It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you are interested in or what your budget it because Seville has something to offer everyone.
There are so many things to do in Seville it can be hard to pick out the top Seville attractions to try first so we have put together a list of the top 10 things to do in Seville and have tried to include a mixture of attractions for families, couples, children and for all budgets.
If you are looking for some of the best things to do in Seville then why not start with our top 10!

1. Plaza de Espanha

The Plaza de Espanha is one of the top things to do in Seville and it certainly is an impressive sight.
The semi circle plaza is a perfect example of the architecture found in the region but of course on a much larger than usual scale with the 200 metres of beautiful building dominating this area of Seville.
In the centre of the Plaza there is an enormous fountain, a perfect spot for some pictures and you can even hop on a little boat to take you around the moat in style as you pass under the ornate bridges.
This is a great location for fans of architecture, history or anyone simply looking for a beautiful place for an evening stroll.

Spain Plaza

2. Seville Aquarium

Discover the secrets of the deep with a visit to the Seville Aquarium, a perfect place to spend the day and great for children.
The Seville Aquarium opened in 2014 and the modern and well designed attraction is home to more than 400 species of marine life and creatures with more than 7,000 housed in the aquarium. Learn all about conservation, marine life and much more while being able to get up close to fresh and salt water species as you tour around the 35 different tanks.
For something extra special, get together with friends and family to sleep with the sharks at the aquarium – an unforgettable experience.

Whale at Seville Aquarium
Seville Aquarium.

3. Isla Magica

A great one for families, it is hard to believe sometimes that there is a full sized theme park right in the centre of this historical city.
The amusement park is located on the original ’92 Expo site by the river, just north west from the main city centre and is easy to get to and open from mid April until the start of November.
The theme of the park is based around the adventures of 16th century Spanish colonials and there is a good choice of white knuckle rides and amusements for younger children.
The park is also open during the evening in the summer months and is a chance to see some one of the multimedia lake shows which all ages will enjoy.

I Magica
Isla Magica.

4. Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral is enormous and stands at a huge 42 metres high, making it the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and gaining it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
While the cathedral itself is worth a visit on its own merit thanks to the amazing architecture and history of the building, lots of people choose to pay a special visit to Seville Cathedral because it is home to the remains of the explorer Christopher Columbus, who died in poverty in 1892.
The cathedral is open all through the year and every day of the week and while you are there it is well worth the time and the energy to climb to the top of the Giralda to take in the unforgettable views of the city from this exceptional vantage point.

The Gothic Cathedral of Seville – Puerta de Asuncion. Photo by Michelle Chaplow

5. Real Alcazar Seville

​The Real Alcazar Seville is the royal palace of the city and dates back all the way to the 1360s by Moorish workmen for the Christian King, Pedro the Cruel of Castile.
Over the years the palace has seen many changes sue to rebuilds, fires and extensions but the essence of the palace remains and you can see the different sections clearly with areas of Moorish, Gothic, Mudejar and Renaissance all in the single palace.
Today it is one of the top things to do in Seville and is set to become even more popular in the future as it was used as a location for filming the cult hit television show Game of Thrones with scenes featuring the palace being shown in seasons five and six.

Detail of Arch in Real Alcázar Seville
Detail of Arch in Real Alcázar in Seville.

6. Aqua Magica

Seville may be some distance from the sea but don’t worry you can still have your very own beach experience in the heart of the city thanks to the recently opened Agua Magica.
Agua Magica is one of the top things to do in Seville for families with the water park being integrated into the main Isla Magica theme park but offering a separate area for water park fans keen to cool off from the Seville summer heat.
The water park has a whole host of rides to appeal to adrenalin junkies and to young visitors who are more than happy to splash about in the wave pool or to play on the man-made beach.

The slides of the Agua Magica water park in Isla Magica
Agua Magica in Seville.

7. Enjoy local tapas

You can’t pay a visit to Seville without sampling some of the famous tapas food on offer and it doesn’t matter what your budget is, you are sure to be able to find a restaurant serving up fantastic food and wine at very reasonable prices.
It is always a good idea to look for a place that has locals eating there but remember that in Seville they don’t go out until late – so enjoy a siesta and plan to get to your table for around 10pm to begin your meal!
If there are a few of you then you have the chance to sample a number of plates of different tapas, including breads, cheeses, sausage, potatoes, sea food and a variety of different meats. Portion sizes can vary depending on the restaurant so order a few to begin with as you can always ask for more later.

Tapas in Seville
Tapas in Seville

8. A flamenco show

Flamenco is an iconic part of the culture of Seville and while you are in the city it is a great opportunity to watch a traditional Flamenco show with live dancers and musicians.
There is a great choice of venues to pick from for anyone wanting to watch a show with locations across the city.
Depending on your budget and what you are looking for you can choose a show to suit you, wither with or without food.

El Palacio Andaluz Sevilla
Flamenco show in El Palacio Andaluz Sevilla.

9. Horse and carriage ride

​Seville is known for the horses and carriages and if you want a relaxing ride through the historical part of the city this is a great way to do it – although it is not really a tour as the guides simply point out various attractions and it is a good idea to take a tour guide book with you if you want to know more!
You can find the horses and carriages lined up in the Plaza del Triunfo and around the cathedral area of the city and if you want to hire one you simply approach the driver who will give you a price for the ride which usually lasts about 40 minutes.
The carriages can take up to four people and this is an especially lovely activity if you are looking for something romantic while in Seville.


Carriage in Plaza de Espana





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