Lagos is a gorgeous city, whose charm also persists at night. Read this article to find out our suggestions of the best activities to do at night in Lagos. 


Lagos PraiaLagos Beach Photo by Nós na Trip

Lagos Marina  

The beautiful Marina of Lagos is the first thing you see when you arrive to Lagos by train. With its turquoise sea and large sailboats that populate our imagination with voyages across the seven seas, Lagos Marina enchants us with its beauty and leaves us with a smile on our lips. Lagos Marina is the ideal place for an evening stroll. The amount of restaurants, shops, cafes and ice-cream parlours available ensures that all members of the family will find something they like. 

Lagos marina
Lagos Marina


Sunset Boat Trip 

What better way to end the day than with a boat ride at sunset? Boats depart from Lagos Marina and glide along the current while giving you a unique opportunity to see the sun disappear on the horizon. Several types of boat trips are available and some offer drinks, dinner, music and lots of fun.

Wine tasting during the Lagos Sunset Cruise
Sunset Boat Trip

Private Yacht  

Another great option to unwind during the night, in Lagos, is to rent a private yacht and head to the sea with family and friends for a spectacular trip. Enjoy the sound of the waves at bedtime, in a peacefulness that can hardly be found elsewhere than at sea.  

Iate privado - Vilamoura
Private Yacht

Strolling around downtown Lagos  

Lagos is full of monuments that evoke the glorious history of the city. But apart from the statues and churches, which take on new contours with artificial night lights, the streets paved with Portuguese sidewalks are a must-see landmark of the city. Downtown Lagos is also home to a number of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes where there is always a good atmosphere, making it the ideal place to unwind after a busy day.  

Lagos Downtown

Downtown Lagos – Photo by No Particular place to go


Lagos is known for its bars full of surfers and travellers. The reputation for being a quiet city attracts a lot of people looking to have fun in a relaxed setting. Sites such as MJ Bar, The Star, Legends Bar, The Lionheart or Three Monkeys Bar are some of the places of choice for those looking for the best of Lagos’ nightlife.  

Lagos Nightlife – Photo by Mapio


For those looking for a quiet night that does not require much walking, the cinema is always a good option. Watch the Hollywood movies of the moment at Lagoshopping and enjoy its special effects and soundtrack.  

Night stroll by the sea  

One of the favourite activities for couples is to stroll along the beach, on the seashore, at night. The lights of the city, or the moon, illuminate the beach and create the perfect conditions for a romantic stroll. The beauty of Lagos’ beaches along with the charm of the Atlantic Ocean make the night walk an unforgettable experience. Best beaches for a late stroll are Meia Praia, Praia Dona Ana or Praia do Canavial. 

Praia D. Ana
D. Ana Beach – Photo by VAP Real Estate 

Mini train 

In the summer months, between July and September, Lagos’ mini train provides tours around the city and the coast until 10 pm. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the beautiful area of ​​Lagos, as well as some of the most emblematic beaches of the Algarve coast. 

Mini Train Lagos
Mini Train of Lagos

Crazy golf at the pro putting green 

A spectacular 18-hole circuit awaits you at Lagos’ pro putting garden. This is a great place for groups of friends and families.

Pro Putting Garden Golf

Pro Putting Garden Golf

Sunset Jeep Safari 

One of the most fun activities to do in the Algarve is a sunset jeep safari. The safari will take on a tour through the coast and to the countryside of the Algarve. In order to see the sunset, the guide will take you to some of the most beautiful natural sights of the region. The jeep safari includes pick-ups from most areas in Lagos.

Sunset Jeep Tour in Sagres
Sunset Jeep Safari 

Bars and Nightclubs 

Lagos has a thriving night life. Bars with live music or karaoke and the Swinger Club nightclub liven up Lagos nightlife. Unlike other areas of the Algarve, Lagos retains an aura of tranquility and happiness that lingers all night long. Filled with tourists from all over the world, Lagos becomes a cosmopolitan city and it is extremely fun to go out at night because you never know who you are going to meet next.

Duna Beach Night Poolside Lagos
Duna Beach Night Poolside in Lagos. Photo by Portugal Confidencial.

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