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Portimão Casino Dinner & Show

Great food, great entertainment

Portimão is one of the most spectacular cities in the Algarve because of its vibrant marina, the contagious joy of its downtown and the fantastic Portimão Casino dinner shows. Built to provide tourists with an attraction other than the endless delights of the Algarve beaches, Portimão Casino is one of the most visited places by tourists in the region.  

Portimão Casino, also known as Praia da Rocha Casino, because it stands on top of Praia da Rocha, is one of the most sumptuous casinos in the country and where it is impossible to enter without being dressed in formal clothesOpen every day, and with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays, Portimão Casino is a fun place where you can try your luck in the betting rooms or indulge in a divine dinner while watching awesome shows on the main stage 

There are dance shows, music and other types of performances. The shows are very heterogeneous, never quite knowing what’s going to happen: you can watch acrobatic dances with deadly jumps and breathtaking pirouettes, or more traditional dances like tap dancing or classical dance. You can also watch circus arts shows, all while enjoying a magnificent dinner. 

Built in the Algarve Casino Hotel, which has an absolutely stunning view over the sea, Portimão Casino is considered to be one of the best establishments for dining in the Algarve, due to its the delicious food and to the fabulous shows that take place every night.  

The Casino is used to hosting large groups, so you can easily organize group dinners there, without disturbing the many couples that choose the place for a romantic night out. Do not worry in case you are alone, as the glamour of the place and the crazy shows will certainly keep you entertained during an unforgettable night.  

Don’t worry if you are not based near Portimão as you can also found shows regularly at Monte Gordo and Vilamoura. 

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