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High Ropes Albufeira

Tree top adventures

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Take to the high ropes for a tree top adventure not to forget in Albufeira!

High ropes is a great new Algarve activity which involves moving through a wood using a series of ropes, bridges, wires, nets and zip lines.

This is a very physical Algarve activity, but a safe and hugely fun one that can be enjoyed individually or in groups with the various difficulty options allows this one to be suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

All safety equipment is provided and the professional and friendly instructors along the course help to encourage while also pointing out how best to negotiate the obstacles along this great course you will want to return back to time and again.

Fantastic fun activity for a Stag do or Hen do in Albufeira!

See the Algarve from a new perspective as you climb through the trees on the Albufeira high ropes – challenging, fun and a real adventure.

High ropes is a great new Algarve activity which basically involves you moving through a wood using a series of ropes, bridges, wires, nets and zip lines. You don’t just shimmy up a tree here and see how it goes, instead you follow a cleverly thought out assault course which will leave even the most proficient of tree climbers challenging themselves.

This is a very physical Algarve activity and firstly you need to be wearing the right sort of clothes, including a good strong pair of trainers or boots with decent grip on them – you don’t need anything really special but a pair of flip-flops is not going to cut it out on the high ropes and you would be in danger of losing one or two of them on the zip wire anyway!

To make the high ropes a safe experience you need to wear a harness which you then clip onto the various wires as you go from obstacle to obstacle, so shorts are a good bet or trousers in the cooler months.  You also need to be able to have room to move in your clothes so wear something loose fitting and comfortable that you won’t mind rubbing up against a tree or two on the way round.

When you first arrive and see the courses it can be a little overwhelming for anyone who may not be at their peak of physical fitness or equally for anyone who has not thrown themselves out of a tree since they were a child!  But you don’t need to panic because there are three different courses to pick from, which also means that young tree climbers can get in the action too.

The first route is suitable for children aged 4 and over and is a perfect introduction to the high ropes.  If you find this easy and want to move up a level then there is the middle course which is suitable for those over the height of 1.30 metres and then finally the advanced course is for those over 1.40 metres.

To be honest, the advanced level course is probably the most entertaining and challenging for most adults and even if you are not super speedy the guides are helpful, patient and encouraging, helping to give you the confidence to get over some of the more tricky obstacles.

If you are scared of heights then this one really is not for you on the advanced level because at some points you do go high enough to scare yourself when you leap off the platform holding onto the zip wires.

There is no denying that the high ropes are physically demanding and by the end even the fittest of people will feel like they have had a bit of a work out but this is such good fun that it is not until you look back at the course and realise what you have done that you fully appreciate all the challenges you have completed.

A trip to the Albufeira high ropes is a brilliant way to spend a day with friends or family and something completely different to what you would usually find in an Algarve attraction.  Speak to one of our friendly team today to book your trip today.

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