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Aquashow – Water Park & Theme Park

If you’re visiting the Algarve then visiting the Aquashow water park is a must! As one of the largest and best parks in the area there is something for everyone.

For younger children there are 2 separate play areas with a wide range of slides, shoots, fountains and lots of space to have fun. For adults and older kids who enjoy some adrenaline then the water rollercoaster and the Freefall slide (one of highest in Europe!) should be definitely be on your list! If you prefer things a little more relaxed then you’re sure to love the lazy river, jacuzzi or wave pool.

As well as the large range of slides and shoots there also some ‘dry’ theme park rides and at regular intervals throughout the day there are also some great shows including the always popular birds of prey show.

There are several restaurants and cafes on site, or if you prefer why not pack a picnic and enjoy it on the numerous grassy areas that are spaced throughout the park.

Aquashow water park is based in Quarteira is and within easy reach of resorts such as the neighbouring resorts of Vilamoura, Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago. Albufeira is also only 15 minutes away and if you don’t have a car then don’t worry as there is also a shuttle bus service available which is great value for money.

Find Out More About the Park

Because you only really want to visit a water park when you are pretty sure the weather is going to be good, the park is only open during the warm summer months from May until September. If you are able to visit the park outside of the month of August then you will find that the queues are much shorter which means you will have time to go on more attractions, however even during the busiest periods Aquashow is a fantastic family day out in the Algarve.

The team at Aquashow appear to have thought of everything at the park and there is a dedicated children’s area with low slides, shallow water and fountains which is ideal for young visitors, while there are more than enough tubes and slides to satisfy those who are looking for an adrenalin rush.

There are also more sedate water rides for those looking to simply relax and the lazy river is a perfect example of this and very popular with visitors to the park throughout the season.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Aquashow has to be it’s water rollercoaster which appeals to older children and adults looking for an adrenalin rush while getting soaked! The rollercoaster pulls you up to over 20 metres and travels at 70 kilometres an hour to make sure your heart is racing by the time you each the bottom. Because this is one of the top features of the park it is a good idea to try to go it when you first arrive at the park before queues start to build as the day goes on.

There are other non water related attractions at Aquashow including theme park rides for adults and older children and those designed specifically for smaller children and this adds a great extra element to the park, especially if you are looking for a break from all the sliding and splashing.

Food is available to buy at the park but the menu is a little limited and is pricey when comparing to the fantastic value restaurants just down the road in Quarteira but it is possible to take your own food to enjoy if you would prefer to picnic in the park between rides.

Aquashow is ideal for anyone who is staying in the central or eastern part of the Algarve and is right on the doorstep of Vilamoura. However, while it is well signposted, it is not an obvious place to find and you will drive along and suddenly find yourself at the entrance to the car park, so if you are concerned about driving then book a place on one of the buses that pick up from across the Algarve and are reasonably priced.

Aquashow has everything you could need at a water park and is suitable for both groups of friends and for families with children, those under five go free as an added bonus.

Aquashow Hotel and Waterpark Algarve – Hotel

Combine a fantastic trip to one of the best waterparks in the Algarve with a stay in a modern and comfortable hotel at the Aquashow hotel and waterpark.

Aquashow is one of the biggest waterparks in the Algarve and is an ideal attraction for the entire family to enjoy in the sunshine and the best way to be able to make sure that you are the first in line for the slides and attractions is to stay in the hotel located within the park.

If you are staying in the hotel then you get the benefit of being able to have free access to the waterpark, which makes this a very attractive benefit, staying in the hotel also means that you don’t have to drive home after a visit to the park and can instead make the most of the heated indoor pool, Jacuzzi, playground, gym and outdoor pools for both adults and children.

Fans of the Aquashow waterpark will love this hotel but it is equally great for anyone looking to stay in this lively and popular area of the Algarve, being close to Vilamoura and the Golden Triangle resorts of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo.

Aquashow is fast become one of the most popular family attractions in the Algarve thanks to it offering a huge variety of waterslides for all ages, fairground rides and even a water roller coaster!

Combine a visit to this waterpark located near to Quarteira, with a stay in the onsite hotel for a truly memorable Algarve family holiday experience.

Aquashow is a water park in Quarteira, famous around the Algarve for providing fun days to its visitors throughout the summer and is one of the most popular attractions in the area.

The biggest news is that the park will open a big indoor water park.

When will Aquashow’s indoor water park open? (Opening date to be confirmed)

This space will be open all year round and will be the first indoor water park in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula so the opening is a great win for the Algarve. Construction is ongoing and the expectation is the park will open in the latter part of 2020. As it’s such a large development dates may change but whenever it opens its sure to be a hit.

 Benefits for the Algarve Economy

The addition of the park is expected to make a significant contribution to improving the profile of the Algarve as a winter destination which would have great benefits both for local businesses and their employees.

If other local businesses including hotels, bars, restaurants and attractions are encouraged to remain open all year, then the Algarve’s winter appeal should continue to grow the number of tourists visiting each year.

What will Aquashow’s indoor water park be like?

Aquashow has announced that it will have five water spaces, with different depths and rides for all ages, from areas designed for the developmental stages of babies and children, rides for the eldest to exclusive areas for adults to relax in.

Now imagine: It is cold and windy. The kids are bored because they can’t go to the park or ride their bikes. In no time you can be in a swimsuit as if it were summer. It’s therapeutical for the whole family!

The Indoor Aquashow will be called Tropical Paradise and will be independent from the outdoors park.

It will have two pools at different levels that allow for a 26 metres trip, with climbing walls in the middle of the jump and coasteering areas.

It isn’t a water park without sliding tubes! From that same 26 metre high tower, will be four slides for different skill levels with carpets, floats or for sitting.

For the smaller visitors, there is an amazing playground filled with slides, labyrinths, ball pools and other toys.

While the kids have fun, the grown ups also deserve some rest: a hydrotherapy pool and an adults-only spa with an exotic ambience and a lot on offer.

In this SPA you can find an air bubble jacuzzi that offers a more generalized and relaxing effervescent feeling than the common water jets, called hydrotherapy, which the SPA will also have.

In this SPA circuit, you can swim against the flow to exercise your body, try the Turkish bath, sauna, ice baths, different treatment showers, aromatherapy pools, relaxing contrast paths and rooms for all the different types of massage.

All of this is coming soon in the Aquashow Indoor Water Park Tropical Paradise in 2020!

Of course the outdoor park will be open as normal from 1st May to 30th September ensuring that Aquashow is still a great park for the summer! So don’t forget to get your Aquashow tickets in advance for a discount and to avoid the queues at the ticket shop.

Filled with rides, a giant wave pool, the River Slide- the biggest slide that gives you a lively ride down, the Twin Space Shuttle- the slide with two giant capsules and special effects inside, the Free Fall- a two slide free fall 32 metres high and 129 metres long, a rollercoaster with panoramic views and water landing or a Tropical Pool with six sliding tracks to slide down on floater, allowing for 720 people an hour. And so many more slides for all ages and likes.

Aquashow has also a restaurant, a shop, lockers and several shows throughout the day from tropical birds and birds of prey or reptiles.

Next to Aquashow there is a four star hotel, the Aquashow Hotel which offers unlimited entries to  Aquashow Water Park, the outdoors park between 1st May and 30th September if you are staying there. Here you will find 148 rooms, a gym, two outdoor pools, one of which is a pirate boat for children and an indoor pool. The hotel is open year round and a night in May costs around 45€ per room, with breakfast included. Enjoy, the location is great!



Aquashow is constantly innovating to be able to offer the best possible experience to its visitors. Read this article to stay tuned with the new 2018 attractions of the Aquashow water park.

Thunder Cruise

Aquashow Thunder Cruise
Thunder Cruise

A set of yellow and eye-popping orange slides placed side by side will allow you to compete with your friends and family to see who is the fastest to make the descent. To ride these slides you need to be at least 1.20m tall and there is no age restriction. Bring your family and friends together to determine who is the fastest once and for all.

Tropical Pool

Aquashow Tropical Pool
Tropical Pool

One of the new attractions for 2018, the Tropical Pool, is open to all visitors of the park as there is no age or height limit. This beautiful pool adorned with artificial rocks provides a charming landscape that has the ability to relieve you of any stress you might be feeling. The pool is shallow, making it the perfect place for children to swim and play safely.


Aquashow Jacuzzi
Aquashow Jacuzzi

In 2018, the Aquashow will once again have its famous Jacuzzi to provide incredible moments of leisure and relaxation. The Jacuzzi is only available for people over 16, precisely so that adults can enjoy their moments of peace away from children. Enjoy relaxing in the Aquashow Jacuzzi.


Come and try the new River Slide!

Aquashow River Slide
River Slide


Some great new rides at Aquashow for 2016!

Aquashow Twin Space Shuttle
Twin Space Shuttle

Aquashow Pink And Shark Slides
Pink And Shark Slides


Are You Brave Enough to Try Europe’s Newest, Highest Freefall Water Slide? Aquashow Park Is Now Firmly On The Thrill-Seekers Map.

One of the highest slides in Europe at Aquashow
Freefall at Aquashow

Adrenaline junkies must be over 1.2 metres tall and not of a nervous disposition as they will be climbing the dizzying heights of the slides, which tower over the water park at more than 12 storeys high, then zooming down slides which are 129 metres long at terrifying speeds.

The park’s water rollercoaster continues the white-knuckle experience and appeals to older children and adults alike. The rollercoaster pulls you up to over 20 metres and travels at 70 kilometres an hour to make sure your heart is racing by the time you reach the bottom.

Aquashow Park has spent millions to ensure this is one of the greatest attractions around, and there is plenty to offer, even if you don’t consider yourself a daredevil.

There is a dedicated children’s area with low slides, shallow water and fountains that are safe and suitable for all children under 12. A number of more sedate water rides will appeal to those looking to relax, and the lazy river is a perfect example of this. Gently meandering along, you will feel transported to a mountain stream or babbling brook.

There are other non-water related attractions at Aquashow, with theme park rides for adults and older children but also those designed specifically for smaller children, and we all know that happy children mean happy parents.

Aquashow essentially has everything you could need at a water park, and as an added bonus, children under five go free. Now where do we book?

Aquashow is open from May 2nd to October 2nd!


May: 10am – 5pm

June: 10am – 5pm

July/August: 10am – 6pm

September 1st to 11th: 10am to 5:30pm

September 12th to 2nd October: 10am – 5pm

Aquashow Transport –
Not available

Private Transfer Prices for 2020:
*All Prices are for a Return journey*
*Please Contact Us to book or for assistance*
*Advanced booking by 4pm the day before required*
*Subject to availability*
– Albufeira. Car (1-4 People) €50. Mini-Bus (5-8 People) €60
– Portimão, Alvor, Praia da Rocha, Ferragudo. Car (1-4 People) €100. Mini-Bus (5-8 People) €120
– Quarteira. Car (1-4 People) €24. Mini-Bus (5-8 People) €28
– Other locations on request.​

Contact Us to book your transport now

Shuttle Bus Prices for 2020 – Save 10%:
*All Prices are for a Return journey*
*Price per person (adult, child, senior)*
*Infants 0-4 years are free, but a seat must still be reserved.
*Please Contact Us to book or for assistance with finding your nearest pickup point*
*Advanced booking by 4pm the day before required*
*Subject to availability*

– Albufeira. €10 €9
– Quarteira, Vilamoura. €8 €7.20
– Monte Gordo, Tavira. €13 €11.70

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Albufeira – 20km (29min)

Alvor – 62km (41min)

Armaçâo de Pêra – 40km (27min)

Carvoeiro – 52km (38min)

Faro – 18km (23min)

Lagos – 78km (51min)

Portimão – 55km (40min)

Quarteira – 6km (10min)

Vilamoura – 10km (13min)


All distances and times are approximate, and times are by car.

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