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Zoomarine Dolphin Emotions – Swim with the Dolphins

Swim with Dolphins!

Swimming with dolphins is a dream that come true in the Algarve with a visit to Zoomarine to take part in an unforgettable Dolphin Emotions experience.

At Zoomarine it is possible to swim with dolphins in a special area, away from the rest of the park, where it is quiet and peaceful to allow for both the participant and the dolphin to have the best possible experience.  The team at Zoomarine follow a philosophy based on conservation and environmental education and this Zoomarine activity is dedicated to helping visitors in the Algarve to learn more about these amazing marine mammals.

The entire experience includes entry to the park and then a dedicated session in the lagoon pools with the dolphins of Zoomarine, allowing participants to play with and interact with dolphins in the Algarve in a safe and secure environment.

The Zoomarine dolphin lagoons, while artificial, have been designed to look natural and the dolphins are comfortable in this area throughout the usual 30 minute session that each participant has as part of the Zoomarine Dolphin Emotions Premium or Exclusive experiences (or 15 minutes for Encounter tickets).

Throughout the experience one of the professional handlers from Zoomarine is present to ensure safety and to also answer any questions you may have about dolphins in the Algarve and beyond.
The entire Zoomarine Dolphin Emotions for Premium or Exclusive sessions takes 90 minutes and includes the 30 minutes (15 minutes for Encounter) in the lagoon with the dolphin as well as an educational session and time to get changed in and out of wet suits.

Regular Zoomarine Dolphin emotion experiences are held in groups with no more than 12 participants, however if you are looking for a very special Zoomarine experience then it possible for just two people at a time to interact with the dolphins with the Exclusive package.

Make Algarve memories you will never forget with a Zoomarine Dolphin Emotions experience.


Low Season: 12/04 to 31/05 and 02/10 to 31/10
High Season: 01/06 to 01/10


Zoomarine Participant Tickets (Including Park Entry)

En Dolphin Emotions PRICES 2022

Zoomarine Spectator Tickets (Including Park Entry)

En Spectator prices Dolphin E 2022

Important notes:

  • Zoomarine Dolphin Emotions tickets must be ordered a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • Minimum age is 8 years old. (6 years old in Encounter experience if accompanied by an adult)
  • Prices for Participant and Spectator tickets include entry to the park.
  • For Zoomarine, you don’t need to print tickets as long as you can display them clearly on a smartphone.

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