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Albufeira Jet Boat Trips

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Trip Summary:

Best thing about this trip: The maneuvers that they do that give adrenaline and the speed. It’s like a roller coaster on the water, like a big wave.

Departure point: Albufeira Marina.

Route: Close to Albufeira > Fisherman’s Beach

Duration: 30min.

Drinks Included: No.

Food included: No.

Boat Summary:

Best thing about this boat: Comfortable and secure!

Type: Jet boat.

Motor or Sailing: Jet motor (60-65 km/h).

Maximum Capacity: 12 people.

Enjoy a high speed adrenaline boat trip of the caves and coastline of the Algarve. With 360º & 180º loops, power breaks and slides!

A boat trip in the Algarve doesn’t have to be a calm and sedate affair and a trip on the famous Algarve jetboat or on the Ocean Rocket is one that all adrenalin junkies will be keen to book their seat on today!

Whether you are looking to explore the coast and the caves of the Algarve or simply want to get out onto the high seas on one of these incredible boats, there is a trip to suit you.

If you have never had the experience of a jetboat ride then you are in for a memorable experience!

Perfect for Stag Do and Hen Do!

The principle behind the jetboat is to offer an experience similar to a jet ski that you can enjoy from the comfort of a safe and modern boat.  The boat also has the advantage of being able to take a number of people at the same time which makes it ideal for those who are looking to share the experience with family and friends.

Set out from the modern and bright Albufeira Marina for a trip on the jetboat to discover the caves and coves of the Algarve, heading west all the way to Benagil and to the most famous cave of them all in the Algarve.

The unique manoeuvrability of the jetboat allows it to move deep into caves where other boats are unable to reach and when it is back on to the open waters it is time to push the boat to the limit with the skilled captain reaching top speeds and treating passengers to power slides, turns and moves that will leave you with your heart in your mouth!

If the jetboat is not fast enough for you then the only option has to be the Ocean Rocket – the fastest and most powerful boat in the region which sets off on special tours of the coast from Albufeira Marina.

Experience the roar of the engine and experience the emotions and adrenalin of the loops, power breaks and slides as you zip over the waves in this aerodynamic boat that has been built for speed and to provide an adrenalin packed ride to remember for everyone on board.

Although the Ocean Rocket has been designed to be incredibly powerful and to reach very high speeds, comfort and safety have not been overlooked at any point and this makes it not only a great ride for those wanting to feel the adrenalin running through their veins, but also for everyone who does not want to sacrifice feeling comfortable throughout the trip.

Speed along the waves taking in the views of the coastline and Albufeira and enjoy the most radical of all the boat trips in the Algarve on the Ocean rocket boat or on board the jetboat and don’t forget to look out for dolphins as they swim in the wild between the 360 and 180 degree spins during these unforgettable high speed boat trips from Albufeira Marina.

Experience high speeds on the high seas and choose an exciting jetboat or rocket boat trip from Albufeira Marina for all the family to enjoy.

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