Top 13 Great Activities to Do in the Rain in the Algarve

When we think about the Algarve, we think about sunny days, and really there are more less 300 sunny days per year in the Algarve, so, and what can we do on rainy days? There are lots of options as the Algarve as it all.

Sometimes the weather can change suddenly so on that occasion you have karting indoors in Olhão or Albufeira and have fun without getting wet.

If you plan a more relaxing activity you can go to the Salgados Spa and indulge yourself with a massage or spa treatment.

To have a dinner at the Casino of Vilamoura, Monte Gordo or Hotel Algarve in Portimão with a show is a good option to have fun on a rainy night.

So if  you came and you get rainy days, there is no problem, there is always plenty to do!

If you need assistance finding the perfect activity please do contact us.