Carvoeiro Black & White Night Festival


Start the summer in style in the Algarve with the first big party of the year for all the family to enjoy being held in Carvoeiro to mark the summer solstice.

The Algarve plays host to a huge amount of festivals, fairs and events but the Carvoeiro Black & White Night has already proved to be a winner with residents and visitors of all ages and nationalities thanks to the diverse range of entertainment on offer for the night.

Carvoeiro used to be a small fishing village but thanks to it being located by some of the most spectacular cove beaches in the region, it has grown over the years to be one of the most popular destinations in the Algarve, particularly with families.

While the town has grown, it has still retained its charm and even in the winter months there are people out and about enjoying sunny days or taking a stroll along the boardwalk. The summer though has to be the busiest time of the year in Carvoeiro and to maximise on this the Carvoeiro Black & White Night was introduced in 2014 to provide a night of fun for all the family.

The theme of the night is, as the name would suggest, black and white and everyone coming to the town for the party is encouraged to get dressed up in as much black and white as possible to match the decorations and entertainers dotted about.

What is so great about the Carvoeiro Black & White Night is that it takes place in many different locations and while the focus is down by the beach, there are also mini stages along the main roads in the town for people to stop and watch some music, a DJ or even a spot of fire eating.

All the traffic in the centre of Carvoeiro is diverted to make space for people to walk about without the fear of being hit by a car as they dance in the road and without the cars, Carvoeiro seems so much bigger and the restaurants and bars pull out their tables to make space for all the extra people who come down for the night.

If you are wanting to eat on this evening then it is a good idea to book your table in advance as the population of the town swells enormously and with everyone looking for a bite to eat it gets pretty busy.

Anyone coming to Carvoeiro by car should also consider coming down early to be able to find a space not too far from the centre but to be honest, a taxi for the evening is the best way to enjoy the night without the stress of car parking as there is not a great provision for this.

During the early evening it is all about family fun with clowns, street entertainers, dancers and music and a final big live act on the main stage in the square before the attention then turns to the beach for a huge summer beach party.

Top name DJ´s in Portugal come to the event and set up above the beach where there is also a bar for drinks open until 3am to keep everyone hydrated as they dance on the sand and long into the early hours.

Carvoeiro Black & White Night is a huge event in the Algarve and one that you should not miss. The date changes each year to fit in with the summer solstice and the nearest weekend so give us a call to find out about the event and let us help you to enjoy Carvoeiro Black & White Night to the full!

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