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Pinheiros Altos Golf Course

With a 27-hole championship course, Pinheiros Altos provides a thrilling challenge with many degrees of difficulty.

Presented with a three 9-hole groupings, each a par 36, with many ways of playing 18 holes, according of course to your experience.

Situated in the heart of Ria Formosa, this course will offer you with one of the most beautiful views for your game due to being near to the unspoilt beaches and the Atlantic ocean.

The course, considered one of the most prestigious golfing centers in Europe features an amazing range of amenities so you can get the best experience.

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Valid at San Lorenzo, Pinheiros Altos and Penina course (maximum of 1 round at San Lorenzo)

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  1. Opening hole which doglegs from left to right. The tee shot should be aimed at the right hand of the two fairway bunkers on the left of the fairway with a slight fade. The approach must be struck well enough to carry the umbrella pines that jut out into the fairway and protect the front of the green.
  2. Demanding Par 3 that plays its full distance. The green is narrow and protected by bunkers on both sides. Par here is a great score.
  3. Tee shot played through the trees uphill to a landing area protected by bunkers on both sides. The approach shot continues uphill to an undulating green where you must control the distance perfectly. Be sure to account for the elevation change.
  4. Downhill Par 5 which plays shorter than the yardage. There is a lake to the front and right of this hole making the lay up and the approach the most challenging shots on this hole to a long green. Avoid the water, and Par (or better) is a real possibility.
  5. Long Par 4 requiring a well struck tee shot to make the green reachable in two. A large lake protects the green short and to the left. If you are unsure of the carry, you can bail out to the right and play it as a Par 5. Anything hit too long will be gathered by the bunker at the back of the green.
  6. Signature Par 5 on this nine holes. Not particularly long, but there is water waiting to catch any errant approach shot. The drive should favour the left side of the fairway to avoid the bunker on the right. Hit one more club for your approach to ensure you carry the water.
  7. An uphill Par 4 where your tee shot must be played away from the long bunker on the left side of the fairway. The approach shot, which is often played without the full view of the bottom of the flag must avoid the large bunker protecting the front left of the green.
  8. Dogleg right Par 4 requiring a precise tee shot as the fairway has out of bound on the left and trees on the right. Aim your tee shot at the left hand bunker with a fade to move the ball to the centre of the fairway. The green is unusual as there are no bunkers surrounding it at all.
  9. Attractive Par 3 to end the front nine played over a valley to a small, two-tiered green. Miss the green and making Par becomes very difficult.


  1. Long, accurate drive required on this dogleg left Par 4. The ideal shape is a draw to avoid the two long fairway bunkers on the right side of this hole. The approach shot must carry a single pot bunker guarding the front of the green.
  2. Nice Par 3 well protected by sand. There is a large bunker on the right side, and a smaller one on the left. Strike your tee shot well to ensure you carry to the green or you’ll be sure to need your sand wedge for your second shot.
  3. Short Par 4 played slightly uphill. The tee shot must dissect the two bunkers either side of the fairway that cut in at the landing area. The second shot is to a shallow green with lots of slope. Avoid the right hand greenside bunker to give yourself the best chance of making Par on this hole.
  4. Straightforward tee shot that leaves a downhill second shot across a stream to a large green that slopes from back to front.
  5. Tricky Par 3 with a lake on the right hand side ready to catch anything hit in that direction. There is a well placed bunker short left of the green, as well as one at the back to catch any over hit approach.
  6. Very long Par 4 hole requiring two long shots to reach the green in regulation. Favour the right side of the fairway from the tee, avoiding the two bunkers on either side of the fairway. The green is the largest on the course and the approach shot should favour the right side avoiding the greenside bunker protecting the front left of the hole.
  7. Par 5 which can be reached in two long shots. The hole bends from left to right and the tee shot should be aimed at the fairway bunker in the distance. The green is small, narrow and bunkerless, and is protected by slopes all around.
  8. Another Par 5 which is far more demanding than the previous hole. The hole curves from left to right and the tee shot favours a left to right shape and must be threaded between bunkers and trees. The second shot must be precisely hit to the corner of the dogleg to give any sort of view of the green – get this wrong and you’ll be blocked out for your approach shot. The final shot is played to a small green surrounded by trees and two bunkers front left. Par is an excellent score here.
  9. Another dogleg from left to right to finish the nine. The tee shot should be faded around the corner to leave an uphill second shot to a green that is protected by three bunkers at the front. You should take at least one more club for your approach shot here. The green is very undulating so be careful not to 3-putt.


  1. A sharp dogleg left Par 4 where driver is not needed unless you are going to cut the corner and go for the green. Play a fairway wood or hybrid down to the corner of the hole to leave an uphill approach to a narrow green protected by a bunker short right.
  2. Demanding Par 4 with no fairway bunkers, but trees lining both sides of the fairway and out of bounds to the left of the hole. Drive to the top of the slope before playing down to a green protected by three bunkers in the front and water over the back.
  3. Short Par 5 offering a real birdie chance – but you must avoid the water! From the tee there is a lake on the left side, forcing you out to the right side. A good tee shot can allow you to go for the green in two, but any shot long or to the left will find a watery grave. Bail out to the right and you’ll face a short chip or pitch shot straight towards the water.
  4. Another Par 5, but this one plays much longer than the previous hole. The tee shot once again has water all down the left side, and bunkers on the right. A long second is required to allow you to reach the green in regulation. There is heavy bunkering both left and right of the green, so your approach to this narrow target must be precise.
  5. Long Par 3 played across a water hazard. The front of the green is open, so a low, running shot can find its way onto the putting surface.
  6. Short, but demanding Par 4 with a large bunker running up the entire left side of the hole all the way to the green. This same bunker juts out into the fairway at the ideal driving distance, so your tee shot must be played short the leave a wedge shot to a small green heavily protected by sand.
  7. Another short Par 4 with a lake in front of the green. Your tee shot must be positioned between the three fairway bunkers and short of the water hazard. The approach to a long, narrow target has water guarding the front, right, and back of the green, and three bunkers on the left. There is no room for error here.
  8. The signature hole on this nine – an island green Par 3. Double check your distance and club selection here, and any misplaced shot will find the drink.
  9. Excellent final hole where you must drive over water to a tight fairway with bunkers on either side. The final approach is uphill to a large, undulating green protected in the front by a big bunker, and at the back by a smaller one. There is a large tree to the left of the green which will catch a wayward shot. The green is particularly slopey making the final putts even more challenging than normal.

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