The cities that have a marina are special places. There is a mystique that surrounds the boats, the water, the sound of seagulls and all the buzz around the area.

Marinas are places that attract a lot of visitors, not only because of the environment but also because they offer a lot of entertainment, places to eat and happy people to stroll.

The Algarve has several Marinas. Come meet them!

Lagos Marina

Lagos Marina boats and yachts
Lagos Marina

Lagos Marina has been distinguished with several awards and it is due to the safety of its facilities and in the quality of their hosting, that it maintains its good name.

Located in Lagos, the port city that launched several expeditions during the Portuguese Expedition era, it sits along the margin of Bensafrim river. There are beautiful Portuguese sidewalks in the old town, squares and picturesque churches surrounded by 16th-century walls.

With a huge variety of things to do close by, from water sports, boat tours and horse riding, excellent restaurants and a busy nightlife, it is not surprising that all ages are attracted to this place.

The marina has 462 mooring places, ensures surveillance and 24h medical assistance.

Next to the marina, there is a shipyard with a crane that allows up to 36 tones. In the nautical support buildings, you can find the laundromat and changing rooms, several shops, a mini market, a bank, restaurants, tobacconist, etc..


How to get to Lagos Marina?

If you are driving your own car, you can find the marina on your GPS at 37.107905, -8.673955 and park in the surrounding area, i.e. by the train station, as you will not be able to drive into the marina with your car.

From anywhere in the Algarve, you can get a taxi or a train here as the train station is right behind the marina and you can walk there in 4 minutes.

There are also buses but their schedules are limited in the winter. You can find information here:  The name of the company that ensures road transport between cities is EVA.


The best about this Marina is:

  • The possibility to board the tours that tour Ponta da Piedade and beautiful cliff beaches
  • The proximity to a local typical market of regional products and the historic area in Lagos
  • The interesting movable bridge that rises for the passage of boats with taller masts
  • Nightlife and variety of restaurants and cafes
  • Playground just a few metres away


Pro Tip:

Visit the marina at sunset when the orange sun rays reach the white hulls of the boats and the atmosphere becomes so much more comforting. Especially in the summer, when the intense heat lowers.

It is the best time to enjoy an ice cream!


Where to eat

There is a wide range of restaurants and bars serving delicious food around Lagos Marina.

Most restaurants serve fresh, typical food, but there is also international food for all tastes.

If you are looking for a great space with high quality food, there’s Artesão restaurant.All dishes are prepared with gastronomic rigor and with a very nice presentation. The service is informal of excellent quality, attentive, polite and very quick to serve.

If you are looking for a bar with food to rest at the end of the day, the option is Lazy Bar. Fantastic place to have a beer and admire the Lagos Marina. Nice atmosphere with live music and typical English menu. It’s worth visiting.


Where to drink

Many visitors say that the best bars in Lagos are in the Marina.

At Quay Lagos you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Marina or the Marina Bar with a terrace for hot summer days. They are both good choices.


Fun Things to do with Kids in Lagos Marina

If there’s one thing kids like to do is eat ice cream! At Lagos Marina you can eat ice cream in various ice cream parlors or cafes.

Zany Babysitting, cafe, playground & kids club. A stimulating, safe and fun space for children of all ages. It has activities that propitiate its development. Curiosity. Imagination. Social skills. Available from an hour to a full day.

The Art Academy is a place where there are painting classes, music and permanent exhibitions. Have a close look!


Boat trips from Marina de Lagos

After visiting the Marina, we bet you will feel like jumping into a boat and taking a ride!

It’s a great experience that you can enjoy on your vacation. From visiting the interior of the caves by boat, strolling slowly along the coast and having lunch on board or sailing on a spectacular catamaran for 4 hours.

These are days you will never forget!

Portimão Marina

Portimao Marina small RIB
Portimao Marina

Surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe,  Portimão Marina has assumed a leading position as the preferred Portuguese Mega yachts destination for boats of up to 50m.

Thus, you will find the biggest boats in this marina!

Located in Rio Arade’s estuary, it extends for 25ha and his surrounded by the Santa Catarina and the S. João do Arade forts and by its magnificent support facilities. This marina’s water is deep in any tide, has wide entrance and manoeuvering space, sheltered from prevailing winds. Hence it has movement throughout the day.

Placed in a luxury condominium with an exclusive beach, several restaurants, shops, bars and a magnificent ocean pool.

This marina holds several international competitions and hosts many teams that come here to practise for the competitions.

Portimão is the second most populated city in the Algarve. Most visitors only pass through the city on their way to Praia da Rocha, where all the action takes place.

But Portimão has a long boardwalk by the sea, an excellent museum of an old fish canning factory, you can take a boat tour of Rio Arade or take a parachute jump from Alvor aerodrome. Activities abound!


How to get to Portimão?

If you are driving your own car you can find this marina at 37.121603, -8.526495. Portimao Marina has open air and covered private parking.

You can reach this marina from anywhere in the Algarve by taxi.

You can take a train from any other location  but the Marina is 4km away from the train station, or a 15 minute drive.

If you decide to walk from the station you will walk through the historical centre and may as well see the main church or Largo da Mó.

There are also buses, but their timetables are limited during the winter. You can get information about timetables, stops and prices here:


The best about this marina is:

  • Proximity to Nosolo Agua where the summer parties take place
  • Proximity to the Casino, 5 minutes away
  • The architectural surroundings, with warm coloured buildings contrasting with the sea and typically white boats
  • The relaxed atmosphere
  • The panoramic view of Ferragudo
  • Nice staff


Pro Tip:

Walk the beach from Praia da Rocha to Portimão’s Marina and enjoy a long lunch. Even in the winter, it is a very relaxing activity.


Where to eat

There is a lot of nice options, but the most famous in this Marina is the Aqua Lounge Restaurante & Bar – Tivoli Marina Portimão.It’s an elegant lounge almost touching the water.

It has a great location, quiet and extremely beautiful view of the marina, the Arade river and the sea. Well cooked food and excellent service.


Where to drink

One of the best places to have a drink at Portimão Marina is NosoloÁgua Praia. This sea-facing bar is a place of extreme beauty, along with a relaxing décor and relaxing ambience with Balinese statues and white chairs.

If you’re looking for a simpler place to have a drink, there’s the Waterfront or Patisserie, both with a terrace.


Fun Things to do with Kids in Portimão Marina

This Marina has a beautiful beach right next door, so a fun activity to do with the kids is to start the day with a stroll to see the boats, their movement in and out slowly.

Then you can have lunch at Pizza Hut inside the Marina and go for a swim on the beach. Don’t forget to bring the sun protector and all the kids toys!

Your children will want to go on a boat. Believe us. And you can go on a fantastic Pirate Boat !! A real one, wooden, sailing, very spacious and worthy of an adventure movie. Book now: Santa Bernarda Pirate Ship. This tour is available from the Zona Ribeirinha, 5 minutes from Portimão Marina.

Being in the Marina, they just have to cross the road and they are in Santa Catarina Fortress, a historic place that kids like to visit.


Boat trips from Portimão Marina or nearby

The Riverside is 5 minutes from the Marina and here you can also choose a very special excursion: a tour  on the Ophelia catamaran with barbecue on a beach, after visiting the inside of the caves, including Benagil!

Departing from the villages around there’s also some amazing boat experiences you can’t miss, such as this boat tour that includes snorkeling and kayak in the Algarvian clear waters, from Ferragudo until Areias de São João.

What about a Marine Wildlife Tour? This trip is part of an environmental education program that includes a video of the trip that is offered to passengers after the tour. Includes 3 hours of pure fun always with one marine biologist on board.

If you are visiting Portimão or Alvor, you can’t miss the historical city of Lagos. You don’t need a car, take the Lagos Day Cruise and experience 2 trips in 1. The boat leaves Alvor in the morning and sails to Lagos, stop in the beautiful caves. After that, passengers have 4h30 to explore the town, before returning to Alvor sailing again.

You’re looking for big time fun tour, especially if you have teens traveling with you, book a Fun in the Sun Cruise Alvor which includes sailing in a beautiful traditional Portuguese boat, organized activities like fishing, snorkeling (all equipment included) and beachcombing along the estuary of Alvor and enjoying the day out.

Albufeira Marina

Builidings near Albufeira Marina
Builidings near Albufeira Marina

Once a fishing town, Albufeira gained its notoriety due to its red and golden sanded beaches. Nowadays it is dedicated to tourism, namely all inclusive travellers or party seekers.

The fishing boats are now anchored in the modern marina south-west from the centre, the old town is where the year round nightlife takes place.

Albufeira has good transport connections to charming beaches such as Praia da Galé. There are lots of activities, a relaxed environment and a scent of sunscreen and grilled sardines in the air.

Albufeira’s marina is a modern and colourful space, has good nautical support facilities but unlike the other one, it is remote from the bustle.  Although it has an aparthotel, villas, a tourist village and 33 thousand meters of shops, restaurants and bars, it is still a quiet place where visitors enjoy their days.


How to get to Albufeira Marina?

If you drive your own car, you can find Albufeira Marina at 37.084718, -8.265894. Albufeira Marina has parking on adjacent streets.

You can get here from anywhere in the Algarve by taxi.

You can take the train from somewhere else but the train station is 8km away or a 16 minute drive. The station is called Ferreiras and is an area outside the centre of Albufeira.

There are also buses. You can get information about timetables, stops and prices here:


The best of Albufeira Marina is:

  • Its privileged geographical position, due to being in the centre of the Algarve, exactly at the end of the connecting motorway to Lisbon, 40km away from Faro International Airport.
  • Being in the midst of a high quality tourist complex, with predominantly green spaces where only 29% of it is built on, including hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, swimming pools, apartments, villas and a fun and leisure centre
  • Being close to Albufeira’s busy nightlife yet remaining a quiet oasis
  • Its organization and good environment


Pro Tip:

Most boat tours leave from this marina. On the way back, don’t head back to the hotel immediately and stroll through the boats that rest there and enjoy an ice cream at Nosolo Italia.


Where to eat

In Albufeira Marina you can find some nice places to have a meal, relax and enjoy the fresh Algarvian tastes.

Look for the My Cafe, where you can have a light meal while staying outside, or the 4 Gate Cafe.

For international options there’s AGUA Y SAL Mexican Grill & Steak House and the Wine & Sushi.


Where to drink

After a boat tour or at the end of the day, drinking is always a good activity in the warm Algarve.

In this Marina, on the main street there’s Jacks Irish Pub or the Pipas Bar, both with national and international drinks available, good ambiance and sometimes live music at night.


Fun Things to do with Kids in Albufeira Marina

Albufeira Marina has some very funny activities for kids. There’s a Bowling & Leisure Centre, a Karting track (Hot Wheels), shops with many swimming pool/beach toys, several Ice Cream shops.

Many kids come to Albufeira Marina for skating, rollerblading or cycling. There’s a lot of space.

There’s also two basketball fields free for use.


Boat trips from here

Albufeira and nearby has a lot to explore by boat.

One of the most famous tour is the one that goes from Albufeira Marina until Carvoeiro Lighthouse, and includes an amazing visit to Benagil Caves and dolphin watch. It’s a combo you can’t miss!

If you would  like to visit the Coastline by boat in a relaxed way, with lots of spaces on board for that: stable top-deck, big salon where  you can stay seated or even laying down on a towel while the guide explains the trip until Benagil. May include a stop for a swim if the sea allows it.

Or go for the Albufeira Boat Party of your life! You only live once and you may think you will come to Algarve just once (that’s not gonna happen!), so go for a party with Dj, open bar, swim stop and the best sunset view.

Vilamoura Marina

Vilamoura Marina yachts
Vilamoura Marina

Vilamoura is a luxurious tourist complex with hotels, resorts, a casino, golf courses and gourmet restaurants.

Everything in Vilamoura transpires elegance and luxury. Its Marina is no different.

Vilamoura’s marina was the centre of development of this complex, the star of the region. As much for visitors as for its residents.

This is the biggest Marina in Portugal, with 1300 mooring posts, it is the main point of attraction, not only for those who arrive by boat but also to those who holiday close by and come over in the late afternoon or evening to enjoy an ice cream or dinner.

It is also a great place for shopping as it has a great variety of shops from local craft shops to the most renowned international shops.


How to get to Vilamoura Marina?

If you drive your own car, you can find this marina here:  37.077552, -8.117868. In the streets close to the marina, there is some parking with parking meters, but the best place to park your car is at Mcdonald’s parking lot. During the summer it is very hard to find a parking place as the marina is very popular for its restaurants.

You can reach this marina from anywhere in the Algarve by taxi.

There are several buses. You can get information about timetables, stops and prices here:


The best of this marina is:

  • It’s proximity to the beach. Vilamoura’s beach is mere metres away
  • It’s intense and lively nightlife with many live music bars and international drinks
  • Accessibility to so many sports: tennis, horse riding, sailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, boat touring, sport fishing, etc…
  • Great safety conditions and many amusements for a few dreamy days by the sea


Pro Tip:

Are you travelling with kids? There’s a space filled with children’s games/playground where the little ones can play while their parents relax. It is on the left next to the Irish bar, The Brewery.


Where to eat

We dare to say that Vilamoura Marina is the Marina with the most food offer in the Algarve. There are restaurants for all tastes and wallet sizes.

From the elegant and with fine food Akvit, passing by News Restaurant and Pizzeria, Thai Marina, Chinese Zu Yi, Prime Steakhouse, seafood restaurant O Marisco, ending up in the Mcdonalds.


Where to drink

There’s more than ten bars just around the Marina, not including the Casino or some of the most known  hotels bars.  All of them have many national and international beers and other drinks.

There’s three very famous places to drink around Vilamoura Marina: the Brewery, the Hole in One Pub – Sports Bar and the Parky’s Bar and Bistro.


Fun Things to do with Kids in Vilamoura Marina

In Vilamoura Marina you can take the kids and for sure they will not get bored.

Take them to Photo Art Exposition, from National Geographic, they will love the photos and the movies from various species of our planet.

Next to the News Restaurant, on the right hand side, there’s a playing room with machines that you put the coin and play many funny games. Guaranteed fun!

Family Golf Park, it has 2 mini-golf courses and a fresh food cafe.

Cerro da Vila, its a small archaeological site with ruins of a Roman village and a museum with artifacts.

And, off course, there’s alway many Ice Cream shops, and the amazing boats that used to be in this Marina.


Boat trips from here

From the Vilamoura Marina, the most iconic boats leave for tours to the main attractions of the Algarve.

Is Benagil Cave calling for you? The Ocean Quest, is a catamaran boat that will take there on a tour heading westwards to explore the beautiful caves and coastline all the way to the famous Benagil cave, but not missing the other amazing sights:  Nossa Senhora da Rocha Chapel,  Marinha Beach, Captains Cave, Submarine rock, Arch of Triumph and more.

Another catamaran boat can take on a tour to Benagil with a big BBQ at the beach. It’s a tasty idea for a happy vacation day. You can also do some kayaking and swimming. It’s a 7 hour duration tour and the value for money is very good. Bring all the family with you, the kids will love it.

If you are on vacation in Vilamoura or nearby you will be on the beach and see a fantastic blue sailboat with giant sails passing by several times, it’s the Condor Vilamoura. It will not go unnoticed. The best part is that it is not exclusive, you can take a 3 hour tour to Galé beach, visit the caves and stop for a swim. Will you have courage?

Faro Marina

Faro Marina
Faro Marina

Faro is the capital of the Algarve and the gateway to many tourists who arrive through Faro International Airport. It is not a tourist place but it is filled with attractions that are becoming known as this well kept secret Algarvian gets discovered as it is shared on social media around the world.

The marina is one of these attractions. This marina is located right in the downtown centre within walking distance to the old town, shopping streets, restaurants and gardens.

This marina is mainly for small fishing boats and small leisure boats of local residents. Its has two terraced cafes from which you can see the boats, listen to the seagulls and relax, with your feet almost in the water. It has a staircase with a mermaid’s statue that has amazing lighting at sunset.


How to get to Faro Marina

It is very easy!

Faro has a train station within a 5 minute walk from the marina, which is on the same street as the bus terminal.

If you chose to drive, its location is: 37.016127, -7.935680. All parking is paid for around Faro Marina. Find Largo de S.São Francisco, a giant free parking lot, a 10 minute walk away, with the added bonus that the walk back is by Ria Formosa and  the old town’s wall.


The best about this marina is:

  • Its location in the city centre and the possibility to visit other places at the same time
  • Its surrounding tranquillity and it’s grass area where many people come together to say goodbye to another day and welcome another night. During the summer there is live music.
  • Access to its nightlife
  • It can be viewed from above from the panoramic restaurant in Hotel Eva which is open to the public, which has a great breakfast buffet. Your pictures will be amazing!


Pro Tip:

Wait for sunset and walk around the marina on the right side. You will come across a pedestrian passage over the railway. Cross carefully. In front of you is a floating pontoon onto the sea where at this time, you will find locals instead of tourists, enjoying a drink at the end of the day, when everything is calmer.


Where to eat

Faro Marina is in the city center and has a lot to offer in the nearby streets. The Sete Pedras Restaurant offers typical Portuguese homemade food in a very welcoming space, 3 minutes walk from the Marina.

If you want a panoramic view of the Marina and the ocean, we recommend the restaurant at the top of the Hotel Eva.

On the street opposite (Avenida da República) you will find several simple restaurants where you can eat anything, such as Mcdonalds, The Woods or Fresh Mix.

In the historic area, 5 minutes from the Marina, there are other typical restaurants, such as Tertúlia Algarvia.


Where to drink

By the Marina you can have a drink at Eme Lounge or at the Nautic Bar.

At the top of Hotel Faro you have a nice bar famous by its cocktails from around the world: The Cosmopolitan Bar. It’s a good place to watch the sunset.


Fun Things to do with Kids in Faro Marina

In front of the Marina you will find gardens and space for children to run without danger.

In this garden there is a playground with a boat to play with.

Faro Marina does not only have places for children, but the surrounding area with boats, ice cream shops, pigeons walking, is enough to entertain any child.

There’s also the historical site, with museums and viewpoint on the cathedral bell.


Boat trips from Faro Marina

From faro Marina you can take ferry boats to all islands around and spend the day there.

But the most nice tours are: Leisurely tour to see the birds in Ria Formosa on a colorful traditional boat while enjoying the sunset with some delicious seafood while sipping on some champagne. Or the boat tour around the walls of the Old City in the shallow and clear water of Ria Formosa.

Olhão Marina

Olhão Marina several boats
Olhão Marina

Olhão Marina is the background at the entrance of the fishing village, Olhão. Those who visit cannot but be surprised about the number of small and medium boats, most of which of local fishermen, and the intense local hustle and bustle.

Olhão Marina is the arrival and departure point to fishermen but also to the boats to the paradisiac islands of the Ria Formosa.

Arrive early and enjoy the market. Besides fish, you can buy vegetables and fruit, typical regional products, clothes and other cheap products.


How to get to Olhão Marina?

By car, (GPS: 37.023687, -7.845312), be prepared that it will take a while to find a parking space if you visit in the summer mornings. Find the Hotel Real Marina in front of the marina, behind it there are several parking spaces. In Olhao’s narrow streets there are few parking spaces and most have parking meters.

You can also travel by train. The station is a 15 minute walk from the marina. Walk down Avenida da  República, by the main church and its typical streets.

Taxi is an option in the whole Algarve, as are buses, which between Faro and Olhao are quite frequent. If you cannot get a bus in Faro, we recommend you drive or take a tour.


The best about this marina is:

  • Its privileged location, with one of the most beautiful views of Ria Formosa
  • Its proximity to the Municipal Market
  • Restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlours
  • It has a playground


Pro TIp:

Olhao is known for its canning industry.  A great souvenir to take home are some of the most delicious canned goods in the world. Next to Olhao marina, there are several shops that sell canned goods at good prices, as the factories are just metres away.

Look out of Loja das Conservas Maná (37.024132, -7.837786).


Where to eat

Here it is another Marina with many options  of food.

The Marina is located in the heart of the city of Olhão, well known for its gastronomy. There are plenty of restaurants to cry for more.

Pitéu da Baixa Mar Restaurant is recommended for typical flavors of the region, with its deliciously mixed grilled meat and seafood dish.

Or, the Bote Restaurante which also serves freshly grilled fish and seafood.

There are also pizzerias, Indian or Chinese food, if that is your wish.


Where to drink

For a drink watching the Marina, the ZONA – Cocktail Lounge or Cais Club is recommended. Both offer coffees and snacks, but also national and international drinks.


Fun Things to do with Kids in Olhão Marina

Olhão Marina has a well-equipped playground with several benches where you can rest while the kids play.

There is an especially famous ice cream factory, Gelvi, which has been making ice cream by hand for decades.

You can visit the Bom Sucesso boat, a typical boat from this region parked in front of the market.

The Marina is next to the traditional market. Is there any funnier activity than taking children to one of these noisy markets? It has everything from fruits, clothes, vegetables to fish. Traders calling customers are sure to make the whole family laugh.


Boat trips from Olhão Marina

Surely you are fascinated by the islands that inhabit the Ria Formosa, its history and turquoise waters. A five and a half hour boat trip gives you ample time to be able to visit three of the different barrier islands, with stops on Armona, Culatra and Farol islands. This boat trip to The Islands And Beaches Of Ria Formosa is a must go.

The Algarve welcomes many couples of tourists who arrive attracted by romantic places of extreme natural beauty. From Olhão Marina there is a tour that you will not want to miss if you are in love:

Romantic Tour in the Islands of Ria Formosa. Enjoy the private sunset cruise on board a comfortable catamaran and create memories to treasure. Sail along the shallow waters of the Ria Formosa, for 2,5 hours including wine and strawberries with whipped cream.

Guadiana Marina (Vila Real de Santo António)

Vila Real de Santo António is a charming town on the easternmost side of the Algarve, on the Rio Guadiana.

The town has a peaceful atmosphere and not much international tourism, and a unique appearance that reminds you of Lisbon, with a central square with black and white striped floor of Portuguese pavement and Pombaline architecture.

This marina is different to all other Algarvian marinas and for that it should be visited: it is on the river and from it you can see Spain.

It only holds 360 boats, most are fishermen boats or regional tour boats that depart from there , 20 miles upriver offering pittoresque points of attraction such as Alcoutin on the Portuguese side and San Lucar del Guadiana on the Spanish margin.

Guadiana river landscape
Guadiana River

How to get to Guadiana Marina?

Faro and Seville airports are 50 and 150 km away, if you arrive by plane.

After which you will have to get a train to Vila Real de Santo António and from there to the marina it is a 14 minute walk. The train ride between Faro and Vila Real is about 1hour ten minutes.

You can check timetables here:

You can also reach vila Real easily by car, especially if you take the motorway A22. The GPS location is: 37.196631, -7.414095.

You can parque close to the marina in the parking which has parking meters.


The best about this marina is:

  • The ability to get on a boat and watch the dolphins that love this area of the river
  • Its proximity to Spain, where you can head over to enjoy paella and listen to a different language for a few hours
  • Being able to buy typically Portuguese tablecloths
  • Its proximity to Farol de Vila Real de Santo António. This lighthouse is one of the most visitable ones in the Algarve. From here you can see the sea, Gaudiana river, Vila Real de Santo António, Spain and its unique surrounding views, on a tour guided the lighthouse keeper. You can visit on Wednesdays 2pm-5pm, it is free.


Pro Tip:

Visit the Grand House Vila Real, an impressive Belle Epoque hotel, recently refurbished, coming to life and becoming the first 5 star hotel in the historical city of Vila Real de Santo António, the Grand Beach Club.

On the first day you will have the best view of the Marina and at the Beach club a great relaxing moment facing the sea on a rock pier, in a white background with an infinity pool. Unmissable!


Where to eat

Vila Real de Santo António is a small city but around the Marina you can taste typical portuguese flavours in the Caves Restaurant with beautiful decor, very good food, exceptional table service, with a friendly and singular attention.

Another one overviewing the Marina is the Sem Espinhas Restaurant serving good food, pleasant atmosphere and has a nice space for adults and children to spend a great time


Where to drink

Svitlana Caffe is a cafe with chairs outside, at a 2 minutes walking distance from de Marina.

Looking at the marina there is the Coração de Coral Café, with snacks and drinks.


Fun Things to do with Kids in Guadiana Marina

Take them on a walking stroll around the town, passing by Praça do Marquês de Pombal, the Marina pier where you take the boat to Spain, and from where you actually can see the city of Ayamonte in Spain on the other side of the river.

Pass by the lighthouse and finish at the Adventure Park, which is a place for fun by the nature with friendly monitors that offers a good experience for children. It has a simple and safe pulley system for the little ones, so no matter the age everybody will have fun.


Boat trips from Guadiana Marina

Enjoy a quiet and peaceful day tour by the Guadiana river. Visit the village and head towards the ‘Casa das Buganvílias – restaurant by the river’. There is time to sunbathe and swim in the pool. There is also live music during lunch. The tour includes a fantastic BBQ

The Guadiana river is a very famous place for birdwatching, with many rare species living there. In a group of friend or with you family, this full day tour is an excellent way to spend one day of you vacations. It’s a very complete tour: includes city tour, birdwatching, lunch, pool and river cruise!