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Seville Aquarium

Experience the delights of the deep without having to even get your toes wet at the magical Acuario de Sevilla – Seville Aquarium.

This new and modern aquarium first opened to the public at the end of 2014 and has been attracting thousands of visitors ever since, thanks to it being an attraction in Seville that appeals to all ages and interests and to fantastic Acuario de Sevilla ticket deals being available.

The Acuario de Sevilla aquarium is open all year round making it a great choice for those looking for things to do in Seville during the winter months and because this attraction is all indoors it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside!
If you are in Seville then the aquarium is easy to find thanks to it being located next to the river, on Calle Santiago Montoro. If you are not familiar with Seville, this is close to the Puente Delicias and you can find the entrance just off from the roundabout by the 1929 Expo Pavilions of Morocco and Colombia.

Both fresh and salt water species are on display at the Seville Aquarium with 35 different tanks throughout the attraction housing around 7,000 fish, mammals and reptiles living in the aquarium and more than 400 different species on display.
There is a theme that runs throughout the aquarium, bringing together all of the different exhibitions and creating a journey for visitors. The theme follows the journey of Ferdinand Magellan, 1519-1522, the famous journey which became the first circumnavigation of the globe and allows visitors to be able to begin in the fresh waters of the Guadalquivir river and then across the Atlantic Ocean before travelling up the Amazon and over to the Pacific Ocean all under one roof.

If you are keen on learning more about all of the different species at the Seville Aquarium then there is plenty of information available to read with each of the tanks having a digital panel to share information about what is in the tank. If you would rather just wander about the Seville aquarium and enjoy the beautiful species on display then this is equally as enjoyable and younger children will enjoy being able to get close to some of the species, especially the more exotic ones.

One of the best areas in the aquarium for young visitors has to be the Toca Toca area. This literally means the “touch touch” area and here you can gently place your hands into the rock pools to feel some of the residents which include starfish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. This is a brilliant way for children to interact with the species on display and adults will be just as keen as children to get their hands wet!

Another top area of the aquarium has to be the nursery area – the area Los Bebes del Acuario. Here you can see new life as it is being formed in the aquarium with everything from eggs hanging on to some of the aquatic plants in the tanks to mermaids purses swaying in the current.

Perhaps the brightest area of the Seville Aquarium has to be the coral reef tanks where you can try to find you very own Nemo! There are lots of different species swimming around in these tanks with the fish coming in colours across the rainbow spectrum and a good few strange varieties in there too including puffer and pipe fish.

It is not just fish and sea creatures at the aquarium, there are also a good selection of reptiles and other creatures of the deep on display here including some impress octopus, giant squid and spider crabs as well as sea turtles and tortoises.
Fans of exotic creatures will enjoy being able to see the anacondas, boas and tree frogs as well as some caimans which are resident at the Seville Aquarium.

While there are hundreds of different species to see at the aquarium, the stars of the show have to be the two female bull sharks that swim around an enormous nine metre deep tank. There is a tunnel that runs through the shark tank so you can feel like you are in there with them and the other fish and this is a really special element of the aquarium and one that helps to set the Seville Aquarium apart from others.

If you want to be able to spend more time with the sharks of the aquarium then there is the option to Sleep with the Sharks at Seville Aquarium!

The special sleep with the sharks programme is available to groups of more than 15 people and is suitable for children as young as four, when accompanied by an adult. This is a chance to spend the night observing the sharks and learning more about their environment and threats to their existence during a session that is both information, educational and very interesting for all ages and special tickets to sleep with the sharks are available for advanced group bookings.

Conservation and the environment is very important at the aquarium and there are many opportunities to learn more about global warming, water conservation and the conservation of marine life throughout the aquarium and during guided tours.
Make a trip to Seville truly magical with a visit to the Acuario de Sevilla – Seville Aquarium.

Ticket Type Price
Adult (Aged 15-64) 15.00€
Child (Aged 4-14) 10.00€
Senior (Aged 65+) 12.00€
Disabled 6.00€


– For Acuario de Sevilla you can show your booking confirmation on your Smartphone at the reception to change for your entry ticket.
– Your booking confirmation will be sent to you within 1-2 hours during working hours, and outside of hours they ​will be sent by 10am the next morning.
– Booking is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
​- Verification of the age at entry. Where a doubt exists, Acuario de Sevilla reserves the right to request proof of age for Child or Senior tickets.

Group Tickets & Special Tickets:

Special Ticket Price
Adult – Large Families (Aged 15-64) 13.00€
Child – Large Families (Aged 4-14) 8.00€
Disabled 10.00€


Groups (more than 20pax) Price
Adult (Aged 15-64) 12.00€
Child (Aged 4-14) 8.00€
Senior (Aged 65+) 8.00€

To book your special or group tickets please contact us
Guide Tours, School groups and other special promos available
​- We have special prices for large families (3 children or more) and disabled people. Arriving at the aquarium you must present a document proving the validity of your ticket.

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