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Albufeira Paragliding Flights from Praia da Falésia

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Soar high above the beautiful Algarve during a paragliding experience filled with adventure.

Paragliding is a unique way to explore the Algarve from the sky and while there are no motors involved, you are able to enjoy floating through the air on the natural thermals, either on your own if you already have experience, or with a professional and qualified pilot on a tandem paragliding trip.

If you are interested in paragliding in the Algarve then you can take advantage of the favourable weather conditions, top quality equipment and highly professional pilots to enjoy an experience not to forget.

You don’t need to have any previous experience to be able to fly through the skies with paragliding, all you need is some comfortable clothes and suitable footwear as everything else is provided for you including all equipment, training and safety checks.

While for many people paragliding is considered to be an extreme sport, it is actually one of the most accessible activities in the Algarve and is suitable for anyone over the age of 10 weighing between 30kg and 90kg, even for those who may have reduced mobility.

Nobody needs an excuse to take part in some paragliding in the Algarve but there are many different options for those wanting to have a go.  Why not consider paragliding with friends to start a party, as part of a corporate event or even as part of a wider package incorporating other exciting Algarve adventure activities such as jeep safaris, Stand up Paddle Boarding or some high speed go karting?

In the Algarve you can choose from two different paragliding options, the first involves launching from a cliff to fly over the coast and the second from a rock face inland near to Loulé.

The beach paragliding experience is ideal for anyone who is wanting to involve others in their trip because on this one you maintain lower heights and are able to see below on to the beach where friends and family can watch as you fly above them.

On this trip you fly off from the dramatic cliffs near to Albufeira, taking what feels like a leap of faith as you catch the thermals and gently float above the sands.

The inland paragliding trip involves higher altitudes, with the thermals taking you high up above the Algarve countryside where you can take in the amazing views all the way from the mountains to the coast.

Thanks to the favourable weather in the Algarve, paragliding trips can take place most of the year but the weather is of course a hugely important factor with this activity and you will be given a couple of days warning if less than favourable conditions are approaching, giving you time to reschedule if needed.  Luckily, the Algarve is known for its some 300 days a year of sunshine which means you have a very good chance of being able to paraglide on the exact day you choose!

For most people a paragliding trip is a once in a life time experience and because of this the team can put together video and photographs for you to then share with friends and family once you come back down to earth again!

Try something new while you are in the Algarve with a tandem paragliding experience or enjoy this extreme sport on your own and find out the best places to take to the sky while being provided with all the equipment that you need.

Make paragliding in the Algarve the highlight of your trip!

The Algarve is famous for its seas and beaches an Albufeira paragliding flight is a great way to explore them.

The Algarve has beautiful days of clear skies, and one of the good ways to enjoy such weather is to be on the air!

Paragliding Flights (15-30min duration) will certainly be an experience not to be missed!
Through this flight, you can see the entire landscape and coast line of Algarve, as well as the beaches and grounds, all from above. A beautiful flight accompanied by an instructor, and with all the necessary equipment for a pleasant experience.

Recommended for everyone, from children to the elderly! The flights are carried out near Falésia beach however if you prefer are also available from Loulé.

The weight of the participants should be from 30 to 100kg, and the ages between 10 to 100 years old!

The flights can also accommodates people with some difficulty of movement or disability, but this must be discussed in advance.

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