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Super Combi: Canoeing, Jeep Safari, Walking and Lunch!

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For all those who enjoy fun outdoor activities and want to enjoy the Algarve’s air to the fullest, there are several activities such as canoeing, jeep tour (jeep safari) and walking.

What if we combined all these activities into one? This is exactly what Super Combi will bring you: Canoeing, jeep safari, walking and lunch, all in the same super excursion!

The Super Combi: Canoeing, Jeep Safari, Walking and Lunch (6Hrs duration) will allow you to have a super fun day full of varied activities! Whether on feet, on the sea or on wheels, Super Combi will give you a good time!

The tour will begin with canoeing, as you navigate through the water courses of the Rio Arade, a very important river for several towns and cities. The light and elegant canoes, along with qualified instructors, will give you all the necessary tranquility, allowing you to enjoy the whole environment to the fullest and relax as much as possible during the activity.
Then you can enjoy a beautiful walk, through trails, paths and enjoy the sightings of beautiful landscapes.

Lunch will be served after the walk, where you can rest, and then enjoy an exciting jeep safari in the countryside on the beaten track. An exciting ride!

During the whole tour, you will be accompanied by the tour’s staff. It is not obrigatory to participate in all activities, but we recommend that so you can enjoy your tour to the fullest!

Have fun in the Algarve!

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