5 Useful Travel Tips for Travelling in the Algarve

As one of the two countries in the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is an old country with a long history. It’s capital is Lisbon, and the country is one of the most visited in Europe. Though Lisbon is a city with a lot to see, full of tourist attractions, very alive, and very Latin, the Algarve is one of the most popular destinations. It has beautiful beaches, gorgeous sea views, picturesque cliffs and many other attractions, whether these are restaurants, bars or castles.


Below we present 5 useful tips for travelling to the Algarve. These will help make your trip more special.


  • Save money during tours

If you are a student, teacher or retired, do not forget your identification, since you will get important discounts in many entries. The bread and snacks that you leave when you sit at a restaurant table always incur a charge. If you do not want them, just do not touch them or ask the waiters to take them away. When you buy a ticket for any means of transport, they will charge you 50 extra cents for the card since it is rechargeable. So do not throw them away, and when you go to buy the next ticket, recharge the one they have already given you. The tickets purchased on board buses or trams are always much more expensive, so it is better to load your cards at the metro stations or authorized establishments.


  • Be careful of pickpocketing

Though it is not as much of a problem in the Algarve as in other areas of Portugal, you should be aware of pickpockets. Be careful in the tourist areas and on the trams. Unfortunately, Portugal is one of the European countries that are prone to minor criminal acts such as pickpocketing and fraud. Fraud can happen anytime and in any form. Some cases of fraud by taxi drivers have also been recorded. Some taxi drivers, for example, are using a taximeter that has been designed in such a way as to raise costs.


  • Try to “become Portuguese” as a way to better enjoy your vacation

Enjoy your breakfast like a native! Have breakfast standing, with a good galao (coffee with milk) and a cake (sweet or salty) for as little as 3 euros, and set yourself up for the day ahead relaxing on Praia da Luz beach. Not only because of the ambience, but also because of the beach’s beauty, the scene will be instantly “instagramable.”


  • The importance of modesty

The Portuguese are very formal and educated people and expect visitors to be educated, kind and patient. It seems unnecessary to have to say this, but  saying “please” and thanking anyone who you meet with an “obrigado / obrigada” (depends on whether you are male or female) will guarantee you a better deal. Modesty can help you ingratiate yourself with the natives on your vacation in Portugal.


  • Be prepared for cold and hot temperatures

If you are going to live in the Algarve, you may have to adapt to this and think putting aside some of your budget for heating. However, to avoid the cold that might come in the winter, look especially at the state of the windows, as some Portuguese houses have windows that will not shield you from the elements. Also, some cheap lodgings do not provide heating, so you have to prepare yourself for this. In summer, you may have to get used to baking hot temperatures. Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. For those of you who are accustomed to staying “in the cold”, summer in Portugal can be quite disturbing.

Hopefully the 5 tips above can help you to have an amazing time in Portugal. Good luck and happy holidays!

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