Algarve Fun confirmed as authorised Turismo de Albufeira member

Good news for Albufeira Tourist board "Turismo de Albufeira" and for Algarve Fun!

Algarve Fun has been confirmed as an authorised member of Albufeira’s tourist board ‘Turismo de Albufeira’.

Gary Miller, Director at Algarve Fun commented “Albufeira represents some 30% of the Algarve market and is also home to some of the most popular attractions and activities in the Algarve. We’re therefore delighted to be working more closely with Turismo de Albufeira to promote this great destination”.

Turismo de Albufeira though its entities Agência de Promoção de Albufeira (APAL) and Visit Albufeira set’s out its aims as “organizing specific events that promote Albufeira nationally and internationally, focusing not only on its fantastic beaches, but also on entertainment, local cuisine, sports, culture, history and nature. Turismo de Albufeira is also concerned with developing and preparing projects and reports, along with several events involving the tourism industry, all of which aim to highlight the quality of tourism in Albufeira.”

Albufeira by night. Photo by Blog Louletania.
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