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Riding Lessons

Learn to ride in the Algarve

Ride a horse for the first time and take advantage of the professional and friendly advice from the team with horse riding lessons near Albufeira.

If you have never ridden a horse before and are keen to learn in a safe and welcoming environment or are looking to improve the skills you already have, then riding lessons are an ideal way to get you back into the saddle.

All the equipment that you need is provided for you and a horse that suits your riding abilities will be chosen to help guide you through your progression as a rider.

Build your confidence on horseback and discover a new talent with horse riding lessons in the Algarve.

Experience the freedom of galloping along the sands or explore the countryside of the Algarve during horse riding in Albufeira.

It doesn’t matter what you level of riding is, the team of experienced professionals are able to take you at a pace that you feel comfortable with on treks in this spectacular area of the Algarve, home to the lagoons of Salgados.

There are several different horses and ponies available to choose from and the team will help to pick out the horse to suit you as a rider. If you have never ridden before then you will be given one of the calm and placid horses, perfect for new riders just starting out.

Riders who have some experience under their belt can opt for one of the more lively horses who are more than happy to gallop and canter ahead if you want to speed along the golden sands of the beach while others trek along at their own pace, the choice really is up to you.

All the equipment that you need to go horse riding in the Algarve is provided for you by the team but you are advised to wear comfortable clothing and footwear and of course, a good amount of sun cream during the summer months when it can be particularly warm.

Both children and adults will adore being able to travel across country in this amazing part of the Algarve, where the lagoons are home to several species of endangered birds. Look out for migrating birds at different times of the year and you may even be lucky enough to spot some flamingos in the wild if you pick the right time!

Horses are known for being extremely therapeutic, so if you are looking for a way to relax and wind down in the Algarve while being out in the beautiful countryside, then this is an ideal Algarve experience. If you want to increase the adrenalin a little, then pick up the speed when you hit the beach and ride through the waves as they lap at the shore.

As well as horse riding, treks and riding lessons, the team also offer rides in gorgeous carriages for those who would rather not take the horse themselves. This way a small group can travel all together through the dunes and along the country paths while the experienced guide takes care of the horse and the route.

Riding activities take place throughout the year and every day of the week, making this a perfect experience both in and out of the main holiday season. If you are able to go at different times of the year then you are able to see the landscape as it transforms through the seasons and see many different species of flora and fauna and of course the wildlife.

Horse treks and rides can take place in groups or privately if you prefer, just give us a call and we can arrange the perfect Albufeira horseback riding experience for you.

Discover the Algarve by horseback and combine a visit to the Salgados lagoons, beach and surrounding countryside with a ride on a beautiful horse.

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