Albufeira is an amazing destination in the Algarve with so many things to do for every age, interest and budget which is why it is loved by some many people from all over the world (including us at Algarve Fun!).

If you are looking for some inspiration for things to do in Albufeira then we hope you’ll enjoy our guide giving our selection of some of the top Albufeira attractions!

With so much going on in Albufeira it’s impossible to include them all, but hopefully we’ve give you some ideas! We’d love to hear from you so let us know what your favourite things to do in Albufeira. We’re also hear to help if you have questions, so just contact us.

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1. Enjoy the many Blue Flag beaches

the stunning São Rafael Beach
The stunning São Rafael Beach


You can spend days exploring the beaches in the Albufeira area and no matter where you are staying you are sure to be only a short walk away from your nearest beach.  In total there are many beaches in the area to choose from, each with their own special feel and unique characteristics, and over 20 of them have achieved the coveted Blue Flag status.

Lots of the beaches have restaurants and cafes, sunbeds, lifeguards and much more.  In the summer the beach is a great place to soak up some sun or cool off in the Atlantic, but in the winter the beaches are also stunning for walks along the sand or enjoying a coffee over-looking the sea in the winter sunshine.

You can find a map of all the award winning Blue Flag beaches in Albufeira here:


2. Visit Sant’ana Church

Igreja de Sant’Ana - Albufeira

Albufeira is rich in history and tradition and one of the most popular sites to visit is the Sant’Ana Church.  This tiny church demonstrates the Moorish influence of the past in the Algarve and is located in the largo Jacinto d’Ayet in the old part of Albufeira.  You can enter the church daily as a visitor as long as there is not a service taking place.

3. Parasailing from Albufeira Marina

Motor Boat pulling a parasailing
Parasailing trips depart from Albufeira Marina


Get a bird’s view of Albufeira with a parasailing experience.  You can join a boat individually or if there is a group of you, hire it out for a private experience.  Parasailing is an unforgettable way to see Albufeira from the sky and there is always a chance of spotting a dolphin or two while you are out there.

Albufeira offers a greater choice of high quality parasailing boats than any other part of the Algarve so while advance booking is recommended you can be sure to find a great option whatever the time of year.

4. Bird watching at Salgados Lagoon

Away from the crowds Albufeira has plenty to offer if you are interested in bird watching.  The Algarve is home to a wide diversity of bird life thanks to the diversity of the inland and coastal landscapes.

Head over to Salgados to see birds in the wetland lagoon areas.  Take a walk along the boardwalk here which leads you close enough to the lagoons to get a good look without disturbing the birds in their natural habitat – and watch out for the flamingos which can be spotted at specific times of the year.

5. Horse riding on the beach

Group of people horse riding on the beach
Horse riding near Salgados


See Albufeira from a new perspective with a horse riding trek around the natural lagoons in the Salgados area of Albufeira.  Salgados is famed for its birdlife and flora and you can ride at your own pace while you explore this naturally stunning area of Albufeira.

6. Kayaking through the caves

Kayaks emerging from one of Albufeira's caves
Kayaks emerging from one of Albufeira’s caves.

Embrace your sense of adventure and explore the Albufeira coastline in a kayak!  This coastline is blessed by frequently calm seas which are great for kayaking and the kayaks allow you to get right up close (and personal!) with the many caves and rock formations found here.

You can hire all the equipment that you need and you don’t have to have any previous experience for this one that is great for all ages and a different way to see Albufeira.

7. Reef fishing with family or friends

Fishing trip departing from Albufeira Marina
Fishing trip departing from Albufeira Marina.

You don’t have to be on the land to enjoy Albufeira, heading out on a reef fishing boat trip not only is a great way to spend the day, it is also a way to see the beautiful Albufeira coast and beaches from the ocean.

There are numerous reefs and great fishing spots within easy reach of Albufeira marina ensuring that you can spend more time fishing and less time travelling. So whether you are an experienced at fishing or a novice, there is a good chance you will catch something during the trip!

8. Snorkeling along the coast

Men snorkeling and looking at the camera.

Snorkeling is a great choice for a hot summers day when you are looking to cool down!

The Atlantic coastline is home to a wealth of marinelife including fish, crabs and you might also find one of the Mediterranean’s famous octopus’ hiding in the crevasses and rocks that line the shallow waters around Albufeira’s beaches.

Use your own equipment, hire some for the day, or book an organised snorkeling trip with an experienced guide and a boat transfer to find the best locations.  Well equipped boats can be found at Albufeira marina if that is your preference.

9. See the Zoomarine dolphins

Zoomarine dolphins jumping

Zoomarine is one of the top attractions in Portugal and located in the Guia region of Albufeira and offers visitors a mixture of aquatic shows, theme park rides and activity swimming pools.

Every year there seems to be something new at the Zoomarine park and the inclusion of the artificial beach and wave pool has been a great addition.  Be sure not to miss the dolphin show and to get to the dolphin area early for the best seats as this one can get very busy.

Zoomarine is now open for a much longer period of the year so check the schedule as it’s a great one to enjoy both in the cooler days of spring and autumn, as well as during the Algarve’s famous summer sunshine.

10. Flyboarding through the air

Men doing flyboarding and another on a jet ski

Bringing together wakeboarding, kitesurfing, jet-skiing and surfing all in one, flyboarding is an adrenalin filled experience for anyone looking to try something new and exciting while in Albufeira.  It may look tricky but it is not too hard to master and is one that is well worth making sure you ask someone to take a video of while you try it out!

11. High speed jet skiing

Man on a jet ski, with brach and buildings on the background, Albufeira.

The appeal of jet skiing never seems to dwindle and that’s probably because it is such great fun!  Jet over the waves along the coast of Albufeira and enjoy either as the driver or as the passenger.  All the safety equipment that you might need is provided for you and this is a perfect one to enjoy with friends on a hot summers day from Albufeira marina or various beaches such as Oura.

12. See the Krazy World Zoo lemurs & reptiles

One of the Krazy World Lemurs

Combining mini golf with a petting zoo, reptiles, tree climbing and a pool area, Krazy World is ideal for younger visitors to the Algarve.  Only a drive away from Albufeira Krazy World is located inland and gives visitors a chance to also see some of the natural beauty away from the Algarve coast.  Remember to take your swim stuff with you to cool off in the pools or to speed down the waterside during the hotter months.

13. Swim with the dolphins

Child swimming with a dolphin
Zoomarine Dolphin Emotions


Discover dolphins first-hand during a dolphin experience at Zoomarine.  This is a chance to learn more about this incredible mammal while being in the water and swimming  with them.  There are different experiences available depending if you want to be part of a group or would prefer to have a private experience.

This one is a bucket list activity for many people so it’s important to book in advance as availability is limited and it’s the only place to offer this in the Algarve so it’s another great reason you’ll love Albufeira.

14. Enjoy a famous boat party

Group enjoying the Belize Boat Party

Why not combine a boat trip with a sunset party and even a BBQ. Albufeira is famed for its parties so its definitely the place to try one.

Throughout the summer organized boat parties, complete with DJs, bar and party feel take place.  Whether you are part of a big group or are a solo traveler looking to find some sunset fun on the water –this is a great way to meet other people and to get into the party spirit!

15. Brave the water rollercoaster at Aquashow

Fantastic Water Slides in Aquashow Park

A day at a waterpark is great fun for all ages and Aquashow is only a short drive from Albufeira and is accessible by transfer or bus which can be arranged when buying tickets.  The waterslides are the main attraction here, however there are also rollercoasters, birds of prey, spa treatments and much more making this an amazing day out for the entire family.

16. Taste a beach BBQ

Boat trip beach BBQ food

Nothing feels more like summer than a barbecue on the beach!  Get someone else to sort out the cold drinks and to light the coals by taking part in an organised boat tour including a barbecue on the beach.

By signing up to a boat trip with a barbecue you will be taken to a deserted beach only accessible by sea for the ultimate Robinson Crusoe moment while in Albufeira.

Albufeira marina offers one of the widest ranges of boats in the Algarve so you can choose from a range of boats include beautiful catamarans and sailing boats.

17. Discover the town on a tuk-tuk tour

Tuk-Tuk in Albufeira Beach

Travelling around Albufeira on a Tuk Tuk tour allows you to get up the little streets and back roads that you can’t reach in a car or on a bus, taking you to places that only the locals know about.

Whether you are interested in the history of Albufeira, the beaches or want to find the best restaurants, the local guides are the best people to help you out and a Tuk Tuk is a fun way to see everywhere!

18. Hit the karting track

Albufeira indoors Go Karting

Head down to the Marina in Albufeira for some high speed fun at the Go Kart track located within the car park here.  The indoor location makes this a great one whatever the weather and there are adult and junior karts available allowing it to an adventure for all ages to enjoy.

19. Meet the wild dolphins

Taking a picture at dolphins in the wild

Dolphins can be found swimming along the coast of the Algarve throughout the year and if you are keen to see them in the wild then a specialised dolphin watching boat tour is a great option. Nothing can quite describe the feeling of seeing the dolphins as they swim alongside the boats and play in the waves!

Dolphin boats can be found at Albufeira marina and many operate all year round. During peak season some boats even offer a guarantee of seeing dolphins!

20. Scuba dive & discover Albufeira’s underwater gems

Men Scuba Diving near thinked ship

Whatever your level as a diver Albufeira is a great place to dive!

Beginners can do a try dive in a pool or the sea, or complete a full course to become a qualified diver. The dive centre in Albufeira marina has everything you need to do a course including all of the equipment, friendly instructors, and official accreditation from PADI to make your qualification valid wherever you go in the world.

Experienced divers can book organised dive trips with experienced guides to show you some of the best spots in the region and discover the amazing aquatic wildlife, rock formations and wrecks that are dotted along this stretch of the Atlantic Ocean.

21. Start a paintball battle

Group Paintballing in Albufeira

Bring out your competitive side with a paintballing session in the Santa Eulália area of Albufeira.  If you are on holiday with a group, either on a stag or hen weekend or just simply on holiday with family or friends then this is really great fun.  It can get pretty hot in all of the gear so if you are looking for an activity to enjoy during the cooler winter months then this is a must.

22. Cruise on a sailing boats

Leãozinho, sailing boat seen from the cave

Take it easy and watch the world sail by on a majestic sailing boat tour from Albufeira.  This is the perfect antidote to busy summer days and an ideal way to escape the crowds and relax as you sail along the coast in a beautiful boat.  Pick a tour to suit your needs and budget, and don’t forget to take your camera to get some great shots of the coastline.

23. Head off into the hills on a jeep safari

Several Jeeps on Traditional Jeep Safari Alte

Get picked up from your hotel in Albufeira and prepare to see a completely different side of the Algarve with a jeep safari tour.  This is a great one because the drivers come to get you directly so there is no need to sort out transport before being taken inland and into the hills!

You get a bit of everything on a tour like this, including information about the local area, a chance to try some local foods and drink and also a good dose of adrenalin filled fun at the same time!

The central location of Albufeira means you are well positioned to explore the full length of the Algarve so you will be spoilt for choice on where you can venture.

24. Make some cocktails like a professional

Cocktail on platform, Albufeira.

Mix up a storm and take on the professionals with cocktail making lessons in Albufeira.  This is a great activity for a hen party to enjoy, and as well as enjoying the two cocktails each person makes, the bride gets a free t-shirt for taking part. Classes are given by the cocktail masters from Matts Bar on the Strip and should be pre-booked.

25. Climb the trees on a high ropes experience

Girls on High Ropes in Albufeira

Tree climbing is taken to a new level with the high ropes experience in Santa Eulália in  Albufeira!  Set in lush woodland, the high ropes uses the trees to create various obstacles along different routes depending on how much of a challenge you want.

You will need to keep your fear of heights in check and be prepared to put in some muscle work yourself to get around the course, however the staff are on hand to help out so there is no chance of getting stuck up in the trees!

26. Explore the countryside by horse and cart

Horse cart tours Albufeira

If you love the idea of exploring the local area with a horse but don’t want to do the riding yourself then a horse and cart tour around the lagoons of the Salgados.  This gorgeous area is a perfect place to spot birds and wildlife and travelling in a cart gives you a chance to capture all the beauty as you ride by gently.

The carts are suitable for all ages so are great for families.

27. Bounce into the sea from an inflatable water park

Boy preparing to slide on a orange slide, inflatable water park, V.R.S.António, Albufeira, Portimão.


In the summer time large inflatable water parks are set up in the sea at the beaches Praia de Pescadores and Praia dos Alemães.

They are made up of slides, obstacles, and other fun activities that you can play on for up to an hour at a time.  The slides are great for all ages and those who don’t fancy jumping about on them can sit back and relax on the beach while the others are getting wet and wild.

28. Discover the rural Algarve on a quad bike adventure

3 Quads Off Road in Messines


Hop on a quad bike for some muddy fun in the Algarve!  Follow the experienced local guide for an exciting day up in the hills at any time of the year.  You don’t need to have any experience on a quad ride one, you just need a driving licence and to be over 18 years old.

A brilliant trip out for a group at any time of the year and free transport is available from Albufeira.

29. Try some riding lessons for all the family

Child on a horse riding lesson

Why not take the opportunity to learn how to ride a horse while you are on holiday in Albufeira?  The professionals will find the perfect horse for you and then give all the training and equipment that you need.

There’s also a great value kids club on Saturday mornings available which the little ones are sure to love, and has the added benefit of giving the parents some free time to relax!

30. Take a bike tour

2 adults and 1 child riding on a dirt track, with sheep near, Albufeira.


Hire a bike or take an organised bike tour while you’re in Albufeira and explore the beaches, markets, local sites and everything else at your own pace.  There are quite a few hills around Albufeira but while going up may be tricky, it’s a lot of fun to coast down them.  Hiring a bike is an ideal way to create your own personal tour and to take time to enjoy a coffee and a cake or a spot of lunch in a café or restaurant that you find on your travels.

31. Find out first-hand why the Algarve is famous for golf

Salgados Golf Resort
Salgados Golf Course


The Algarve is famous for golf with some 38, 18 hole courses dotted along the coast and you have a good choice of golf in the local Albufeira area, including Salgados golf course with its impressive views and water features from the lagoons which this areas is well know for.

If you want to travel further to some of the other famous courses in the Algarve, then tours can be arranged including club hire and buggy hire if needed.

The golf season in the Algarve is different to the tourist season which is good news as this means during July and August you can get the best deals and cheapest prices. Just make sure you tee off early (or late) to avoid the midday sun and get a buggy to give you a spot of shade!

32. Relax in a luxury spa

Women on a spa pool.


Unwind and relax at one of the local spas in the Albufeira area.  Most of the five star resorts in the area have a spa within them and you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to use the facilities – you can pay instead for a day pass to use the pools and general areas with treatments and therapies costing extra.

Spas are open all year around and there are pampering options for men and women available, and some offer deals for larger groups.

33. Try Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) boarding

3 people on Stand Up Paddle

It’s not quite surfing and it’s not quite kayaking, SUP boarding is a gentle yet still exciting way to get out on to the water.  If you have never given it a go before then don’t worry as lessons are included.

The coast around Albufeira offers some beautiful rock formations, caves and coves for you to explore at your own pace; so SUP is a great way to explore.

34. Buy some tasty local produce at the markets

Figs from a market in Albufeira


An open air market is held in Albufeira twice a month, on the first and third Tuesday, and is located next to the bus station.  This is a great place to pick up local goods and to get a general feel for the local community as you hunt out some bargains!

If you don’t mind travelling a little then there are lots of other great markets in the Algarve.

35. Pickup some souvenirs

Locally made baskets


There are shops all over Albufeira, from independent retailers selling boutique items, to high street names.  The old part of Albufeira is great for anyone looking for quirky gifts, clothes and art, while the new area of Albufeira has everything you need for your holiday including inflatables, souvenirs and much more.  There is a small shopping center called Albufeira Shopping (often called ‘Modelo’ locally) located along the main road that links the areas of Albufeira, this includes a hypermarket – ideal for anyone staying in self catering accommodation.

36. Hit the shops

The Algarve Shopping free shuttle bus


While Albufeira itself has a number of small shopping centres in the town, the nearest large shopping center is locate a short drive away in Guia.  Algarve Shopping is a partially open air shopping center and has all your high street favourites including Zara, JD Sports and the music store fnac.  There is a large food court at Algarve shopping with Burger King, MacDonald`s, KFC Pizza Hut and a number of national food chains including sandwich shops, cafes, kebab shops, gourmet burgers and pasta restaurants.

There’s a free shuttle bus service which operates from mid March to mid-October Monday to Friday and pickups across Albufeira.

37. Enjoy some live music

Simply Red


Throughout the year you can find live music in Albufeira.  Depending on your music taste you will find shows, bands and singers to hit the right note.  The “strip” in Albufeira has live entertainment mainly in the summer, however the old town of Albufeira is known for live bands all year round.

Local hotels and resorts also stage shows, particularly in the summer months but also over Christmas, Carnival and for special occasions and these are usually open to the public if accompanied by a meal.

There is also a large party each year for New Years Eve featuring lots of live music, fireworks and entertainment.

38. Test the cocktail list at some bars

The Waterfront in Oura, Albufeira
The Waterfront at Oura Beach


You are never far away from a bar in Albufeira!  Whether you are down by the beach looking for a sundowner cocktail, enjoying live sports in one of the bars around Oura or wanting to enjoy themed Irish, British or music bars, you are spoiled for choice.  Bars stay open late in Portugal and you can find many open until 2 am and then there are those that stay open all the way until 6 am!

39. Party at the Strip’s nightclubs

Club Vida in Albufeira
Club Vida on the Strip


Albufeira is one of the best locations in the Algarve for nightclubs and nightlife.  There are a number of nightclubs located in Oura along the “Strip”, most opening until 6 am and including Liberto’s, Heaven, Vida and Kiss.

If you travel a little further out then you will find Lick, an enormous club which is incredibly popular during the summer with all ages thanks to the top DJs and entertainment put on each night.

In the summer there are also pop up nightclubs on the beaches in the local area that usually are only around for 6 weeks but attract a cool crowd looking to dance the night away on the sand.

40. Learn some local history at the Archeology museum

Museu Municipal de Arqueologia - Albufeira


Step back in time and discover the historical past of Albufeira at the Archeology museum located in the Praça República.  The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30am until 5.30pm and it costs just €1 to enter and have a look around.  Artifacts at the museum are split into prehistoric, roman, Islamic period and the modern age and show the rich and diverse history of the local area.

41. Visit Corte Real Gallery

Painting of Corte Real art gallery in Paderne, Albufeira


If you are a fan of art, then it is worth getting into the car and travelling to Paderne to visit the Corte Real Gallery.  The location itself is breathtaking with the beautiful gardens creating the perfect backdrop to the bohemian art gallery set in the countryside.  View the art on display and stop off in the shop to pick up reasonably priced pieces created by local artisans for the ultimate unique gift from Albufeira.

42. See the Sacred Art Museum collection

Sacred Art Museum in Albufeira


This museum, also known as the Museu de Arte Sacra, is located in the Capela de São Sebastião in the old town of Albufeira and is home to religious art pieces that were saved from local churches in the area after the 1755 earthquake and tsunami.

The museum is open during the summer from 10.30am until 4.30pm and from 8pm until 11pm and in the winter from 10.30am until 4.30pm.  Entry to the museum costs €2 and it can be found by following the hill up from the Archeology museum.

43. Find your favourite dish

Some of the beautiful food at Pita Gourmet restaurant, Albufeira

Travel the world on a dinner plate in Albufeira!  With over 700 restaurants, there is always one in the local area to literally suit every taste and budget with choices ranging from traditional Portuguese dishes, to contemporary and Michelin starred restaurants. In the winter some of the restaurants close for a couple of months, however, during the summer you are well advised to pre-book your table as the best restaurants fill up fast.

44. Ride the mini train

Albufeira mini train


Younger guests (and older ones too!) will love discovering Albufeira via the mini road train that travels around the town.

The train operates around the main areas of Albufeira throughout the year from 9am until 11pm, while in June, July, August and September it runs until 1am.  Get on at any stop with bus stops located in Oura, at the Forte de São João, at the municipal Câmara and at Praia dos Pescadores.

45. See the history of the accordion 

Accordion museum in Albufeira


There is a long tradition of accordion playing in the Algarve and at the Accordion museum (Casa Museu do Acórdeão) on Rua António Aleixo in Paderne, you can find out all about this magical instrument.  The museum is open from Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.30pm and closes for lunch between 1pm and 2pm and is home to more than 1,500 pieces relating to the accordion.

46. Visit Galeria de Arte Pintor Samara Barros


Galeria de Arte Pintor Samara Barros

Located in the Largo Engº Duarte Pacheco in the old part of Albufeira, this art gallery was named after one of the most illustrious citizens of Albufeira, the painter Samara Barros.  Inside the gallery you can view pieces by the artist who attended the School of fine arts in Lisbon and then went on to exhibit widely.  The artist is known for his depictions of the local area and also for having dedicated his life to preserving the traditions of his native land on the social and political scene.

47. Relax (or play!) at the marina

Albufeira marina


It is hard to miss the Albufeira Marina, thanks to it being painted in pastel colours, making it look a little bit like something from a film set!  The marina is outside the main town of Albufeira but can be accessed by car, bus, taxi or on foot depending on where you are staying.

When you arrive at the marina then you can enjoy food, drinks and snacks along the front while admiring the boats, or alternatively you can do a spot of shopping, or get on board one of the many boat trips that leave from the marina daily.

There is also a go kart track, bowling alley and lots of fun stuff for kids like arcades and during the summer trampolines and bouncy castles.

48. Hire your own boat for a bit of luxury 

Yacht Charter


It may sound extravagant but hiring your own boat or yacht while in Albufeira is a more affordable option than you may think!  If you are part of a group, it can actually work out cheaper to hire a boat than to buy tickets individually for a planned trip.  Hiring your own boat means that you can call the shots and choose the route your take, what you want to see and the activities, food and drinks on board.  This one really is a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

49. See Paderne castle

Paderne castle


Travel inland to the village of Paderne and then follow the signs for Paderne Castle, roughly 2km from the village itself.  The castle is believed to be one of the 7 castles depicted in the middle of the Portuguese flag and is  a monument of national interest but most of it has sadly been destroyed over the years.  Works to recover some of the main parts have taken place over the years and it remains an impressive example of a military castle in the Algarve.

50. Take a boat trips to the caves

catamaran entering a large cave near Benagil


Whether you are looking to find dolphins in the wild, want to get on a sunset cruise, fancy a spot of fishing or want to explore the coast and caves in and around Albufeira, a boat trip is a must when staying in the area.  Boat trips take place throughout the year and are great for both solo travelers, families and groups to enjoy.  Many of the boat trips in Albufeira leave from the marina where there are plenty of food and drink options to enjoy before or after your trip.

51. Tour the town by open top bus

Sightseeing bus for Albufeira tour


See Albufeira from the top deck of an open top bus with the hop on, hop off bus service.  The buses come round every hour and then travel along a route which takes a total of 90 minutes, taking in all of the sights, beaches, attractions and different areas of Albufeira.

Buses run throughout the year and only stop between December 4 and January 15 and the tours include audio commentary in 8 different languages, giving you a chance to learn a little more about this destination while being able to hop off at stops that are most interesting to you.

52. Take in a film at the cinema

Star wars poster for Cineplace cinema


Going to the movies in the Algarve is a great experience and you don’t even need to worry about not understanding what is going on because the majority of films remain in English and have Portuguese subtitles instead – except children’s films which are dubbed.

The nearest multiplex cinema is located in Guia at Algarve Shopping and you will find all of the latest blockbusters screened throughout the week.  This is a great choice if the weather isn’t great or alternatively, if you are looking to escape the heat, the air conditioned theaters are a brilliant place to cool off!

That’s 52 reasons to love Albufeira and counting!….

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