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Penina Sir Henry Cotton Golf Courses

The only resort in Portugal that gives you not one, not two but three golf courses!!

Located in the western Algarve, the highlight of this resort is The Sir Henry Cotton Championship course. The very first 18-hole constructed in the Algarve.

Also known to be legendary, here you can have one of the most elegant experiences.


Sir Henry Cotton Championship 

As above said, this was the first 18-hole course built in the Algarve and it has been chosen to be the home of the Portuguese Open for 10 occasions. It is considered by many the finest course in the Algarve and in Europe.

The course, flanked by streams, offers the player an array of subtle slopes and raised greens. It is filled with water hazards and precarious ditches.

Known for catching out even the most experienced golfers!


Resort Course

With 9 holes of solid practice for beginners and the option to complete 2 rounds to make it 18 holes this is a great course for mixed abilities, and also offers a cheap way to enjoy some Algarve golf.


Academy Course

Perfect for all-round holiday golf, this very pleasant course waves its way through the fairways of the Championship course.

This 9-hole with shor greens, accuracy of the tee and approach shots is the perfect course for the intermediate golfers practice their game.

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Valid at San Lorenzo, Pinheiros Altos and Penina course (maximum of 1 round at San Lorenzo)

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Here is a helpful hole-by-hole guide to this course written by Rob Cheney. Rob is a leading PGA Pro with extensive knowledge of golf in the Algarve and over 15 years of coaching experience.

1. One of the most demanding opening holes in the Algarve. A long Par 4 that dog-legs from right to left with out of bounds all the way down the left hand side of this hole. Most golfers will struggle to reach this green in regulation. Begin your round with a 5 and it’ll feel like a good start.

2. Another strong Par 4 demanding a long tee shot. The second shot must be played over a water hazard so the longer your drive, the shorter your approach. If you’re not sure you can make the carry, then lay up and play the hole as a Par 5. The green is huge, so check the pin position carefully.

3. A brief respite from the difficult start. This short Par 4 plays straight away. A solid tee shot will leave only a short iron or wedge approach to a small target. A genie birdie opportunity

4. This Par 4 plays back in the opposite direction to the 3rd but is slightly longer. The tee shot is fair and generous. The green is accessible with little protection.

5. Par 5 hole that crosses the water twice before the green. Long hitters can carry the first ditch of water while the rest of you will need to lay up. The ideal line is to favour the right hand side from the tee, but that brings the water more into play. The second is played to a generous lay-up area of fairway. The approach is played across water to a large green with a significant step in it where three-putting is common place.

6. The first Par 3 hole on the course. This hole requires a well struck shot to carry up to the slightly elevated green. This green is well protected by bunkers so Par here is a very good score.

7. A short Par 4 where the longest players can attempt to drive the green. For the rest of us this is a fairway wood or hybrid from the tee to lay up short of the water hazard, followed by a wedge approach shot to another long green.

8. This Par 3 hole offers a wide green to aim at from left to right, but less margin for error from front to back. Double check your yardage on this hole and make sure you commit to the shot. Bunkers protect the front of the green, with less trouble at the back.

9. A beautiful dog-leg left Par 4 which meanders its way back up towards the Penina hotel. The drive must be long enough for you to reach the corner of the dog-leg and be able to see the green. The approach plays uphill and longer than the yardage suggests. The 3 tiered putting green is 40 metres in length, so checking the pin position carefully as this can affect club selection by 4 clubs.

10. The back 9 starts with back-to-back Par 5’s. The first one is a dog-leg to the right and is fairly generous off the tee. The second shot must carry a ditch running across the fairway and third shots play straight away to a large, fairly flat green at the end of the hole. Overall, a fairly gentle Par 5 and a birdie opportunity for the longer hitters.

11. Another relatively short Par 5 this time moving from right to left. The tee shot is fairly wide, then you must hit your second shot far enough to carry a bunker in the middle of the hole and to be able to see the green tucked away in the corner of the course. It’s another long, narrow target with bunkers protecting the green which slopes from back-to-front.

12. The most difficult hole on the course. A very strong Par 4 hole which plays straight back through the trees. The tee shot is tight a demands a very straight shot, but you must also hit it far to be in range of the green in two. The green is protected by water in front. Make Par here and it will feel like a birdie.

13. Picturesque Par 3 hole with a large lake running from the tee all the way along the right side of the hole up to the green. There is room on the left side to bail out, but if a well struck shot will be rewarded with a birdie opportunity.

14. Tee shot must avoid the water on the right and the OOB on the left. The green is small and protected at the front by two bunkers.

15. A short, tight Par 4 which can offer the longest hitter a great birdie chance. The more conservative golfer will hit a fairway wood or hybrid from the tee leaving a short iron or wedge approach. The green is very long with multiple bunkers protecting the front and sides. Checking the pin position and picking the correct club for your second shot are very important here.

16. A medium to long Par 3 requiring a well struck shot to carry all the way to this raised green. The OOB is only 10 metres from the left side of this green, so playing to the right is the safer option.

17. The second set of back-to-back Par 5’s on the back nine. The 17th hole is the longer of the two and plays straight away from an elevated tee box over a small creek. Avoid the bunkers from the tee and your second shot can be advanced as far up the fairway as possible. The approach turns slightly to the right with a long, shallow green awaiting your wedge approach.

18. A great finishing hole offering risk/reward for the longer hitters. There is a creek running across the fairway and a large bunker on the right that must be avoided from the tee. The second shot must stay short of a large bunker 40m from the green. The green is elevated and long with bunkers protecting both sides and a large ridge running across the green creating two levels. Be sure to check which level the flag is located.

Here is a helpful hole-by-hole guide to this course written by Rob Cheney. Rob is a leading PGA Pro with extensive knowledge of golf in the Algarve and over 15 years of coaching experience.

1- A very demanding Par 4 opening hole which dog-legs from right to left. Your tee shot must
be long and straight to avoid the bunker lining the right side of the fairway. The second
shot plays slightly downhill to a green protected by bunkers on both sides.

2- This dog-leg left to right Par 4 plays shorter than the first hole. However, the tee shot
demands an accurate shot to thread your ball through the tree lined fairway. Longer hitters
must shape their thee shot from left to right otherwise they will run through the fairway.
Bunkers protect the left side and also behind the green.

3- Gentle dog-leg right to left Par 4. Another tight tee shot that must be straight, rather than
long. The second shot must be played over a large lake which guards the front and right
side of this green.

4- Par 3 which looks fairly straightforward from the tee. The slightly raised green usually
requires one more club than you think. Avoid the 4 bunkers that surround this green and
you can make Par here.

5- Long, straight Par 5 which rewards the longest hitters. You must avoid any shots going to
the right as the entire fairway is bordered on the right hand side by out of bounds.

6- This Par 4 turns gently from left to right. The tee shot must be very accurate to find this
tight fairway. Out of bounds to the right adds to the difficulty of this tee shot. The second
plays into the corner of the golf course where the green is raised and has some large
slopes on it.

7- Short Par 4 where you must position your tee shot precisely. The second shot is played to
a narrow green protected by bunkers and a lake to the right.

8- A long Par 3 played from an elevated tee box with many people needing their driver or 3
wood to even reach the green. The green itself is long and well protected by bunkers all
around it.

9- Par 4 or Par 5 hole depending whether you are playing you 9th hole, or 18th hole. The
hole plays straightaway with the main EN-125 road running the entire length of the right
side of the fairway. The fairway target is generously wide and the green is open at the

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