Bike Rental & Hire – Free delivery and pick-up at most hotels or villas!

While you are here in the Algarve, why not explore it with two wheels? Renting a bike gives you the freedon to go far, explore more, and going wherever you want!

The Algarve have a very nice weather, and for outdoors activities, riding a bike is a very good idea! It will give you more mobility inside the city, and even on the hills and dirt tracks, if you want to go there!

Bike Rental is for everyone that needs some independency of táxis and buses, while having the freedom to explore the Algarve at their own pace. There are multiples types of bikes available, so please let us know your preference!

Stabilisers are also available for kids for free!

You can have you bike be delivered and picked up in most hotels or villas.

Ride freely and enjoy the Algarve!

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