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Algarve Jeep Safari to Monchique Mountains & Countryside – with Hotel Pickup

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There is nothing like witnessing a sunset in the Algarve. The whole region acquires golden tones that leave us full of gratitude for what life has to offer. Some of the best viewpoints to watch the sunset are far from the coast, in the middle of Serra de Monchique. It is through green hills and streams of clear and transparent water that the jeep safaris at sunset happen.

Sunset Jeep Tour in Sagres

Sunset Jeep Tour

The safari starts at 6pm and ends at 11pm. No need to worry about transportation as the jeep will pick you up from anywhere between Carvoeiro and Lagos. The jeep is driven by an experienced guide who gives you explanations along the way about what you are seeing. The safari has scheduled stops every about 45 minutes so you can stretch your legs and properly enjoy the scenery.

Monchique Sierra
Jeep Safari

The safari includes a gastronomic proof, where you will have the opportunity to taste honey and medronho from the Algarve. The gastronomic tasting is conducted on a farm in the middle of Serra de Monchique, where you will be surrounded by oaks, arbutus and holm oaks. The immersion in nature enhances the palate.

It is at Fóia, at 902 meters of altitude (the highest point of the Algarve), that you will be able to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life. The beautiful scenery of Serra de Monchique and the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon are splashed by the last rays of sunlight, in a landscape worthy of being immortalized by a painter. While enjoying the sunset, you will be served a glass of Port wine.

Foia Monchique
Foia Monchique – Photo by Viaje Comigo

After the sun sets, the jeep heads to the historic villages of Marmelete and Monchique. Monchique was born due to the medicinal waters of its hot springs, the famous Caldas de Monchique. Caldas de Monchique is nowadays an important thermal complex, where treatments are provided for various ailments. Today Monchique is a touristic destination for those who seek the rest of nature. The picturesque village of Marmelete presents the typical whitewashed houses with terraces, whose legacy is an inheritance of the Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.

Natural fount in Monchique

A delicious dinner is also planned. The menu is the famous regional chicken piri piri.

The jeep safari ends with a visit to a cork oak area so you can learn more about cork production.

This material is extremely precious to Portugal, as the country’s exports rely to a large extent on cork.

Cortiça – Photo de UNAC

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Full Day Tour (Reference X272):

The Algarve jeep safari full day tour is a voyage to discover the deepest Algarve through off-road tracks, refreshing streams and old villages where time has stopped including the most beautiful landscapes, regional architecture and gastronomical tastes of Algarve. One of the musts of this tour is the gastronomical tasting of honey or jam. As well, the visit to an old firewater distillery and tasting of the famous Medronho drink. The day goes between hills and valleys, lowlands and villages; an unforgettable journey through the magical Algarve.


Opportunity to know the best of Algarve
Jeep safari experience
Stops in natural view points for photographic moments
The discovery of the old distillery
Gastronomic tasting

Half Day tour (Reference X273):

A voyage to discover the deep Algarve through rural roads, off-road tracks, crossing streams and passing old villages where time has stopped. It will be a half day full of emotions and typical tastes. Gastronomic tasting is a must on this journey with honey, natural fruit jelly or firewater examples of this opportunity. The tour includes visiting one of the highest points of Algarve to enjoy magnificent landscapes and views.


Opportunity to know the best of Algarve in halfday tour
Stops in natural belvederes stops for photographic moments
The discovery of the old distillery
Gastronomic tasting

Sunset Tour with Dinner (Reference X311):

Discover the Algarve countryside, take a breath-taking sunset and cap it off with dinner at a traditional Portuguese restaurant.


Discover the Algarve during a 5 hour tour (approx)
Stop for photos and to take in the sunset

Half Day Jeep Safari to Serra de Monchique  

The Algarve is known worldwide as being one of the best destinations of the world to enjoy the beach, the ocean and the sun. But have you ever thought about the beauty of the region that thrives away from the coast? Green fields, natural springs with water so pure that you can see the rocks in the bottom and secret viewing points with absolutely breath-taking views lie among the mountains of the Algarve. Both Serra do Caldeirão and Serra de Monchique hide secret villages, divine gastronomic flavours and some of the most beautiful landscapes you can find throughout life.

Rota Do Petisco Tradicoes Monchique
Rota Do Petisco – Monchique Traditions

Jeep safaris are organized regularly to grant people the opportunity to find out more about the rural beauty of the Algarve. Scheduled to occupy half the day, safaris last for four hours and can either occur in the morning (between 9am and 1pm) or in the afternoon (between 2pm and 6pm). The jeep will pick you up anywhere between Carvoeiro and Lagos, up to one hour before the safari starts.  

Already with the passengers on board, the jeep begins its journey through Serra de Monchique. Among the chestnut trees and oaks, the jeep begins its ascent through the hills. Stops are scheduled almost every about 45 minutes, however do keep in mind that some of these stops are made in the middle of the mountains in remote areas and therefore there may not be a bathroom nearby.

women sitted on a rock observing the view Monchique, Fóia
Serra de Monchique

The guide offers explanations to the passengers about the fauna and flora that they encounter along the way. Serra de Monchique is a natural habitat of one of the most beautiful animals in Europe: the Iberian lynx. Although this is an extremely shy animal, you never know when it may appear, so we recommend you keep an eye out. 

Lince Iberico
Iberian Lynx – Photo from ioline

One of the stops is in Fóia. With 902 meters of altitude, Fóia is the highest point of the Algarve. The natural lookout will leave you speechless. Around it, you can see almost the whole region and, in the distance, the sea. The absence of houses or people, will make you feel at one with nature. 

Group of 6 in Fóia, sightseeing the view
Foia in Monchique

After the viewpoint of Fóia, the jeep goes to the villages of Marmelete and Caldas de Monchique. Both villages are populated by traditional whitewashed houses, which are a legacy of when the the region was dominated by the Moors. In Marmelete, surrounded by the holly and arbutus trees, you will have the opportunity to try some regional honey and medronho. The scenery is sensational, the medronho and honey are divine and the cool breeze you feel will leave you with a smile on your face.  

If there is time, the jeep can stop on a stream for a swim. Legend has it that the fresh water of Serra de Monchique purifies the soul and frees the mind from any negative thoughts. There is nothing like diving in a natural stream at Serra de Monchique to conclude an awesome jeep safari.

Natural fount in Monchique
Monchique Fountain

Full Day Jeep Safari through Serra de Monchique

Have you ever heard of Serra de Monchique? It is a set of valleys and hills that separates the western Algarve from the region of Alentejo. The beauty of its green landscapes mixed with a unique fauna and flora in the country make the place worth visiting at least once in life. The fact that it is located far from the coast means that tourists do not usually visit Serra de Monchique. Simultaneously, the mountain range does not have many inhabitants, with only a few villages scattered. The low population density makes us feel completely immersed in nature. It is this immersion experience that the jeep safari through Serra de Monchique offers you.

women sitted on a rock observing the view Monchique, Fóia

The tour lasts 7 hours, starting at 9am and ending at 4pm (although times will vary depending on your pickup location). Do not worry about transportation, since the guide will pick you up from anywhere between Carvoeiro and Lagos. Once all passengers are on board, the jeep starts its ascend through chestnut trees and cork oaks, creeping more and more into the middle of the mountain range.

There are stops scheduled about every 45 minutes, so you can stretch your legs and duly enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Serra de Monchique. Do not forget to bring a good camera with you, as well as sunscreen, water and hiking boots. Keep your eyes open and you might be able to spot one of the most beautiful animals in the Iberian Peninsula: the Iberian lynx. The most spectacular view is seen at the viewpoint of Fóia, at 902 meters of altitude (it is the highest point of the Algarve), where the jeep will also stop.

Foia Monchique
Monchique, Fóia – Photo by Viaje Comigo

Besides the safari being a great way to discover the interior of the Algarve, it is also a way to get to know more about the culture of the region. That is why there is a gastronomic tasting planned in an old distillery. Surrounded by pines and cork oaks, the regional medronho and honey taste even better. It is a tremendous joy to savour these divine products while the sun warms your body and smelling the sweet breeze of the valleys of Serra de Monchique.

Medronho Tasting
Medronho Tasting – Photo by Sul Informação

Make room for lunch near the village of Marmelete, where you can try the traditional way of cooking chicken piri-piri (please advise the company when making the safari reservation, if you have food restrictions, so that a different dish can be prepared).

After lunch it is time to visit the villages of Marmelete and Caldas de Monchique. Stopped in time, calm and silent, they constitute a perfect symbiosis with nature, making the human constructions seem an extension of the magnificent Serra de Monchique. The whitewashed houses with terraces and the streets paved with Portuguese sidewalk give the villages of Marmelete and Caldas de Monchique a typically Algarvian look. Caldas de Monchique is known for being a thermal village with incredibly pure and regenerating waters.

Caldas De Monchique
Caldas De Monchique – Photo from Trip Advisor Brasil

If there is time and the weather allows it, you will have the opportunity to paddle in the streams of Monchique. This is an incredible experience and although the water is slightly cooler than sea water, we guarantee it will be worth it and you will feel rejuvenated afterwards.

To finish the safari, there is a final stop planned in an area with cork trees, so you can learn how cork is processed. Portugal is the world’s leading exporter of cork so it’s a great place to find out more.

Cork uses
Cortiça Monchique – Photo from Agrozap

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