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Tandem Skydive Experience

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Feel the thrill of freefalling through the air while securely harnessed to a qualified instructor for a skydiving experience everyone can enjoy.
Skydiving trips are hugely popular in the Algarve with jumps taking place throughout the year and seven days a week, depending on the weather.
You don’t need to have any previous experience to be able to enjoy skydiving thanks to the tandem jump offering professional support throughout the experience.

Enjoy the breath-taking views of the Algarve from 14,000ft and then leap out of the aircraft for a 55 second freefall before the instructor opens the parachute and you gently return to the ground.

Capture the entire experience with a video to relive the moments and share them with friends and family and see the Algarve from a new perspective with a tandem skydive.

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