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A World of fun for children!

Enter a world where children can learn all about how to be a grown up with KidZania providing the perfect location to learn more about the big wide world while still having plenty of fun!

KidZania in Lisbon is located in the Dolce Vita Tejo shopping centre, which means that you can combine a trip to this amusement attraction for children with a shopping trip or alternatively older members of the group can explore the wide range of high street shops available and food courts while the children and parents head off to KidZania. The shopping centre and KidZania are also very easy to find with ample parking for those coming by car while it is also well linked to public transport routes throughout Lisbon.

KidZania has been designed to appeal to children between the ages of three and 15 and while it may seem a bit of a stretch for one attraction to be suitable for such a wide age range, thanks to the layout of KidZania and wide choice of activities that can be done within it, you will find that there really is something for children of all ages to enjoy and learn from here.

Basically KidZania is an indoor attraction which has been created to replicate the adult world with everything having been scaled down to child size – while still remaining highly believable and realistic. Kids will love being able to walk through a world where everything is the right size and adults will equally enjoy seeing a mini version of our own world!

Once you enter into KidZania it is time to explore the world and there are more than 60 different professions which children can individually try their hand at while here. If your child yearns to be a fireman, then head off to the fire station, if planes are their thing then the airport should be the first stop, while there are also many creative industries represented including a TV studio (always really popular!), ice cream factory, school for models and even a stadium.

The focus at KidZania is always firmly on having fun but the other side to this is also one to help educate the next generation about the world of work and what the future may hold. All children taking part in the KidZania experience are encouraged to work with others to help build a positive community while learning not only about the professions outlined in the attraction, but also about citizenship and the rules of society.

The educational side of KidZania is ever present, however it does not ever take away from the fun being had by the children and while older teens and children will have a deeper comprehension of the KidZania world ethos, younger ones will simply love running about in their specially created own world while making ice creams and seeing how it all works at the BabyBel factory!

One element that particularly appeals to slightly older children is being able to have their own money, which at KidZania is known as kidZos. This is all about learning more about the value of money and the fact that you need to earn money to be able to then go out and spend it (something lots of parents will be pleased to hear is included in the experience!). Children work in their professions to earn kidZos as a salary and are then able to manage this money by visiting the ATM where they can view their balance and then choose to make a withdrawal or even leave it there until the next time they visit. Kids can use their KidZania money to buy goods and services as you would in the real world with many heading off to the supermarket or even to the hairdresser!

The KidZania experience starts at the entrance (easy to spot thanks to the nose of a mini replica plane sticking out of the side of the building) where visitors pass through a passport checking area to then get on board a virtual flight to the world of KidZania. Here everyone is given a kidZo cheque and a map of the park to help them to find the areas that appeal most.

Children who have chosen to work on the KidZania plane practice their profession by doing safety checks and demonstrations before then “arriving” in KidZania where the fun really begins.

One of the best parts about KidZania that has helped to make it one of the top things to do in Lisbon for kids, is that there really is such a huge choice on offer to do once you arrive and even if there are quite a few children about there is always space to join in the activities.

Kids can really get involved and get their hands dirty – there is no sitting back and letting others just get on with it and because of this it is a good idea for kids to wear practical and comfortable clothes that they are happy to play in. If a child goes to KidZania and would really rather just watch others then there is no pressure to take part and hopefully after a little while even the most shy of children will have the confidence to join in.

Head over to the painting zone where you can get out the overalls, pick up a roller and get painting a house, learn all about how electricity gets to your home and then prepare to climb up and mend a line or pretend to be a security guard and deal with all the money!

Go behind the scenes at various factories and learn first hand how things are made or work in the sorting office at the post office and find out how a letter gets from A to B and all the people and technology needed to do it.

Many children enjoy discovering more about the emergency services and with a mini hospital, dental surgery, ambulance station, veterinary surgery, police force and fire station everyone can get involved at KidZania.

While the children are off having fun there is also a specially dedicated lounge area for parents and guardians to be able to relax in comfort while children explore this safe and secure location designed especially for them.

Whatever the interests of the children visiting KidZania there is bound to be something to raise a smile, cause excitement and stir the imagination. Explore food, fashion, entertainment, education, and even the law courts in the incredible world of KidZania, one of the best things to do in Lisbon with children.

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