Sardine Festival Portimão


Sardines are synonymous with the Algarve and the long and delicious history and traditions of these salty morsels is celebrated each year with the Sardine Festival Portimão held every August in the historic city. This year’s event will be held on.

When you think of sardines, images of tins being brought out from the back of the cupboard tend to spring to mind but here in the Algarve they know their sardines and more importantly, they know how to cook them to perfection making the Sardine Festival Portimão a must for sardine fans and those keen to try the real thing!

The Sardine Festival Portimão is held along the waterfront area of Portimão, close to the old bridge in the city. There is plenty of parking usually in this area of Portimão but because the festival draws crowds from across the region and beyond, it can be hard to find a space so it is best to either arrive in the late afternoon to find a spot or to consider parking on the other side of the river in Parchal and either walking across the bridge or taking a taxi in to save parking stress.

You can smell the sardines cooking on the enormous barbecues along the waterfront from miles away and you want to make sure you are not downwind of the smoke as they cook!


The highlight of the Sardine Festival Portimão is of course the sardines themselves, which are served almost constantly throughout the evening. If you are in a group then it is worth while having a plan of action and to send a couple off to queue for the food while the rest reserve a table because although there are over 2,000 seats available you can be sure that when it comes to sitting down once you have your food there won’t be a seat in sight, so by planning ahead you will not only make sure you all get to sit and eat together but you will also look like a pro!



Pile your plate high with sardines and enjoy them the Portuguese way by placing each fish on your piece of bread to peel off the skin and once all the fish are finished, enjoy the sardine soaked bread to complete the meal.

If you are not a fan and we are unable to convince you to give the sardines a try then don’t worry, there are other food options available but you do have to seek them out.

Once you have filled up on the sardines then it is time to walk off some of the fish with a stroll to look at the many stalls dotted along the waterfront selling local handicrafts and goods, there are also street artists about to provide further entertainment.

Most of the visitors to the Sardine Festival Portimão come for the food but lots also are drawn by the live music each evening, featuring big names from the Portuguese music scene and even if you are not familiar with the work of the artists the atmosphere will have you dancing along in no time.

Sardine Festival in Portimão
Live Concert


The Sardine Festival Portimão is one of the biggest events held each year in the city and a must for anyone keen to experience traditional food from the Algarve in a fun filled environment.


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