Do you love to travel but always find yourself out of money? Are you one of those people who spend their lives daydreaming about a special beach in Brazil, a cruise in the Maldives, trekking the Himalayas or doing a road trip through highway 66 in the USA, but, despite how much you dream, such trips are always above your financial possibilities? Then this article is for you!

In this article, we outline the best tips to control your budget while you travel, so you can finally fulfil your dream trip. The tips gathered here were compiled by the Algarve Fun team, which is made up of experienced travellers. Their experience will reveal you amazing money travelling hacks that you never dreamed about.

Discover how to get cheaper airline tickets, how to always know where to find cheap meals and what you should avoid doing when you are abroad so that there are no budget overruns, by reading this article.

Infographic of money saving hacks for travelling