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Boat trip with Lunch & Sunlounger at Tavira Island

The combo trip includes 1 hour boat ride in the Ria Formosa Natural Park + lunch at Sal Restaurante & Lounge on the island of Tavira + 1 full-day parasol at the Xiri Beach Bar on the island of Tavira.

Ria Formosa is a protected natural park with many coastal lagoons, vast areas of tides, marshes and salt flats that are surrounded by sand dunes islands with exquisite beaches. It is an area with a rich biodiversity, a natural habitat for thousands of species and a feeding station for many migratory birds.

The paradisiacal island of Tavira is the destination, where you will find Sal Restaurante & Lounge, in a privileged environment, overlooking the sea and known for its high standards of customer service.

To enhance this experience, the umbrellas at Xiri Beach Bar are just steps away from the crystal clear sea, on Tavira Island. Enjoy an unforgettable beach day in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by the natural wonders of Ria Formosa.

Lunch menu includes:

Starter: bread, butter, pates and olives

Main options: grilled fish with boiled potatoes and mixed salad, seafood rice OR grilled chicken piri piri with chips and salad

Drinks: 0.5l bottle of water / per person + 2 soft drinks OR ½ bottle of house wine (pink, red or white) OR 2 beers

Dessert: selection of sweets and seasonal fruits


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