the beach. In 2013 the Spanish magazine Condé Nast Traveler considered Dona Ana’s Beach to be the best beach in the world and the most beautiful beach in Portugal, an opinion shared by TripAdvisor in 2015.  

How to get there? – Dona Ana Beach is a 10-minute drive from Lagos Marina. To get there, first follow the EM534 street and then take the N125. Exit N125 to Rua Professor Luís de Albuquerque, past Estrada da Ponta da Piedade and turn left towards Alameda Dr. Armando Soares Ribeiro. At the end of the street you will arrive at Praia Dona Ana. 

Parking – Yes 

Access – There are stairs which lead to the beach 

Lifeguard – Yes, during summer 

Tips – Take a lilo or other inflatable and have fun relaxing with it on the ocean 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes 

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes  

In the area – There is a restaurant called Marisol. The restaurant serves seafood and salads. The menu resonates with a fresh quality that helps to keep out the summer heat. Marisol is a great restaurant that will help you forget any worries you may have.  

Good for – couples as it is a beach with a very romantic aspect.

Praia D. Ana
Praia D. Ana – Photo by Mala de Viagem

Meia Praia  

With extremely thin white sand, Lagos’ most popular beach is often the favourite destination of families with small children. It is one of the longest beaches in the Algarve, with an area stretching for 5 kilometres between Lagos Marina and Ria de Alvor. Check out below our useful information about Meia Praia. 

How to get there? – Meia Praia is about 3 kilometres from Lagos Marina. We suggest that you travel by car to the beach. Start by following the Passeio dos Descobrimentos, continue until Rua Teixeira da Mota and at the roundabout take the first exit to the EM534. Continue on street EM534 until you see the beach. 

Parking – Yes 

Access – There are pathways leading to the beach 

Lifeguard – Yes, during summer 

Tips – The beach’s size makes it ideal to play beach soccer with your friends 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes 

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes  

In the area – There are a few restaurants and bars in the area, such as Quim Bar, Palamares Beach Club or Restaurante Jardim. The main advantage of these restaurants comes from its proximity to the beach, which makes it possible to have lunch or dinner with a breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Good for – Aquatic sports and families

Meia Praia
Meia Praia – Photo by Engel and Volkers


Praia da Luz  

Located in front of the fishing village of Luz, Praia da Luz is a small and discreet beach ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. This is a beach known because of the small rock pools that exist between the rocks. These pools are ideal for children to play safely or to catch crabs and other sealife. 

How to get there? – A 15-minute drive from Lagos Marina, you should follow the N125 to get to Praia da Luz. 

Parking – Yes 

Access – There are accesses to the beach 

Lifeguard – Yes, during summer 

Tips – Take a kite and have fun flying it around 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes 

Are there showers and toilets? – No  

In the area – There are restaurants in the area. Many of them, such as Retiro do Marujo, specialize in fish dishes. There are also pizzerias like Brodie’s Steakhouse & Pizzeria, but our recommendation is to try a typical Portuguese restaurant where the fish served was fished that morning. 

Good for – Those looking to escape summer crowds 

Praia Da Luz
Praia Da Luz – Photo by Catarina Miranda


Student’s Beach (Praia dos Estudantes) 

Students’ Beach presents a perfect combination between a translucent sea and some yellow and orange rocks that grow in bizarre formations. The beach is visited by photographers from all over the world, who come in searching for the wild beauty of the rock formations of Lagos. It is also here that you can find the famous bridge that joins two of the most imposing cliffs of Lagos. 

How to get there? – To get to Students’ Beach from Lagos Marina, follow the signs to the Passeio dos Descobrimentos, take the EM534 and continue on the N125. The journey takes between 5 to 10 minutes. 

Parking – Yes  

Access – There are stairs leading to the beach 

Lifeguard – No 

Tips – Take the occasion to rent a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) or a canoe 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – No 

Are there showers and toilets? – No  

In the area – There are no bars or restaurants at the beach, but there are plenty at the city of Lagos, which is very close to Student’s Beach 

Good for – Photography lovers

Praia Dos Estudantes
Praia Dos Estudantes – Photo from Trover


Batata Beach (Praia da Batata) 

Batata Beach is just a few meters away from the historic centre of Lagos. Being small, but with a calm and brilliant blue sea, the beach is the perfect destination for the inhabitants of the city who leave work at the end of the day and yearn for a quick dip in the Atlantic Ocean. The rock formations that decorate Batata Beach allow access to caves or to the Students’ Beach. 

How to get there? – If you are in the historic center of Lagos, all you have to do is walk towards the sea until you see the beach. 

Parking – There is a parking with parking meter close to the beach 

Access – There is a wooden pedestrian access 

Lifeguard – Yes, during summer 

Tips – Batata Beach is known as one of the best locations in the entire Algarve for kayaking. The extremely calm undulations and the extraordinary beauty of the surroundings make the place ideal for paddling a kayak. You can find out more about kayaking in Lagos here. 

Are there sunbeds for hire – Yes 

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes 

In the area – Since Batata Beach is very close to the historic centre of Lagos, there are several tourist attractions in the area (including historical monuments such as the Fort of Ponta da Bandeira). There are also numerous restaurants and bars, such as Mar, O Alcaide or Restaurante Ala do Castelo. 

Good for – Kayaking. In addition to the famous kayak tours, Batata Beach is known for its sailing school, so we recommend you try this fun sport there. 

 Praia Da BatataPraia Da Batata – Photo by Trekearth



Camilo’s Beach (Praia do Camilo) 

Camilo’s Beach is one of the most breath-taking beaches in all of Europe. When we first see the beauty of its rock formations, the turquoise of the sea and the whiteness of its sands, we are assailed by an explosion of colours. Praia do Camilo is also known for featuring frequently in postcards about the Algarve. 

How to get there? – To get to Camilo’s Beach from Lagos Marina, we recommend the use of a car. Follow the EM534 until you reach Avenida da República. From there, you will have to take the N125 until you reach Rua Professor Luís de Albuquerque, from which you will arrive at Camilo’s Beach. 

Parking – Yes 

Access – Stairs allow access to the beach 

Lifeguards – Yes, during the summer 

Tips – Take a good book to the beach and enjoy a relaxing day spent between the best of the real world and the fictional world 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes 

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes 

In the area – The Camilo restaurant, located at Camilo’s Beach, offers a magnificent view of the Algarve coast and a divine meal. Fresh fish and other types of seafood caught early in the morning and the tranquillity of the place will surely enchant you. 

Good for – Enjoying a quiet day listening to the waves bursting. 

Camilo Beach In Lagos, Portugal
Camilo Beach In Lagos – Photo by Algarve Real Estate


Balança’s Beach (Praia da Balança) 

Balança’s Beach is relatively unknown due to its difficult access. However, it is a beach with a unique beauty in the region, being situated in the vicinity of Ponta da Piedade. The imposing cliffs that escort you from the look of tourists make the beach sheltered, providing the perfect getaway for a romantic couple looking for peace and quiet.  

How to get there? – About 6 kilometers away from Lagos Marina, we recommend that you use the car to get there. Start by following the EM534 towards the N125. Once on the N125 you have to pay attention to signs with “Praia” written on them. After the N125, follow Rua Professor Luís de Albuquerque and then Estrada da Piedade towards EM536 until you reach the beach.  

Parking – Yes, in the area of ​​Ponta da Piedade (about 200 meters)  

Access – There are not many accesses to this beach, and those that exist are rudimentary and force you to hike along difficult paths  

Lifeguard – No  

Tips – Take food and water with you, since there are no bars or restaurants on the beach  

Are there sunbeds for hire? – No  

Are there showers and toilets? – No  

In the area – There are no restaurants or bars in the area.  

Good for – A romantic getaway. 

Praia Da Balança 4

Praia Da Balança – Photo from Quinta das Alagoas


Barranco do Martinho’s Beach (Praia do Barranco do Martinho) 

Hidden by hills and rock formations, Barranco do Martinho’s Beach is another of Lagos’ beaches that escapes the radar of tourist hordes. Its calm waters create the illusion that you are facing a lagoon. The sand is of a virgin whiteness that gives us the impression of being the first to step on it. 

How to get there? Barranco do Martinho’s Beach is located near the Ponta da Piedade area. To get there from Lagos Marina, it is necessary to cross the EM534, take the N125 and follow Rua Raul Brandão until you see the beach. 

Parking – Yes 

Access – Yes 

Lifeguard – No 

Tips – Take food and water with you, as there are no shops or bars nearby 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – No 

Are there showers and toilets? – No 

In the area – There are no bars or restaurants at Barranco do Martinho’s Beach. However, the beach is about a 10 minute drive from the city of Lagos, where you can find shops, restaurants and supermarkets. 

Good for – Barranco do Martinho’s Beach is the ideal beach for a day spent among friends 

Praia Do Barranco
Praia Do Barranco – Photo by Trover

Porto de Mós Beach (Praia de Porto de Mós) 

The beach of Porto de Mós is bathed by a sea of ​​green waters and escorted by imposing cliffs. The beach stretches along a long tongue of golden sand. If you walk towards west, you will arrive at the Atalaia viewpoint from where you will have a panoramic view of the Algarve coast. Porto de Mós Beach is also known for the miraculous properties of its mud, which is used to make mud masks. 

How to get there? – Exit Lagos Marina and take the EM534 until you reach Avenida da República. You will then have to take Avenida Paul Harris and then take the EM1263, which will take you to Porto de Mós Beach. 

Parking – Yes 

Access – There is a boardwalk that allows access to the beach. 

Lifeguard – Yes, during summer 

Tips – Take a kite to the beach and have fun flying it around, and don’t forget to make your own mud mask! 

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes 

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes 

In the area – With an esplanade facing the beach, the restaurant O António is the most popular establishment in the area. Their salads are simply divine, but there’s nothing like enjoying a cold beer in the late afternoon while watching the sunset. 

Good for – Those looking to enjoy a beach day away from the tourist crowds. 

Porto De Mós
Praia de Porto De Mós – Photo from Vortex Magazine


Pinhão’s Beach (Praia do Pinhão)  

The small Pinhão’s Beach is hidden by the rock formations that surround it. There are no facilities at the beach, which remains virgin and untouched by the human hand, making us feel completely immersed in nature. The water is of an impressive transparency.  

How to get there? – Exit Lagos Marina and take the EM534 towards Avenida dos Descobrimentos. Take the N125 and head for Rua José Formosinho. At the end of the street you will find Pinhão’s Beach. Another way to get to the beach is by hiking the trail leading from Dona Ana’s Beach.  

Parking – Yes  

Access – There is a staircase that allows access to the beach  

Lifeguard – Yes, during summer  

Tips – Take lunch with you, since there is no place you can buy it at the beach  

Are there sunbeds for hire? – No  

Are there showers and toilets? – No  

In the area – There are not any shops, bars or restaurants in the area 

Good for – Trying out Stand Up Paddle (SUP). 

Praia do Pinhão
Praia do Pinhão – Photo from Algarve Tourism


Canavial’s Beach (Praia do Canavial)  

Canavial’s Beach is a small tongue of sand that exists after Porto de Mós Beach. The normally deserted beach is ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway.  

How to get there? – You can walk from Porto de Mós Beach. Another option is to drive by EM534 from Lagos Marina, exit at Avenida da República and enter Rua Aparício Augusto da Silva Palma.  

Parking – No  

Access – Access to the beach is through a pedestrian path that runs along the top of the cliffs. The winding and narrow path to the beach descends on steps carved on the cliffs.  

Lifeguard – No  

Tips – We recommend that you take everything you need with you, given the lack of facilities in the vicinity. We also recommend taking at least one charged mobile phone for possible emergencies.  

Are there sunbeds for hire? – No  

Are there showers and toilets? – No  

In the area – There are not any shops, bars or restaurants in the area  

Good for – A beach day spent with your romantic partner.

Praia Do Canavial
Praia Do Canavial – Photo from Vortex Magazine
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